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Autism is……

Once I met a lady in a store who looked at my daughter and
asked me what was wrong with her why was she behaving this way

I saw my daughter and told her nothing she is just dancing to
her favourite song and this is also one of the ways she plays

She looked confused so I explained and told her she is autistic

For which the lady congratulated me as she thought I said

She may have not heard it properly but she was right wasn’t

Both the words had so much in common if only world could see

Autistic is artistic cos they look at the world very
differently from us

They paint or write or sing what they feel and create a
beautiful buzz

An autistic’s perception of world is so different so unique

And just like any other artist they  prefer to let their work speak

Most autistics/artists are still looking for the medium

they want to express their feelings in,what makes them comfortable

Or maybe what they are doing right now is their art, their
stroke, their poetry, whether or not we find that agreeable

Are we mature enough to
understand their art?

Are we talented enough to
polish their skills?

Don’t ruin it for them by moulding them into something they
are not.

You will lose them for ever, for they won’t be the same
without their art

Guide them through this life, make them as independent as you
would any other child but give them space and time

Don’t rush them into this life, for every child autistic or
not, is a caterpillar in cocoon, and will only emerge when nature chimes

You won’t get a butterfly by breaking the cocoon,or else they will neither be a caterpillar nor a butterfly

Give them time, nourish them make them feel loved and see how
your beautiful butterfly flies

Do we have patience to
give them that time?

Do we not know what
broken dreams feel like?

Guide them give them the proper tools to move and grow

How to overcome obstacles that you have to show

Don’t overload them with your expectations or pampering’s,

For every child autistic or not is like a seed, and
overloading will be very hampering

Always remember too much spoils and too little leaves

They need just the right amount of everything you can offer
and oh the places these kids go when they feel loved and cherished

Care for them, they are part of you, involve them in your life
and participate in theirs with all your Arden

And see how they bloom into the most beautiful flower in your

Have you learnt and
polished your skills to be good gardener?

Have you taken training
to be a good coach?

I have a child with autism and I have had my share of taunts, staring,
worthless advices and criticisms,

But I never let those rule my life; for it would have been
insult to all those angels I met in this journey of autism

This is a long journey and we will fall and fail, a lot, I
know that

But I will learn, get up and make corrections and move ahead
and not worry about the stat

 I will get up every time and help my daughter get up too, I promise to my child and myself

We will keep moving whether life offers us an empty or a
well-stocked shelf

When I see my child I see

 -A budding artist,

– A butterfly emerging
from a cocoon,

-A beautiful sprouting

Yes I will give her all that she needs and enjoy the process.


About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. A great perspective…simply great

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  3. I wish you and your ‘artistic’ daughter a life of happiness and discovery…

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  5. God Bless you, and your beautiful daughter! You say it true, we are not in any way close to even appreciating the beauty of their selves. Or being mature enough. Period.
    Years ago, after a Psychology class on Autism, and reading the story of an Autistic child, as told by his mother, in the REaders’ digest, I had written this. Does not even come close to what you have shared here, still…. I would I to share it with you. Pl bear in mind that the rambler was a naive young person then!

  6. Soma.How I wish every child in this earth has a mother like you! Godspeed.

  7. very beautifully expressed ….found it to be very close to heart….I wish the mothers get the inspiration…thank you for sharing..

  8. I wish everybody reads this and get inspired to develop an understanding and love and respect which these children and their parents need. Very nicelly written poem. Thanks for enlightining us.


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