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Daily Archives: November 14, 2011

Stories from under the bed

Under my bed breathes a world,
full of witches flying,
devils plotting,
angels saving lives
castles and creepy manors
and their vibrant walls
strange lands of hope and stories call my name.
every night after I switch off the lights
this land of unheard voices comes alive
and their songs, screams, war cries
and lullabies makes my night so full of life.
all this and much much more is in the world
that breathes under my bed.
look under your bed tonight
may be there are some stories
lying around under your bed too
the half finished stories are more eager to
meet you and see how you write their end
pick them up and enjoy the dream journey with them
Darkness is a lot of fun you know
they want to be your friends too
yes there are things hiding in the dark
but doesn’t light hide a lot of secrets too
so don’t forget every night
once the lights are off
under the bed
psst …
{Once in this land ask for the girl in the red cage
yes the one who asked for more
and was caught sneaking in the chief’s hut
first they told her it was a game
and they wanted to see
how fast she can get in the cage
yes that’s me
can you open the cage please
it was kinda fun in the beginning
but I don’t think they are playing anymore
specially since they have told me
they are hungry
and I look spicy and yummy enough}
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