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Daily Archives: November 27, 2011

Still Alive

A river
a beautiful mirror
once a free spirited clear sparkle
now a stagnant green and blue
gullible and naive she was
smiling warmth back at every leer
and sheltering
all the odds and evens
abused and left
look at her lust for life
for she still hopes
for some footsteps
 of love and care
to kiss life in her
and resurrect her dreams
 the torn body
still with a soul alive
oh how hard she tried
 to keep her wounds hidden
from the smirking eyes
but sometimes even the pride refuses
to hide the pain any more
and the breeze
she never makes any promises
 she can’t be customised
spreads tranquility and stench
with equal fervor
some old ‘loyal’ followers
still talk about her
often reminiscing
the beauty she was
but then there are the things
as should and could
often overpowering the done
hope the sun shines
before she closes her eyes
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