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The News Just In

Life is full of breaking news.. in the television, on the roads, relationships, and …….

Do you have kids?? Well then you must know what breaking news

Really mean.

And of all the explanations ever given on the incidents kids can and will come up with the most ground breaking excuses for the ones they create.

This post is a dedication to those cute little pranksters –


And there is breaking news

That we are reporting live

This is going to break a lot of hearts

But the truth has to be told

Little Ben painted his little brother yellow and red

When he was sleeping in his cot last night

And this morning Ben was going to wipe his Brother’s face clean

Before mom and dad could see that

But got caught

And then one thing led to another

You know how parents have nose and sixth sense stronger than a wolf or a dog.

Crumbs of cake mom baked last night were found in Ben’s cupboard

And even when Ben told them it was eaten by a Tiger named Pine,

No one believed ( it’s a cruel world out there)

And they found the broom he broke last night( under his bed) fighting aliens

But they refused to believe it too

However there are reports some other kids (Ben’s friends) have seen aliens last night too!

They are all willing to testify!

And there were some paper planes in dads trash can which made dad pretty angry

Ben took it from his file but only to make them look better

According to our sources dad is jealous of Ben’s creativity

When asked how he could end up doing all that in one night Ben said it is his duty to protect his house and he was doing just that

As for the paint he said he wanted the aliens to be scared of his lil brother


What do you think please post your reactions in our twitter account #theamads

So they made Ben write which looks like an essay on

“Things I should never ever try”

The news just in-

Ben has broken all records by writing another “Things I should never ever try”

(Oh boy! When a kid writes apology for second time…)

But this time with his friends on their tree house

They all wanted to make the entire event flawless for next time

New resolutions passed/new treaties signed on the tree house-

1)  Never eat cake in the cupboard eat it in the kitchen

2)  Broken brooms/dusters should be thrown out of window

3)  Any craft made from dads files should be thrown in the trash can outside

4)  And baby brother’s face should not be painted in the night

There have been unconfirmed reports that when the kids came down after making such historic decisions they found nosey Sean Pentucky standing near the tree

And when he threatened them to disclose all the new secrets

He was told they knew who ate all the cookies in this house last week

And who put a frog in Melisa’s tiffin box..

That took care of the problem…..for now

What a historic day

For the weather reports stay tuned in…

Also coming up after the break who killed Humpty Dumpty

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. What a creative narrative! You have such a way with words. You seem to have a soul that sees the beauty in life and translates it into art. Wonderful!

  2. I like this one a lot my
    wickedly fine friend 🙂 🙂

    Children have the most
    imaginative minds, and
    what stories they tell 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Raven of Leyla

    Historic Report Soma,
    Use of broom sticks to fight aliens and paper from Dad’s files for Airplanes!!! Creative childrenoids hehehe…Oh I love how they “imaginate” (my son’s word for his imaginary world moments when he was little)
    Good you have such a sense of humor! 😀

  4. What a historic post! Great work!

  5. I love this 🙂 OMG, my little princess herself is out of college and long past the Barbie days, but I remember Voodoo Barbie very well. Barbie has more clothes and shoes and accessories than anyone 😉 This makes me smile and remember and be happy no more Barbie shoes will puncture my heels 🙂 Great writing!!

  6. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Somi, you just keep adding warmth each time! Totally enjoyed the post, that should not surprise you!!
    Long live Ben!! Hugs to Bonita and one over to you. Cheers.

  7. I love this, it took me back 🙂 My little princess is now out of college but I remember the Barbie Voodoo days, OMG, Barbie has more clothes and shoes than anyone 😉 This just made me smile and remember, thanks for such a great writing, Soma 🙂

    • Thanks Autumn..oh the Girls and their Barbie collection..I think My daughter has almost all of them and the ones which are some 10 years ols really look like voodoo dolls…
      its so true Barbie is rich 😆
      you guys are such good sport..thanks 🙂

  8. I say Go Ben and Yay and good for you, you were only trying to have fun after all! 😉 What an adorable breaking news report this was Soma, I just loved it all. It made me smile, then laugh a lot! 🙂

  9. Always waiting for great news 🙂 be ready 🙂

  10. -małe dziecko to tysiąc pomysłow na minutę,ale to jego prawa……

  11. Aw, sweet little Ben is having a good time…All power to you kiddo!
    Lol…Really love this post, Soma!
    Hugs, xx

  12. wow Soma, I miss all those breaking news now.

  13. I wonder constantly what my son may be up to when we are asleep. So far only trains and cities built from legos.

  14. Little Ben is our Hero
    All Aliens beware
    What would mom have said if it were green instead of yellow ?
    Cookie crumbs will not our secret bare
    If not for Planes, why have any Paper
    Dad dont be jealous, Sean I’ll deal with you later.

  15. Awww… hugs to little Ben, grumpy frumpy looks for his parents 😀
    My Bens are on their own now, though it brought back all those breaking news stories, instantly.
    What IS it with your heart and your words, Soma? They delight. Always.
    Thank you! Warms the cockles of the heart.
    LOL @#theamads hashtag 😀 😀

  16. oh my!!!!!!!!! perception… the child may believe these things and should be dealt with accordingly… rather than scoul the child, be a child and help him understand the right thing to do is come to the parents… if he is afraid to wake the parent then a problem exist. we are a direct result of our enviorment and our experiences.. so many children grow into adults with the wrong tools for life because the parents do not knowhow to deal with these situations. I am a firm believer that fifty percent of the humans on this planet should not reproduce because they produce children that will end up in prison or hurting others, living life with out thought to their actions.. or generally un-happy souls sailing through life in a mist.

  17. 😆 CW my house looks like hurricane hit most of the time, lots of broken toys,lipstics, pages from all sources…Barbies looking like voodoo dolls
    but life would indeed be dull without them…thanks 🙂

    • My “little girl” is 30! However she provided me with another terror who is just 2 🙂 When they visit my world is turned inside out, but I sense like you, I would not have it any other way………..

  18. Thank you Soma. On a cold snowy day this warmed my heart. So true and so alive. Little monsters and little saints. Where would we be without them? 🙂


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