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Daily Archives: December 17, 2011

Case No. 420-An Oink Tragedy

I am still not very sure

but I think It  all started the day

I started watching soaps on T.V

Hey don’t judge me

I didn’t know this would happen

all I was looking for was

few hours of entertainment

I was watching this story of a family

in suburbs

how the family of five united-separated

united-separated, united-separated

and in-between all this

the cast changed three times

some characters died and

some just vanished without a trace

and then came back with a brand new face!

Next morning I heard that all the cats have died!

Nope there was nothing which would have told me

it was  I who caused all that

how would I had known

that cats would die

when I was watching the crap!

Next I watched a ghost movie

which was more gross than scary

all the ghosts had huge blisters

and big dirty nails and were too hairy

and while the ghost was spitting and cursing

and killing people on the screen

I failed to notice the dogs

vanishing from the streets

now now I know how angry  you all are

and may be blaming me for all the mishaps

but believe me if I had any clue

I would have stopped watching all the crap!

I did feel weird no cats or dogs on the streets

but I was too much into tv to stop or go back.

Now it was time to check out a new soap

where JIM was JOANA before he became she

and this she had a sis who changed to he

and then the new his’ boyfriend dumped him for him who was now she

and the new she’s girlfriend ..well she just went on a shopping spree

Hey retail therapy does help!

But then she too decided to become a he

so now there were the he who became she

a she who became he

new he’s boyfriend now with the new she

and the she who was too depressed so

now she was a he

and while they were all changing genders

the cows and the goats disappeared

I know I know you don’t have to rub it in

But I think all this was a trap

believe me I really didn’t know

all this would happen just cos I watched some crap

After cats dogs,cows and goats

next to die and disappear were chickens and turkeys

oh such sad horrible days were in store

for the non vegetarians like me

I am sure by now you think

I was the one who made the pigs disappear

or may be I just watched some more television

and they died in fear

But no, this one time I was not watching crap at all

Now that no other proteins was available

poeple made Oink roast,stew,curry,

and even the ones who were not oink fans

had to go with it

And all of this cos there were no

beef,chicken or fish

and you blame me!!

well that’s the story

and its all true…

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