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Daily Archives: November 10, 2011

A for pizza

you don’t have to be a mom to know how much a kid loves vegetables. am sure most of us have gone through a hate this or hate that phase when we were kids.

I have had those days when I have kept myself and every one around me busy with important questions like “is Bottle gourd really food” or “was Cauliflower ever meant for human consumption”.

And oh the excuses kids can make when they don’t want to do something or eat vegetables or fruits. Believe me I have heard things like- “teacher told me not to drink milk anymore” and “kids who finish their lunch are punished in school.”

so thought of contributing a little to this amazing list of “hey mom…”

broccoli copied from cauliflower
now they both smell very  bad
cabbages and lettuces are evil
both make people so sad
carrots and beetroots are just colours
not good for tummy
spinach leaks when you put salt
and nothing in it is yummy
tomato is red and juicy
and looks so cute
but I wanted a vegetable
and it’s just a sour fruit
peas look a lil fine
but how much can you eat
rest of the vegetables
are just no good for treats
kids should stay away from
apples, oranges or any other fruits
cos I read it in the newspaper
aliens hide in their roots
I wanted to have breakfast
without making any fuss
but kids who drink milk
are not allowed in school bus
hey mom can I have a pizza and an ice cream to be safe.
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