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Daily Archives: January 30, 2012


We started the journey(सफ़र)

Of the known and unknown

The day we were born

The day we shook hands with death

And agreed to meet him somewhere in between

Or in the end as he called it

And then spent the life wishing never to see him again

Somewhere in this journey we found ourselves

We lost ourselves

We understood, got confused

And in this journey

we trusted God

we blamed God

Ignoring, avoiding, being indifferent to suffering around

And still hoped and prayed for his mercy

Somewhere in this journey

We became rebels

 Stood for values

 Fought for one

 Agreed with none

Stood up for something’s

And regretted not standing for that one

Somewhere the hope died

Somewhere a new shoot was born

Rainbow failed to show up

Sun peeked through heavy clouds

Somewhere in this journey we found love

Lost it, all heart broken

To be filled with love and warmth again

Or may be never

Some rivers found their oceans

Some lost their route or the zest

Somewhere in the journey

                                                          Some found courage,

                                               some lived with conscience muted

Some wrote, some listened

Some got married and some..

Well some of them still say single makes sense

Some lived happily ever after

And some never found out what it was

And in these alleys of the life we travelled

                                              We ran, we gave up and sat for a while

And in these alleys of life we expressed

Sometimes we howled out loud

   Sometimes we muffled the screams and the laughter

And just let our body talk

And in these alleys of life we lived

Dying every night

Coming to life every morning

Wishing for more, hoping for less

What ever worked…

And in these alleys of life

We met death

Some called him, embraced him

And some begged for another chance

Sometimes he came straight to us

And sometimes he just shook hands and said

Some other time

And in these alleys life ended

 life began..


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