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Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

Last Night-A True Story

I woke up in the dead of the night
and was chased by 100 vampires
they not only wanted my blood
but also to rule my empire
I took refuge in a castle
didn’t know was infested with ghosts
turned out they were looking for
something yummy to go with their toast
I jumped from the castle
taking help of a pole
but as was my luck
I was now in the territory of ghouls
what a night  I thought
and called for help
but the werewolves came running
hearing my cries of yelp
I didn’t care where I was going
just ran as fast as I could
but as was the fate
there were living dead in these woods
and now my legs were not moving
at all due to fear
no this night couldn’t get any worse
I knew my death was near
as all of them approached me
I tried this one last trick
I told them I hope eating me
would not make them sick
I told them hundred things that
could have scared anyone with a little brain
but I guess when you are this dead
you are not scared of cramps,vomit and pain
I even  told them my dad
was a politician
and how eating me
would distort their vision
I kept adding things to make me look
the worst supper ever
boy no one ever told me these
dead things were so clever
and then I realised I was
carrying two swords
so I took them out and declared
war with whoever steps forward
I started swishing swords and
and geared up for a long fight
I told them there was no way
I was going to die tonight
and I would have lived
had the cannibals stayed away
that night I ended up in roasts,curries
pies and souffle’s
but dying didn’t hurt me
as much as what happened next
its when I  ended up “oh look how she died”
in someones facebook pics and texts
some said Aaaw so sweet, so cute
and way to go girl, enjoy being dead
and do you know how many liked that status!!
more than 300
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