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Daily Archives: January 28, 2012

Salt and Hope

last night I was reading a beautiful story of Oysters
of irritants and their pearly affair so sweet
and in those thoughts I must have walked long
for dreamy waves were soon caressing my feet
In my dreams I sang the highest note
I painted rainbow the entire night
jumped from the mountain and landed on moon
and won some hearts and became a knight
In my dreams my house was floating on sky
and every room was portal to new universe
I climbed a kite to enter my house
and grew  flowers full of beautiful verse
In my dreams my dreams were true
up in the heaven I was with you
and  I told god I wanted to be with my love again
and god said We have been waiting so long for you
what a beautiful night it was
when we waltz and jived on every track
and when I said I hate goodbyes
you said in my dreams you will always come back
I laughed and I cried
and had dreams bubbling in those streams
and evey smile and every hurt
became a pearl in my salt water dreams
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