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A Hohaha Song

Today is February 29th. leap day. you do know what you should do today right???of course you do
I mean who doesn’t know today is a no-commitment day, For some its a no commitment day every day but today you are legally allowed to do so.
You go eat in a restaurant and then the waiter asks you cash or card and you say Who knows man may be I will pay may be I wont…
or you give an interview for job and the interviewer asks you so how soon will you be able to join us..and you say I dunno man may be I will take it may be not..
I know I know I constantly amaze you guys with my intellect. you must be thinking whoa how does she know all this, how cool is she etc etc
Thanks, you guys are cool too
Anyways see the whole idea behind this no commitment day is… today is 29th and then you promise someone you will do it next year that becomes 4 years and in between you go to jail, do hard time and you thinking in jail, hey what about my blog or hey what about that picnic I promised..but that ain’t happening…
so you guys got my point ,what ever you do ,do not promise on feb 29th
now keeping this info in mind I thought what do I write today which may or may not have a sequel,
and I came up with this song
Happy 29th Feb guys hope you enjoy this song
[This may or may not be a song and may or may not have something to do with today or any other day.( you know the drill)]
In the land under my bed
people are yellow and red
they never scratch their bum
nor do they chew gum
and they keep their tummies well fed
do dada do dada what fun is the land under the bed
and in this land under my bed
lives pinkly pie and goblle alfred
they ride on snakes
and eat pineapple cakes
and dragons blow flowers and sweet bread
re gaga re gaga how sweet is the land under the bed
 what a fun place it is under my bed
where there are colours like tipper and jed
where we have chocolate rains
and bubble gum rocks on the mountains
and every volcano has a different cheese spread
ku lala ku lala I hope I never come out from under my bed
now that you all know about
this beautiful land under my bed
and dying to go there and play
let me tell you next plane leaves this sunday
but you have to pay gobble dooble money
and bring a huge jar full of Gee hive honey
oh how sad none of you will ever get to go there

Spring is here-The Sunshine Award

What way to welcome spring….I have been nominated for the sunshine award by two of my dear friends
Autumn and Debbie
Autumn weaves and spreads magic and warmth through her words
and Deb paints the world in warm beautiful colours
Oh how wonderful it is to be in there sphere 🙂
but wait
Did you say you don’t know
 Alyssa  oh She is a beautiful brave girl and  she has some stories
you would definitely love to hear 🙂
What you dont know about Cici  ….whoa then what will you do
when i tell you Cassie is in this family too!!
hey go check their stories now 🙂
Thanks Girls for this warm lovely gesture.
This award comes with set of questions which has to be answered before you spread the love and warmth in the blogosphere
Favourite colour– red and black
Favourite Animal– woof and meow
Favourite number– what!! All of them
Favourite non-alcoholic drink– you mean that something we drink to get over the hangovers!!!!…ok fruit juice
Facebook or twitter
My passion– reading writing dancing singing
getting or giving presents-Both 🙂
Favourite Pattern– horizontal….. the pattern of sleep 😆
favourite day of week– monday yah totally love it
favourite flower– rose
Now the nominies…I am going to follow Deb on this one I too can’t just nominate 11 bloggers…there are so many talented warm souls..So I am going to do my best to nominate as many as I can….I just love you all 🙂 ( i had to nominate you guys back….you guys are just awesome) ( i know how it looks but the list would be incomplete with out you)
Congrats to all the fellow bloggers ( you have all the right to not accept it if you do not want..Its just a small gesture to tell you I love your work)
and if some names have been left out of the list please forgive me…I have tried to include as many names as possible…
Love you all 🙂

The sloth chronicle-What is your SQ

“Weave some silly fun put it in the world and make it smile as often as you can.”
I am starting this new is going to be about every thing you have ever wanted to know about sloths,for those who just cannot have enough of this brainy species.
I will keep updating about them once in a month or may be once in two or three months, can’t commit( sloths don’t)
Let me kick-start this series with little more about me ( Got a sloth award)
I had several chores to attend to,write a lot of notes,make beds,run to the grocery store nearby
buy vegetables and things my house needs,do this and that and burn some fat.
I smiled at all of them and said no thanks will see ya later.
Made myself a great breakfast and enjoyed it with some good music. watched some re runs,and was about to get up when a cute lil meow decided to drop in for a word. She was a diva but then so am I! So we both gave each other a care two hoots about you diva look for  few seconds before I blinked…damn I lost
she smiled and said she will come back( of course in her language which was …well…meow)
Time to go and make amends with house work but not before some deep breaths absorbing warmth ,gave sun a lazy smile
ah the chores I thought,now I am ready, lets jive
and the day was over in no time………..ya right
Me being me, stopped to look myself in cannot do work unless you have that diva look..even when doing laundry..its like I am always shooting for some commercial…you never know guys!!!!
what if you die go up there and they have made some CD of your life and its being watched by an expert  panel  before judging..I mean the kind of goof ups we all do all the time that too not looking great…whoa…am not taking any Chance. I don’t want to look like my pic in driving licence or passport anymore .. a drug addict  +thief caught in act….in short a kind of person who looks like mug shot of every criminal Interpol is searching for.
Anyways so after giving my self that OMG I am so hot look in the mirror  was just about to attack the laundry when my neighbour rescued me by interfering and  updating me on my neighbour hood events
yup that is more important so half an hour and 200 gossips later I thought laundry here I come (Oh how lucky were the early guys wearing leaves ..wear and dump) and then decided against it again….
Today I just wanted to be a sloth and I asked my self what would a sloth do..and pat came the course I should blog about this hugely important phase of my life
what do you guys do when you encounter such day do you sit and let yourself be a sloth
You : hey boss I ain’t coming for work today , its sloth day
your boss: you lucky you go enjoy
Or do you kill that urge and go to work.
you: sir today was a sloth day but I came to work
your boss:what! are you mad?go home!!!
So there is no story or poem…I am a sloth enjoying my sloth day today
oh by the way if you want to celebrate a sloth day there is a ritual
Sit on the most comfortable couch,legs up on table nearby and chant
Now the great sloth quiz. Check you SQ( sloth quotient)
Q1 How often do you give in to your sloth urges
a)once or twice a  month
b)once or twice every week
c) few hours every day
Q2 You have an important meeting
a) you go to the office and attend meeting half heartedly
b) you go to office but come back after making some excuse
c) you sleep it off
Q3  You look at the laundry basket which is threatening to explode
a) you decide to do it later that day
b) you decide to do it next day
c) you laugh and show your middle finger to the basket
Q4 You have a party to attend
a)you smell all the party wear in the laundry basket and decide to buy one
b) you smell all the clothes in the laundry basket and wash the one you want to wear that night
c) you smell all the clothes and pick up the one which smells the  least and wear it with loads of perfume
Mostly a- darling oh poor darling
Mostly b– Aww you are so sweet, almost there
Mostly c– Yay( applause and drum roll) clear winner hugs bro/sis
I hope you all have immensely enjoyed this post
have a great day all of you while I sit and do nothing till its bed time 🙂

Zuckles,Zonita Zand Zee

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we  forget that he is someone today.  ~Stacia Tauscher

I know the title of the post is self-explanatory but want to share more.

When my daughter was 2-year-old we noticed the only way she would play with anything and everything was to line them up …no matter what she had, cars, toys, shoes…. They all would fall in same line and then the game would end. She never used to play like other kids…this was when we started noticing other things and then came to know about her Autism…we were told most of the autistic kids don’t or can’t pretend play….you know how we would take a comb or a pencil box and act as if it were a phone or a microphone and talk.

Most of them( Autistic kids) will have no idea what to do with a car or a doll ….And we were told by the doctors and special educators to teach Bonita pretend play…..that is wroom with a car,or dressing up a doll,make up,pretending to be doctor,or teacher etc…and age appropriate plays and language.

And this is how our journey to Zonita began.

[I was quite a naughty kid and I always thought Oh all these brilliant naughty ideas and no one to share with….and look at Gods mysterious ways…he must have really loved my naughtiness for now he wanted my daughter to learn them and that too from one of the best in the business.]

Our pretend play sessions were full of mischief and laughter (otherwise what is the point) like this one time we pretended there was water in the room and we swam across room and fought with crocodiles and a snake.

Oh there were so many things we did…One Day I told her we both have to talk loud as we are in a market and there is too much noise all around, And then next time we whispered as we were in jungle surrounded by dinosaurs

We still do a lot of things Crazy and fun.

One day we decided we will only talk in NATO phonetic Alphabets….Oh! that was tough and we could not continue it for more than half an hour ,For just to say “Bonita finish your food” meant

Bravo Oscar November IndiaTango Alpha Foxtrot India November IndiaSierra Hotel Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Foxtrot Oscar Oscar Delta

That was tough and we laughed more than we talked every time some big sentence came up

Anyways the point of all these were to introduce her to endless possibilities…having fun with whatever we had, teaching her to be naughty too….so in all these crazy moments we decided we will have alphabet days.

So on a B day every word would start with B

Bonita finish your food would be Bonita binish bour bood and then she would say bes bommy

One of the Tuesday afternoon after picking her from the gate where the school van drops off all the kids,we were in the lift and having this ‘B’ routine, there was one more kid in the lift.He must have enjoyed it a lot cos he told me Bauntie boo bar bo bunny

To which I said- Bank bou.Bi bam blad bou biked bit

He laughed and said this is fun I have to tell this to my friends

I asked him his name and he said I don’t like my name. That… that was the point I fell in love with his cute little kid…..You See I don’t like my name too ( It’s a long story will tell you some other day, Hope my parents are reading this ). So I told him I will call him chuckles cos I love the way he laughs. He laughed and agreed( and his names keeps changing Zuckles on a Zday,Nuckles on Nday)

Now I have to mention here,Even though we live in the same building Chuckles and I don’t meet that often due to different school timings

So next time we met it was a Z day and he joined in

Zello Zonita,he said

Bonita was happy to have a new Zriend and she said Zello Zuckles

Bonita told him she didn’t like one of her teachers and zuckles said that was normal and so on

And yesterday all of a sudden zuckles showed up at my door with his friends and asked me what day was it I said it was Zday and he grinned and said he loved Z

So all of us spoke about anything and everything in Z they laughed and rolled on floor.And told me they will have these funny days when they play.

Then one of the kids who was 6 years old said he hated math’s( he said Zi zate Zaths)….Everyone understood and sympathized

Then he asked me auntie can’t we live without learning math!

What??? there was a pin drop silent and all of them were looking at me And I was desperately trying to think of something clever.I said I didn’t like maths at all ( I really don’t) but some things in life you must learn, like riding a cycle…or learning how to swim…

How can math be like cycle zuckles asked?

Well, I told when you grow up you may  or may not need to ride a cycle but if you learn riding one you will learn how to balance and this will come handy in other things too…Similarly when you grow up you may not have to solve the same questions you solve now….But plus minus, multiplication, division, fractions…are the basic math which you will need in your day-to-day life.

So they all decided they will learn basic math ( atleast)except for one kid who loved math


So zuckles and zis zriends zaid zeir zoodzyes zand zent zaway

What a day we had…

Oh before I go… Today is Nday

No nave na neautiful nay nall nof nou nand Nake nare 🙂

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