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Daily Archives: November 21, 2011

Dear Diary My Mom and Dad……

(why am i grounded??)

Dear Diary

A kid’s life is full of hardships and I don’t think mom and dad know much about kids.

As soon as I came home Mom asked me, “Did you fight with kids in your school?”

And I said,” yes mom they were teasing my friends, bunch of fools.”

“Fighting is not the way,” said mom, “next time report it to your teachers.”

“But mom,it’s not that easy,those kids won’t listen to a bunch of preachers!”

“What!” Said mom, “I don’t want to hear anymore, you will be grounded and punished till I am sure you are reformed.”

“What kind of punishment…and do you know punishments cause skin rashes, ulcers and fever”, I informed.

“No they don’t,” said mom, “you and manners live too far from each other let’s start building a bridge.”

“Here write down your favourite activity and next time you err,you won’t be allowed to do that for a week.” And then she stuck a paper on the fridge.

At least she won’t scold me next time I thought and wrote down an activity on the pad.

All she wants from me is to honour this pact, that I will, see I am not that bad!

Mom saw what I wrote and said, “You have to change the activity right now, there are duties one can’t shirk.

You have to write something you love and you cannot write homework.”

Fine I thought, but she gave me the choice then why can’t homework be on top of my favourite things to do?

Anyways I changed the activity, how to win mom’s approval! If only I had some cue,

A kid’s life is full of struggles; mom read and said no!

I love cleaning my room, oh! But what does mom know.

So I wrote down the next best thing which was on my mind

And to show mom that I really meant it I even signed

“This is it, your turns are over I gave you three chances to be honest, and this is what you do?”said mom who looked very angry, “if you can’t be honest in such a small task how will I ever trust you?”

“But mom,” I said, “I love eating vegetables, I really really really do!

When she never agrees to what I have to say, why give me choice?


Me the sad one


Dear diary

What a day, Nobody loves me I know the truth now

I discovered this horrible truth will tell you how.

Me: Mom I think I better stop going to the school

I want to stay at home and help you and studies cause brain damage

Mom: Oh dear thanks, but I think education makes you look cool and brain damage I think you will manage

Me: Dad, do you want me to stop studying and work for you I think I am ready for the job, let’s talk about my pay

Dad: Really, great, that’s the deal then. The moment you have the required degree to help me out your schooling stops, what do you say?

Me: hey Uncle Mat, I heard you need a gardener, I love gardening, it’s so much fun, and I am ready to leave the school for it, please talk to dad

Uncle Mat: I have been looking for someone, I wish I could but you are only seven, I have to let go of such a good offer, it’s just so sad.

No one wants me, I have to find out why, saw a movie in which the parents were alien?

I have to find out their planet I think I will talk to Jim and Adwen


The budding detective



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