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Daily Archives: December 9, 2011

How to make cool comments and attract more traffic

first thing you learn when you start blogging is writing comments.

ok that may not be the first thing cos first thing has to be setting up a blog

and then maybe writing a post and then

after spending full seven minutes waiting for a drum roll

start  wondering whoa what the hell, are people on a blog sabbatical!!

why are they not flocking my blog,stalking me on all my links and

posting hundreds of ‘you are awesome’ comments,

I would if I would read me!

not that you cannot not read your post but you can’t post

and be the first one to comment too!

anyways we are way off the route…

What this article will do is tell you how to transform your blog life from


Following  are certain sure shot ways to attract more traffic

1)invite all those unknown people who sent you friend request

  on FB to comment till they prove their worth or take back request

2) post your stuff on your and every ones wall..

pretty soon you will know who your real friends are,


3) start posting comments on others blog posts

and post your link

eg–blog post -how to cook spinach

your comment– oh wow! I too wrote on the subject read http:// death of a prisoner

blog writer – ?????? but at least a few people will click that link to see…:-)


4) follow them and then post this valuable information 

on each of their post

–hey i read this :-)– —yup that will do


5) make those precious ‘i can read in between the line’ statements

eg; Blog Post– i have a doll her name is moll

your comment– wow hey i am sorry your chicken died

blog writer ????

others ???….. but also wow

{CAUTION- the blogger may ask but there is no chicken..

be prepared with awesome answers like ya cos they died}


6) preach

eg Blog Post– i knew on that dark night…

your comment –you know that’s why every time i see my bro i tell him

listen bro get some sleep cos life is short and each day is new

and unknown paths you shall walk and nights are dark……

blogger ????

others??? but… wow this dude rocks


7) every thing is deep

Blog post– about the sky

your comment– that’s deep man

blog post– laughter

your comment– that’s deep stuff

blog post– movie of the month

your comment–whoa so deep so deep


8) Don’t be afraid to ask

blog post-beautiful rose

your comment-hey dude i started following you like two weeks

back what happened didn’t you get mail..i mean you aint following me…

care to explain?


blog post– Lady in the library(my  painting)

your comment– i have been wanting to ask you something for a long time now..

you only post your paintings why don’t you write poetry.?

in both the cases


others– ??? $^^%*& …..but… he is so right


9) comment even if you don’t understand…

(now now nothing is easy but there are certain things one has to do)

Blog Post– thy vulnerability reflect agony on thy face

the vultures of time ripped apart thy grace….

your comment– lol its funny man dude you rock


look you are ready

Although most of my posts are on extremely serious topics

but every now and then i take out time to help fellow bloggers…

this is just one of those help thy blogger friends post

If this post can change even one bloggers life

I will consider my work done,target achieved,nirvana….

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