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Murder In The Valley

There has been  a murder in the valley, in a hotel next to the gym on the 12th alley.

But  the people are super excited, for one, something happened in their otherwise  boring little place,

plus who wouldn’t like to see some live action, hunt and  chase.

As for the police, they have promised a fast action and not let  the case go cold,

a stance which has been applauded by one and all who had never  seen them so brave and bold.

A budding actor, a builder, a small  restaurant owner and all those who thought a little exposure could do wonder,

their time has come and they can shine if they tread cautiously and don’t  blunder.

In a bid to appear generous, the mayor offered money and house  to the family members of the deceased and for that he has been praised,

but that  no one has come forward so far to claim it has caused a lot of confusion and a  lot of eyebrows raised.

(Some important questions- where is the body,  where are the family members of the deceased?

And who is this Jon doe and why  has his profile not been released?)
The media has arrived and now will begin  the real show, let’s see how the interviews and investigations  go.

Reporter 1: As you can see we have arrived in this small valley where  the high profile murder has been committed.
We will be providing a live  coverage, asking all the right questions and see to it that nothing gets  omitted.

Reporter 2: Good evening everyone, we are here standing inside  the hotel where the unfortunate incident took place,
Any time now the press  conference will start and the police will update us with the new developments in  the case.

Reporter 1: Hello sir, please tell our viewers what you do and  what you know about this case?
Man: Well I am a model and an actor, surely  you recognise my face!
Reporter 1: Sorry to interfere but let’s please focus  on the murder.
Man: Yes sure, I knew the deceased very well and was close to  him and the way he was killed just makes me shudder.
Reporter 1: Really! How  was he killed?
Man: I wish I could tell you more, but the case is under  investigation so will just tell you, it had been done by someone very  skilled.

Reporter 1: The breaking news, someone very skilled has murdered  a man brutally.
And now we will talk to a man in the CSI team and try and  understand the case forensically.

Reporter 1: Yes sir where do you work  and what information can you give at this point.
CSI Man: Well I work part  time with the police here and do forensics related job and all we can tell at  this point, looking at the foot prints found, is that someone in that room had a  problem in his left foot joint.

Reporter 1: The breaking news, we just  got the information which takes us closer to the killer,
We now have a  skilled maniac with what looks like a limp in his left foot in this  thriller.

Reporter 1: Let’s now interview the chamber maid of the hotel  who was apparently the first one on the crime scene.
Miss Urmakup Izmine, we  already know what you told the police, but can you tell us a bit more about what  you have seen?
Miss Urmakup Izmine: Well what can I say; it was just another day  when I started,
But when no one opened the room, even after several knocks I  force opened the room of the departed.
Oh what a horrible scene, have never  seen anything like that in my entire career,
All I can reveal is there was a  lot of blood, half eaten burgers, French fries and lot of empty cans of  beer.

Reporter 1: The breaking news, you all will be shocked with the  information we have here,
The killer was skilled, limping in his left foot  and big fan of burgers, fries and beer.

Reporter 1: We now have the  bellboy, Mr Gimme Tip; yes tell us what happened that night?
Mr Gimme Tip: I wish  I could tell you madam but there were these kids in the lobby who caused a lot  of commotion and a fight.

Reporter 1: The breaking news, there was a huge  commotion the same night caused by some kids who fought like hell, and whether  this fight led to the murder or not only time will tell.

Reporter 1: We  now have with us Mr Crackinwall Glu
He is a builder and says he has some  valuable piece of information too!
Mr Crackinwall Glu: Yes I have this building,  unoccupied and ready to move in, right in front of the hotel, with a small road  in between,
And had people listened to me and been living in that building  they would have got unrestricted view of the valley and of the crime  scene.

Reporter 1: (puzzled)
Let’s now move on to the next person who  owns a restaurant in the outskirts of the valley, yes sir you wanted to say  something,
Owner of the restaurant: Why yes Mam, this restaurant was built  by my grandfather, we serve almost everything and the view from there is very  soul soothing

Reporter 1: (another silent/puzzled moment)
Ok there is  this lady, who for last hour or so has been screaming for some  attention
Lady: Yes, I am a school teacher and want to report about some  mischievous kids who have run away to avoid punishment and  detention.
Reporter 1: Mam you do understand this has nothing to do with the  case?
Lady: I don’t know that, I just want the kids back to their  base.

Reporter 1: (sighs) I think people here have nothing more to  contribute
Let’s go to Reporter 2 and find out about the press conference and  if the police and the forensics have solved the case or got someone to  impute

Reporter 2: Yes the conference is over and I suggest we better  pack our bags and leave!
Reporter 1: why what happened? And why do you sound  so peeved!

Reporter 2: listen we are already on our way to get you, it’s  a long journey back and we will get enough time to catch up,
All that I can  say for now it’s a silly case involving some kids on run, a hotel room, burger,  fries, beer and lots of ketchup.

(Think you pretty much got the gist and  what must have happened, quite disappointing isn’t it with so much drama and no  one dead!
The builder sold his one and only property at a cheap  price.
The budding actor who had claimed to have known the ‘deceased’ was  butt of all jokes for a very long time, but got offers in many reality TV  shows.
The restaurant and the hotel did get some visitors curious to know  more about the case.
As for the reporters they claimed they knew everything  from the beginning and all this was aired just for fun!
The kids returned  and their parents apologised to the people and paid the hotel for all the damage  their kids had caused,
And Oh yes the forensics’ guy was right, one of the  kids was limping in his left foot, got hurt when he was in the hotel and got  involved in the fight)

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. thoroughly enjoyed it..thanks for sharing

  2. Reblogged this on Indira's Blog and commented:
    If you are interested in reading a good murder mystery then go for it. Hilerious.

  3. Thanks Govind your comments always inspire me to keep going

  4. Very funny. Enjoyed every line.
    Loved Urmakup Izmine Gimme Tip and Crakinwal Glu.
    It flowed and flowed. Great

  5. Thanks Indira ji you are my guardian angel love ya

  6. Miss Urmakup Izmine,Mr Gimme Tip,Mr Crackinwall Glu,Mr Gimme Tip.
    What an imagination,verysuitable name for each character.Very well written.

  7. Your ability to write poetry in forms that defy “normal” conventions is awesome. Your words rhyme and flow beautifully.


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