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venez m’aider( Mayday)

one fine spring morning
I sat near a tiger in his cage
to entertain him
read poems from my blog page
I told him how I loved tigers
even the ones in zoo
and that we were not that different
as I was a carnivore too
I even sang him
a praise the tiger song
but somewhere something
went terribly wrong
for now I am in tigers belly
waiting for rescue
and reading my horoscope
just to get second view
It says Hola taurean
your chart has improved
last night mercury and venus
have danced and grooved
creative professionals
will reap benefits this week
singles get ready to mingle
and love will be on peak
it said my sun and mercury
are in travelling mode
and I should be walking
on a spiritual road
I should wear blue
and my lucky numbers are five and nine
and as long as I follow every thing
my life and luck will be fine
why the tiger would eat me
I am still puzzled looking for clues
It was my lucky day 5th
and I was wearing blue
It is dark in here,network is poor
leg space really bad
last meal is staring at me
and tiger is roaring mad
I was told he would not attack
cos his stomach is full
May be I shouldnt have told the tiger that
I was a taurean, a bull?

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. i love the playfulness in this! The idea is absolutely amazing!

  2. hahahahaha……good one… a Leo Soma, and slurp slurp ….kidding…dear
    buddy I wdnt deprive the globe of your creative inputs….way to go kudos…….!!!!!!

  3. Raven of Leyla

    I love this one Soma, you have such a way of looking at things with love and humor! I am a Pisces and my lifes Path # is 9…an old soul.
    I love humans and tigers but couldn’t eat either one LOL
    Love and hugs,

  4. Blood-Ink-Diary

    LOL!! This piece got me in splitz!! You are a bull, haye rabba! But the great part is that you are opposite on the chart with a scorpio (C’est moi !). Very entertaining poem, love the way you express the inner joys and angst in your poetry! Well…good you are a bull — these days I am running away from Leos!! (oops, sorry for those who not running away from you!).
    You never fail to make my day! Love ya tons…ah, yes, mai, lesson learnt, indeed!

    • Shaheen when ever we meet i am going to hug you tight…you are so sweet your naughty streaks( I think we are the ones who have horns just to support our halos 😉 )
      you are scorpio he he read your Bhavishyavaani from some dhongi baba for entertainment…hey may be when you are here in delhi both of us will visit one Baba…bechare ka bhi bhala hoga 😆
      BTW this is an advice for the scorpios in one site
      1. For prosperity, give food to three street dogs daily.
      2. Take water in a silver tumbler to attract good luck. Do not keep arms in the house
      3. Wear a pure gold ring in the left hand ring finger.
      Hain no arms in will you live 😆

      • Blood-Ink-Diary

        Somi, Wait till we meet the dhongi baba — we shall totally have him in knots! more than the dhongi baba, I am trying to figure out how to “feed three street dogs” In Toronto — my dear Somi, dogs have much prosperity in the West than simpletons like myself – can you believe dogs have insurances – I still don’t! Ah, “water in a silver tumbler to attract good luck”, let’s put it this some person shall certify me into an asylum and guess what my luck shall be “nurse ratchid the one from ‘one flew over th ecuckoos nest’ ! Wow — I need “arms” in the house, when ahem..ahem. Wore the “gold ring in the left finger” for the time I said “kubul kubul kubul”, needless to wear it again! Love ya….

  5. So magnificently creative!!!! I love it. From the beginning to end you are enchanting with your skills. Thank you!

  6. Lovely poem……. enjoyed reading it 🙂

    nice background

    Zahir 🙂

  7. This was such an entertaining read Soma! 🙂 I have a feeling you will be out of that tiger’s belly in no time…Deb is going to gut the tiger! 😉 Brave girl she is, I would volunteer but I think she’s got it covered along with CW and gun! Never fear though, I will be on stand by if needed! 😉 🙂 Hugs for one intersting read! 🙂

  8. Brilliant poem! So charming, funny, and poignant. Sums up how I feel about horoscopes perfectly. 🙂

  9. Fun stuff! I am a cat person and just thought it was terribly impolite of the tiger to consume the narrator! Best beware when the tiger is near and thinking about a post dinner snack.

  10. Miłość prznosi góry -mówią w Polsce.Wiesz co to stare powiedzenie jest prawdziwe-very nice day

  11. Soma, you are such a character 🙂 Hope you have all kinds of fun this week. I get the impression that stuff can’t keep you down for long, and that you make your own fun. You take good care.

  12. I’m going to gut that Tiger to get you out of there!
    I love your story, Soma. Your stories all make me smile…but that Tiger is on my …. list
    Love and Hugs to you, my friend!

  13. Hihihi… Love this , just love it.
    Bad bad tiger.. Grrrr
    Awesome awesome poem 😀

    • Tito it seems like an animals day…ah poor you being tortured by mouse ( absolutely delighful funny read) and me well…help!!! 🙂

      • Help ! Help ! Help !
        Soma is in a Tiger
        Shout ! Yell ! Yelp !
        Somebody come and help her

        Tiger, tiger , Oh so great..
        Burp my friend out and let her be
        Lets not yet wipe her slate
        Theres more yet from her, for the world to see..

        There you go. If the tiger doesnt vomit at that, I cant do much more 😀

  14. Hilarious! Naughty Tigga tho for eating my favourite poet, have gun, be patient, rescue is on the way………. 🙂

  15. Awwwwwssssssoooommmmmeeee :D! Darned awesome I tell you!
    Soma, you’re the best there is! Hugs!
    Glad you got that poem out from the tiger’s belly. And you Taureans. Sigh. Always bull headed. I almost said I told you so. But since it is you, I’ll be kind 😀 😀 :P!
    Hugs again!

  16. I loved reading this one 🙂 You changed your background!! It’s all good 🙂

  17. Very funny,enjoyed it thoroughly. Lesson- don’t believe in your horoscope when going to meet a carnivore.


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