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Daily Archives: January 21, 2012

A Hug From The Past

someone once said best antique you can gift yourself 
would be planting a tree today
aint it true an old buddy still standing in your backyard
whom you hugged and shared all your secrets with
when you were a kid 🙂
up in the tree house
inside a wooden box
lived some of my memories
in old pictures and letters
one old poster of my hero
flying high in the sky
some half written poems
sketching a secret pact
and then some scented pebbles
treasured in a box of Incense stick.
a jar full of sand
just in case it rains outside
oh the tree house did have
lot of murmurs and whispers
and songs and pacts
floating around
for when we were singing talking
fighting crying in its lap
the tree heard it all
and stored it in its veins for us
and that big tree that died
from Heavy rains last night
 Hugged and kept safe
our beautiful Memory box inside
for that old buddy
for everything we shared
I planted a seed today
for it will soon be a buddy
to someone near..
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