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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Oh Dear God!

Once in a small town of Godsnt Dere
lived a man named Cribbin Oltime                     
and whole day and night
he would blame every one
for all the mishaps
and his miseries
then one day a croak
from the near by pond
told him to direct his questions to God
as he was the ultimate power
or so a lot of people from other towns believed
so Mr. Cribbin Oltime started blaming God
asking him to listen to his woes
and whole day he would ask 100,000 things
and take break only for food and nap
slowly people started gathering around him
and his fame reached far and wide
and people from far away land
would pay handsome amount
just to see the cribbing man
this was a power game for Mr. Cribbin Oltime now
he had his worth to prove
so he took a pledge
and said he would not stop cribbing
till he was sure god was listening to him
why o God why he would ask
why am I so poor
why do I fall sick
why o God why he would ask
others are richer than me
and the frog got a better voice than me
why  God why he would ask
no pretty girl falls for me
my talents are not worthy of any recognition
why God why
why this
 why that
why the shoes
why the hat
and this continued till one day he died cribbing
and went to the land of judgement
and saw god waiting for him
and he asked why o God why
did you not do anything when I was alive
when I was cribbing day and night
why god why are you here at this level
shouldn’t you be in heaven
why god why
and God said
oh I am sorry
I thought you wanted me to listen
so I was….and then
I thought you were fed up of your life
so I took the thing which was bothering you the most ….
your life
even the angels around were shocked
but before anyone could utter another why
God said ok I will give you back your life
But I will give you the life of a Caterpillar
and the man asked why god why Caterpillar
God said well for one
that’s how much life you had when I called you here
second you are in a thought crunch
and only a huge session of green munch will help you
and third I want you to have some silent time
To this  the man asked why god why God
can’t a Caterpillar complain?
and God said oh they can,
 its just that I don’t understand their language
and so the man quite shaken and stirred
was sent back as a Caterpillar
but when the other caterpillars heard what God had said
oh boy you should have been there
and if you think they can’t talk….!!!

Dejar ir

lying on a beach soaking up the sun
and travelling between my future and my past
I think I spend too much time
Fighting the long gone years
cursing all those who hurt me
nursing soul scars
the sad bitter moments of my past taught me a lot
but I think I am ready
and all those moments need  a proper burial
                                 often on a road lost in my thoughts
                                 I stumble upon some pebbles from way back
                                 gather them and ponder over them for hours
                                 not gaining from them anymore
                                 but still just brooding over the never dying past
                                 how will it go
                                 oh how will it if i don’t let it leave
                                 I think i am ready now
                                 and all those moments need a proper burial
I will find a place and howl them out
 vent those unhappy smokes
wash my soul, clear my heart
create space for new thoughts
forgiving and forgetting is not going to be easy
but I will have to learn to move on with what ever I have had
today I am sure
today I am ready
and all those moments will be given a proper burial

Say Cheese

mom dad kids,
pets, pimples and rash
lying around toys
two cans of trash
                                  half consumed bottles
                                  of old medicines
                                 huge stack of newspapers
                                 and magazines
boxes full of old clothes,
pictures and memories
arguments over the chores
and the grocery
                                heavy bills leading to
                                occasional fight
                                rising prices, home loans
                                some sleepless nights
laughter and joys running
front and backyard
autumns and springs
and a happy christmas card
                                fighting, cribbing, making up
                                and bouts of cold
                                ingredients of happy family
                                in italics and in bold

An Expensive Dream

Under the Rainbow sky
You and I shall  meet
And sing the song
Of the greens all around
And dance to the
Whispers of the breeze
And in  this wilderness
Where the meander flirts with the valley
And the zebras  and the lions play
We shall join them in gay abandon
Away from the worldly  ways
Where the dreamers
Are welcomed with open arms
There you and I will meet
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