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Pumpkin Halloween

On halloween or any other spooky night if you want to ward off the ghosts or spirits, go pumpkin….. eat pumpkin pie,curry,tart,cake,have it roasted, toasted, grilled or anyway you like …for some reason ghosts stay away from people who have pumpkin.. or is it that they love pumpkin and take it as an invitation when you have it ?
aaaaagh I kinda seem to have forgotten but lets just go with what I remember, Ghosts Hate/Fear Pumpkin.
Nope people around you didnt tell you this and there are no folklores to prove this FACT..but I am a kind soul and during the halloweens its just seems unfair to have so much ghostly knowledge and not share.
And no matter what people tell you or you read about halloween this is the very real, authentic, original( i can go on ) reason why pumpkins are carved.
Of course you can spend your life not believing in ghosts but then it will be a life minus the fun. what is life if you do not have some imaginary friends and some not so friendly ones too!!
tell me what you find more appealing ….scared of  just what you see
or being scared of some invisible types and then spending time to get rid of them….garlic cloves any one..
it is fun no matter what you say. I love being scared of the hand which in my mind, is going to grab my leg one night as soon as I put it down from  my bed to go to the toilet, or a reflection of an unknown person seen sometimes when I walk in front of  a mirror in hurry(after i have just finished reading a spooky book).
But for the above you have to –
a) read a really scary book or watch a horror movie
b) walk fast in front of mirror and
c) it helps if you are drunk too!!
I would rather spend my day( specially nights) in creepy old castle to get a glimpse of ghost or some spirit than dressed up in funny creepy costumes and getting wasted in some random party. Of course after you are drunk if you take a wise decision to drive too, you may get lucky and get to join the happening crowd of ghosts.
but not every one is that lucky most will end up in some small cell after rash and crash which I am sure is not very in demand halloween end.
Anyways this halloween go pumpkin to ward of the ghosts
or stay away from pumpkins if you want to host a ghost
I have no idea how ghosts say bye( or may be they dont need to cos they kill you)
so I would do what we humans do…watchha back c ya soon tc
oh and before I go everytime someone knocks at your door or the bell rings tonight do not forget to ask the pumpkin

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    That pumpkin is totally scary art – it’s great! Love the poem too 🙂 Halloween is a weird tradition, to me!

  2. I think that creepy old Castle is somewhere within the realms of my Space but do watch out for the third skeleton on the left, that is two hops and a skip past the thirteenth tombstone and a jump over the pumpkins… Actually I just added that bit seeing as this posting is of a Halloween nature 🙂 lol

    Anyway to cut a long and boringly drab comment of mine short, just watch where you bend over in My Gothic Realm, especially if there is a full Moon, noooooooo not that one, I meant the other 🙂

    Thank you for a fine and entertaining read, I have enjoyed calling into your world of blogging my friend and I will be calling by again soon, okay pop the kettle on and perhaps there will be some of that delightful Tea and Pumpkin Pie? 🙂 lol

    Androgoth Xx

    • LOL you are one hell of a naughty vampire..may you be blessed with even more dark powers:-)

      • Hey Soma it is nearly time for our Pumpkin Pie and tea again, I hope you are pouring out a nice glass of the red later too, well tea is okay for woimps but you and me are made of stronger stuff so let’s party 🙂 lmao

        Have a funtastic rest of evening and a wickedly enjoyable Thursday too 😉 🙂

        Andro xxx

  3. D muah for the lovely comments and the support love ya

  4. Loved it! The lines “I love being scared of the hand which in my mind, is going to grab my leg one night as soon as I put it down from my bed to go to the toilet, or a reflection of an unknown person seen sometimes when I walk in front of a mirror in hurry”… embarrassed me! It still happens to me!!! 😀

  5. Thanks a ton every one for generous comments
    Govind ji you are a pro when it comes to creative rhyming comments i saw your comments on other site you are awesome
    Steven I loved the pumpkin’s grin too and yes it looks hungry and ready to munch and crunch

  6. Terrific musing on Halloween, pumpkins and all things spooky! I like the picture at the top, nothin’ wrong with a toothy grin from a pumpkin. Though it looks like it might try to take a small bite.

  7. There was atime during my teen
    I was afraid of a scary scene
    that was shown on the screen
    or by a spooky book reading i have been
    but today I can preen
    that I ain’t scared of any ghosts seen or unseen
    maybe it’s because I love the pumpkin
    Happy Halloween.

  8. The spookiest poem,( with spookiest presentation by a spookiest girl)I have ever heard.


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