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Daily Archives: January 24, 2012


You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for  instance.  ~Franklin P. Jones
A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.  ~Author Unknown

My parents learnt all these and much more way earlier without reading any quotes,courtesy me
I have a brother ( 2 yrs 3 months younger than me…  a noticeable and respectable age difference which he never respected and we fought like vampires and werewolves)both of us were naughty but I was always full of questions even the most learned mind could not answer
like when I was 3 or may be 4 years old I once asked my parents if taxi grows up and becomes a bus
and then once  I asked my mom how the kid sitting behind me in the class could come first ( hey I sat in the first bench braving the questions,I had rights!)
but of course with each passing year the questions became more and more tougher and challenging…
Soon we were at the age when you would trust your friends, teachers and your parents in exact order
so when your friend told babies were dropped at the door steps or their parents killed postman you would have no reason not to believe them cos …well got to trust friends
In fact no one would even challenge whatever was being told in the class  and/or share all these top class information with any outsider( like parents and siblings)
so by the time we were in 3rd std. all of us were believing in a lot of things-
like every vacant house is haunted
or schools and hospitals are always built on a graveyards
or any new girl or boy is your enemy till they give you one extra candy on their birthday
or the person who did not cross fingers in time was the one who farted..
you know the usual…
and while we were growing up believing and  inventing things that had Einstein and Newton turning in their graves…. God was busy planning much bigger events as he clearly wanted more entertainment.
 so when we were in 3rd Std. he sent his special agent Lata
Now lata came into our life when  all the best friends, buddy groups were well established
loyalties were fixed( except Birthdays) and sworn on ..
but there was something about this girl that soon every one started following her.
when it came to writing an essay on my best friend no one would write about her
 but if lata said Our physics teacher was a vampire( something which she didn’t and you all know I am much more capable of spreading such news) every one would believe in it,no questions asked.
lata was quite a story teller and almost every day she would make up stories about something and that’s what made her so interesting..
Things none of us knew about, scary, funny, magical things
And within a period of 3 months she had spun a huge web of interesting ‘facts’ and stories and we were all hooked on to the web..
But of all the stories she ever told us the most interesting one and the one which has remained our top favourite to this day was  MAKE ERASER AT HOME
With Lata around,every day was interesting but this one season was bubbling with  information..
In every class some one was busy telling,adding more to the eraser recipe and in our class it was Lata..
we pleaded and gave her candies for this extremely valuable information and so started project eraser..
Lata told us to collect pencil shavings for entire week and then boil in a cup of milk till it was  thick and keep it out in moulds to dry for “exactly 3 days” for anymore drying would make eraser  brittle!
So after writing down each and every process in detail that day we all went home and tried it out
Yes dearies we all tried out our luck.. but no one could make it.
 But who would tell that to Lata !!
So after 3 days each of us went to school with a new eraser and told her and each other that the method had worked and from now on we too  will never have to buy erasers.
Am sure of all the people Lata had ever laughed at we were the ones who really made her ROFL.
Unfortunately for us she changed school next year and we never saw her again.
whenever I see kids making up stories and sharing tall tales can’t stop  wondering what more we could have learnt had Lata continued in the same school.
Every time I meet some old friend we invariably end up talking about her and have a good laugh …at our stupidity of course.
last heard she still lives in Itarsi( where we grew up) and has two kids… am sure all of them are boiling milk and making erasers
All These memories just make travelling back so much fun..
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