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Daily Archives: January 7, 2012

As the story goes…

“Stories are a nutritional group.A balanced diet must have music,stories, outdoor playing along with other groups like vitamins and protiens.”
As  promised in the previous post of Memoirs-  Magical Summers
I am going to share some stories but since this is going to be
 the very first of the has to be grand…what say:-)
Nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing stories, fictional or real…
specialy through memoir.It gives me a chance to relive those moments
I share with you all, to time travel in my dreams and play around in that magical world.
I come from a family of story tellers, my grandparents,uncles, aunts and parents irrespective of their professions were/are all great story tellers.
All we had to do was to ask..mama kahani sunao na( uncle please tell us a story) or thamma golpo shonao( grandmother tell us a story)
and they would begin a great story telling session- some real and
some fictional ones with great gusto……and it would not only make our days
 but give us great subjects to dream on..
This world is a magical place you know…all packed with mysteries.
you just have to unlock the right door or find someone who can…
and a new song a new story is all yours to enjoy…
And though I love reading books nothing can ever beat listening to stories told by grandmothers or uncles that too the cooked up ones…
Having said that there are some real life stories which have left a deep ever lasting impact on my soul.
One of them was told by my Dadu(Paternal Grandfather). And it was a real story  of my Great Grand Father.
They were zamidars( land lords) of a village Akaipur in 24 parganas in West Bengal and every season after harvesting paddy it would be stored in Dhaner gola( huge mud houses used to store paddy) 
One night my great grand father heard some noise and when he went out in the dark to check he saw some armed tribal men stealing Paddy from one of the bigger dhaner gola….
and the thief was not only stealing but also throwing paddy aiming at eyes of whoever went near to stop him.
My great-grandfather who was somewhere in his 20’s( boy did he have courage)told his men to cover all the exits  so that none of the robbers could escape.
He then wrapped his eyes with a cloth to protect them from paddy being thrown by the thief…..took two swords in his hand and started swishing it around the dhaner gola constantly reminding the thief he would not stop till the thief  surenders….initially the thief who seemed to know my Great Grand father asked him to back off ,threated him of consequences but when my great grand father did not relent ( and this went on for hours ) the thief  finally tired ,stretched his hands out of the small opening and surrendered..
Its said that the thieves( tribals from nearby land) were very well-built and good fighters themselves but when asked later why they didn’t escape or fight , the chief of that group said he had never seen such a gutsy young man in his life and out of respect he didnt cause my great grand father any harm.
what a story haan..Even today I get goose bumps whenever my father tells me the story..
whenever I hear such stories I try to imagine how that person must have looked like and if some movie hero fits the bill but this one story the image has no face…
no face has till now been able to do justice to the brave spirit of  this young man…may be because he was real..maybe putting a face would somehow notch down the magic…
how I wish I could go back in time and meet him….see my great-grandfather in action..understand where I am coming from, see the history of my parents….
I am so proud of my forefathers and more I find about their lives more I want to go back and meet the ones I did not…
may be one day there will be a time machine, may be one day this magical land of stories will bless me with a chance meeting……
But this story definitely explains the brave soul and spirit of my Father..who won several bravery awards for saving lives ,diffusing live detonators..
Both my parents are just awesome people who never hesitated standing for what is right …
Bravery runs in my Fathers blood and as for my moms brave spirit … I havent yet told you about her side…one day I will…
And I am their daughter:-)
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