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Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

When My Life Was Super ‘hit’

I love the word HIT and how we use it…you know hit this,hit that,hit the road…the moment someone says this I know what their goal or ultimate destination is and you know Newtons Third Law you hit the road, the road hits you back or something like this..
And lets admit it road accidents are fun………. they are!!!
There are only two ways when on road…. either be ‘on the road’ or ‘be a part of it’. and most of us are constantly trying to be in the later but not getting lucky. A few broken bones here and there, maybe paralysed neck down, but not accepted in the elite ‘part of road’ group. aah the endless wait.
some of the generous ones may not be there but constantly pushing people to the dream team. what a sacrifice. As you read this am sure you will be surprised that what earlier seemed what the @#$%@ is now making sense.
life is a video game and those who don’t have the pleasure out, play it in the comfort of their house which is not even half the fun compared to the real game.
Everyday as the sun ‘hits the world’ millions of people all over the world get on their cars or what ever they want to travel in with only one wish in heart……. beat that asshole in the bigger vehicle and show the crap in the smaller one where he stands and god forbid if it is a woman driving the vehicle….”hey lady stay at home and cook..yeah that’s what god made you for”…look at the clothes she was wearing and the neckline if someone in my house ever wore it i would have ……Sssccrreeaaaaaach Boom Aaaah
What the …women I tell you, distractions nothing else. The man-woman debate is one more subject which makes life on this planet so fulfilling. After all God personally told, rather declared and divided chores amongst the genders, and still year 2011 and we have the same gender fight/debate …gawd we just don’t listen to anyone do we!!
And then after you have crashed and you survive the next best thing is to fight it out. yeah be brave- its never your fault…. fight, hurl abuses, tear clothes, throw some knock out punches, may be beat the crap out of a guy and his belongings and invite passer bye’s to join in and make it a community fun affair.
There is nothing a talk cannot sort out but why take the fun out of life. if you miss this one you may never get to thrash this or any other guy so be a man or woman or whatever and just fight…
Anyways lets go back to road and its hits and misses. Nope the road never misses anyone or anything. you don’t drive she /he doesn’t call you but you hit her/him and she/he gives you back with bonus.
Why am I talking about this topic today! cos  I am having an out of body experience, my soul is looking at my body trapped in a car hit several times by the ongoing traffic. The first hit did it, rest were just trying to hit the brake but could not. The one behind me was driving as fast as I was but multitasking too. Hey time and work ain’t no waiting for ya…so this chap was emailing while driving and missed the red light which I saw and stopped and a loud boom and everything went a super silent…..
hmm so today I finally joined the ‘be a road’ club. let me tell you guys its not so much fun. its lonely here and you worry about your family constantly. I was a ‘on the road’ fan but some generous soul thought otherwise.
one message before I leave
be on road or be part of it its your call
but don’t be cause of someone Else’s fall
Ciao or Next life aaargh am not good with good byes
just  take care and be fair
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