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Daily Archives: December 2, 2011

Life Cycle of Death

The day I was born
much before that
my death was scripted.
with the ink of that moment
my spark was bathed
And with death in my destiny
and all the experience gained
I was born one day
                                                      one look at life
                                       and  I forgot all that I brought
                                  I will now not know till that moment
                                   how close I am to my death today
if I could ask my soul
I would, of my death,
and she may even  tell me
when and where
but it would be then
defeat of the purpose of life
And strain the love
life and death share
                                        so till that day when I no longer breathe
                                         I shall breathe and dream of life
                                      and wonder if we can ever cheat death.
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