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Daily Archives: November 2, 2011


copyright- how did it all start , who stole from whom, more importantly who wanted to save what and how did it all come up together
All these questions triggered an e-journey
spent some sleepless nights and went through all of it  tried to absorb as much knowledge as much I could and then came up with what I now call an eureka moment.
I think this world needs some new copyright trends. The existing ones are full of  legal terms which we, the ones who don’t give a damn, do not understand.
And I dont find them scary at all and that which doesnt give me nightmares makes me stronger. I flout them all the time and here I am all happy and carefree and ready for some more…..The world needs and is ready for new user friendly and tough copyright clauses.
Plus I needed  a copyright page for my blog….not that I don’t trust you guys
I just need one page more to blah and secure it too.
so here it goes
1) no reading my blog in the loo( this has nothing to do with copyright, i just dont like the idea of someone….)
2) do not laugh if there is no smiley in a line( i do not like it when people find my work humorous when its clearly a sad piece of work)
3) do not quote any part of my blog anywhere without my permission,  cos if there is anychance i have ever said something which may turn out to be valuable and/or funny I want to be notified first so that i can use it more often and may be flaunt it to get some….( of course if you are at gun point and they want to pay me for the quote then go ahead)
4) do not tell me where I went wrong (for i am always right…don’t argue..i just am right…. Always… Ask all my ex friends)
5) do not post any of my work as yours( believe me i get many hate mails for my work)
6) do not copy my work and then add to it to make it better( really ?????)
7) do not copy and post it somewhere else to make you famous( it wont work, if it hadn’t made me what are your chances)
Scary haaan so go ahead copy, improvise and scare others… cheers safe blogging guys
(you may find some of the clauses have nothing to do with copyright, but then its my blog and i sure can add some points wherever)
now that i have made my self clear and my blog secure
let me see if i can use some of your blogposts  as ” inspiration” ( there is a difference, but you wont know)  :-)  ( smile now)
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