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Daily Archives: November 24, 2011

Crystal Clear Dreams

There is a room in my house

a very special room

with a big window

it  lets in fresh air

and filters the junk

not for myopic thoughts

but  the window is kind and some say

they too have seen some sparkles

the  window has a view to die for

a beautiful sunlit sky

cool breeze of  contentment

fresh blossoming thoughts

and each colour of rainbow

spreading messages of love and harmony

the woods and her allies are  such great pals

invite me to every single birth

leaving me humbled every  time

for I realise how small yet important

each entity is

the  greens, the browns

I know them all by name

and the winged soul uncaged

floats in this world

I never ask for more

I never settle for less

I guess all my dreams

They taught me well…

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