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Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

A Dreamer’s Choice

I believe there are ghosts
spirits good and bad
and they are after the
loud mouths and skimpily clad
and thank god I am none
at least not in front of ghosts
I believe you can die
break every bone in your body
and still comeback
looking million bucks
if you are a lead in a movie or a serial
what fun:-)
I believe there are people under my bed
and they wait every night
to pull me down in their world
and punish me for cleaning
their zone
thank god for the blessed salt;-)
I believe there is such a place
 under the rainbow sky
where animals and trees talk
they fly stars just like kites
and when they play with water
it rains
I believe in angels and demons
blessings and curses
in god and in devil
in places between heaven and hell
and they all are scared of the insane me
I believe in the beauty
of tattoos and in graffiti
not so much in body piercing
but if it makes you happy
then why not?
and freedom to express
and own all
I believe that all the pets and
animals in zoos and aquariums
talk the same language
and most of the time they are
making fun of us humans
I believe in all kinds of myths and
urban legends
in the science and the folklore’s
the magic they spread
and the way they whisper
their tales to the storytellers
I believe every duckling is beautiful
and so is every caterpillar
and no matter how long
is ones time in the cocoon
eventually every one of them
can become butterfly
full of colours and free to fly
I believe in all these and
hundred thousand things more
I believe you are just like me
may be a little less or maybe more
I believe there are more people like us
 All we want is
to have a fun filled peaceful life
I believe if all of us ,you, me
and our dreamer friends unite
there is no reason why we cant have
a beautiful world where every one has a choice
to have some, all or none
a world where dreaming is what
makes you normal
a world where every one has a chance
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