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In The Magical Land Of Library

Hey kid let’s do something different
Let’s save a library
What do you think?
Will you like to Go
and Spend some time there?
Books love kids, did you know that?
And the kids who read all kinds of books
Are loved the most
And the kids  who share stories with their friends
And take them to  library are rewarded the most
For  nothing  absolutely  nothing  Can replace a book
Have you ever smelled a book?
Which one  smells better,
a new  book or an old book?
Did you know that if you keep your favourite book,
Near your pillow at  the night
All those who live in the books come alive,
Just to guard you and protect you!
Books  are  portals to magical world
They can sing, they  can dance, and even talk to us,
But, to see all that you really really really
Have to believe in  magic.
No computer or Television can bring a book down
For a book has a much stronger crown
A library is a garden of books
And only our love for books can save it from the doom
And who knows in which shelf of the  library
You will meet that magical book,
That will tell you all about,The king and his  men,
and their battle against the giant spiders
And the  fairies who fought
With demons  and saved the child
And the evil witch with her cauldron  full of spells
Bubble trouble bubble double  and boom!
And the  mountain rock and the mile stone
And why they could  never be friends
And have you not heard of the story of Cinderella,
Do you know she loves kids who read about her in books!
And the story of an elephant and a monkey
And a snake who became the best of  friends
This goes to prove any one can be your friend
If  you  really  want  them  to   be
And  welcome  them  with  open arms
And the pirates of the red sea
Who found a big treasure trove in a faraway land?
And they had to fight with the big snake with a dozen heads!!
But the pirates could not take it with them
As the sea was rough,
Hidden under a tree is the map to that island
And if you plant enough trees
One day they will tell you where
And of course who doesn’t know the story of the horse that ran so fast that it revolved around the sun in just 260 days!
How much time do you think the earth takes?
And do you know what the little pony said when he coughed
Did he say he was a little horse or hoarse?
But before you go to the book of knowledge section
Check your hands
They really do not want anyone to touch them
With hands full of germs
But then every book loves clean hand
I know so because once Poodle Doodle Noodledoo
Scolded me for eating while reading  them
And do you know in the last shelf  somewhere
 is a very dangerous book
Do not open or read it without help of the wise
In it lives a demon in an angels  disguise
I forgot the name but you can go there and  ask
For  the books on demons (in a hush hush tone)
For you never know how many of the demons spies
Are in the books around
Do you not hear the books from the libraries calling you?
They want to be  your friend,
Will you?

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. Your presentation is s……o good,I loved the poem.
    A library is really a magical land.

  2. Couldnt agree with you more on this, I love books, the smell of books matakes me to my childhood and look forward to reading more. nothing can replace the experience of reading a good book.
    thanks for sharing

  3. Growing up with a mother who was a librarian meant spending most after-school time in her library. All to well I can remember the smell of the books, the feel of the vinyl chairs and the sounds of traffic and rain outside the windows.

    Save the Libraries, definitely. Because a Library made me what I am today.


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