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In this restless World

I wanted to share some of my poetry and stories but today’s post just didn’t let me move on without it being written and shared…such are some topics..such are the ways of today’s world.
This world we live in has become a vessel containing hot air balloons( and in some cases volcanoes) waiting to explode.
every where I look I see frustration either bubbling inside threatening to erupt waiting for that one moment or constantly erupting on every thing big or small.
and this kind of rage isn’t just contained to one specific gender,group or age..its prevalent every where in every strata of society….people all eager to get hysterical over everything and historical too in case you know the “opponent”.
                                                        War over Dog poop

Mr. A took his dog out for a walk in a park and didn’t even bother to pick up the dog poop and was about to move on when Mr.B interrupted his walk and requested him to pick it up and throw it in a dustbin,to which Mr. A took offence and said how dare you tell me what to do? do you have any idea who I am, how much i earn..blah blah blah
Mr B unable to hold on to patience anymore started showing off his wealth,health and whatever he could manage…in between Mr.C who seemed to be sensible quietly picked up the dog poop, put it in a dustbin near and requested Both the “wealthy gentlemen” to go their own way and not scare kids around.
but hey….
so Mr B and Mr A joined hands and started arguing with Mr C over who told him to interfere, who does he think he is, people like Mr C do menial jobs in their office and so on..By the time president of RWA(Resident Welfare Association) came along with other members there was a big fight in the park which can easily qualify for the biggest war over dog poop ever..
                                                   Adults = Maturity ( rarely)

One day I was standing near the main gate of our colony (where the school van drops off kids) waiting for my daughter.There were groups of parents all around discussing life and kids and everything. That day one of the kids came crying from the school , when asked he told he got punishment over not doing his math began a three day long fight between parents and teachers over who is to be blamed. Since I have worked with kids someone asked me what to do and I asked if anyone from school or home has checked whether the kid has understood that chapter or not.
well what do you know no one did!
They were all so eager to blame the other party no one even bothered to ask the kid why he was not able to do the homework in the first place.

Two very different set of issues both ending in huge fights.If you think the examples I cited in this posts are lame trust me I could have written hundred more where a communal fight broke over garbage pits,people fighting over parking spaces,a child killing his teacher over test results…..people can fight and kill even for a bag of chips or a sale.

Take any news paper and its full of printed horror stories of yesterdays and today’s.

And they all point towards-

low self esteem

the restlessness

the subdued anger

lack/absence of patience and tolerance

The great wall of class,caste and religion

Now I ask you all what do you think of the above situations.
Don’t you guys feel that of all fights,arguments going around most can be easily solved if people use their head and give it a thought before jumping in?
Don’t you think in today’s world fight over religion has over powered the very reason they exist…faith in God?
Don’t you think we are such a frustrated lot that all our pent up anger just sits, accumulates more hatred and then one day erupts into a fire which leaves huge scars?
what happened to us,when and how did we forget we were kids too?
unless we all get up
not wait for someone else to take the first step
unless we all open our eyes
not just get up from the bed every day
unless we all start listening
not just let voices travel in the ear
unless we all speak out and support the right
not just for us but for others too
nothing will ever change
I will be there for you
will you be there for others too?

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. A fine posting Soma and thank you for calling
    into my Space, I have to catch up with everyone
    so don’t worry, it is not just your Space that I
    am getting very far behind with my good friend…

    Have a lovely day today Soma 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  2. I have to admit the first thing I saw was “Adults = Maturity ( rarely)” and I had to chuckle and nod before I even read the post. Wonderfully done, my friend!

  3. Raven of Leyla

    Great post dear Soma!!!
    I can certainly understand your frustrations here. I have similiar things that I see in my life and community. I believe it is everywhere these days. Sad but true.
    I do try to be considerate of others especially children, there is no need to be rude, cruel or insensitive. I get myself in tears over such things, but when I cry it is often the result of anger. I will step up and say something even if I am shaking LOL
    Great post.
    warm feathery,

  4. Nice change of pace! I loved it- all of it!

  5. Sigh. If only!
    You reminded me of Robert Fulghum’s book “All I Really Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten” – where he talks of the lessons in life, learned in the sandpit. Share, hold hands, flush, a nap in the afternoon is good for you… innumerable ones. And there is where it all starts… and if started there, the common sense will linger and clear heads, and create more harmony.
    Now parents, teachers, kids, all they do is fight in the sandpit… and nothing gets resolved. The fight is taken upstairs, and redoubled.

  6. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Somi, my dear Somi — I shall offer a small passage from Jelaluddin Rumi’s Mathnawi:

    “O Tongue, you are an endless treasure.
    O’ Tongue, you are also an endless disease”.

    People do not dialogue, but, have absurd attacks on others based on putrid thoughts formed based on “status”. Which is why I treasure the above quote from Rumi — the tongue mends and breaks relations of all kinds.
    Superb reflections on your paper !
    Big hug to Nita, one more over to you Somi!

    • This is one of the best part of blogging,not just the write and share, but the learning part…what a beautiful verse you have quotes Shaheen….as we say here zubaan par kaaboo rakhe to sehat kabhi nahi bigadti( mind your tongue for good for mental and physical health)
      Loved you thoughts Shaheen
      thanks n hugs 🙂

  7. That’s Beautiful. So timely. I’ve thought a lot about this in my day to day. Whether children, whom you may excuse, or adults, whom it’s difficult to excuse. I find it amazing as to what people will fight about or won’t. As you say, “most can be easily solved if people use their head and give it a thought before jumping in?”. They’ll fight over “dog poop” but won’t fight to save a marriage. They’ll fight over a parking space but not over someone’s right to own property. They’ll fight over how close you got to their car when passing but not for another’s right to live. I think most people live in their heads. In their own little world. In fear. Sooner or later someone takes the last thing they feel they can lose and that’s it. Most? people don’t have a personal set of rules to live by. Children are and have been taught that they are no different than animals. Survival of the fittest, only the strong survive etc…Life is short and it’s not about what we have as much as it’s about what we do or desire to do with what we have. It’s not the knowing that’s hard it’s the doing. God will help us when we do or desire to do right, He’ll correct us when we do or desire to do wrong. We need to know who we are in HIM. I enjoy your posts.God Bless

    • Gideon thank you so much for the lovely thought provoking comment….can’t agree with you more..we fight over the inane and give up too soon on the things that really matter, dig up things best ignored and turn blind and deaf to the cries near us…
      faith in God means respecting every thing He created….
      thanks again 🙂

  8. What an accurate description of reality for millions. I could wax lyrical about what you have written Soma, for it sums up the world and what it has come to. I will only add one thought. When we collectively say “no” to all of the disturbance around us, only then does it stop. I say no more frequently, finding solace in my faith.

    An excellent piece of truth,woman’s wisdom at its best.

  9. Soma, this is so poignant and true to life, unfortunately. You wrote it so well, conveying how crazy things and people are nowadays…I agree with one of your “commenters” about simply being kind and polite. I really feel in this fast paced, high tech world we’re living in, that these two very simple acts are being slipped under the carpet. In place, is anger, pride, low self-esteem, all you have mentioned…
    If we could all just slow down a bit, take time to really see and hear others, then maybe there wouldn’t be so much anger and harm…thank you for opening our eyes~Hugs and Blessings to you, dear friend~

  10. You wrote right and sharing words. We have difficulty to identify into this world.

  11. Common sense is often left out of most conflicts. Why, I have not been able to figure out. Things should be easier. You know what gets left out? Common courtesy. Being polite. If the individuals in the world would just take a few moments and remember these two items, things would go alot better. Soma this is a wonderful observation, well thought and stated.

    • Oh Steven if people did have common sense they wouldnt fight or start one in the first place…most of the fights,wars going around dont make any sense…its just egos thought-egos fought
      Thank you so much Steven..loved reading your thoughts 🙂

  12. This was a wonderful post Soma! It needs discussed and brought to everyone’s attention. I think there is so much anger and serious unhappiness inside some people these days that any little thing sets them off. I believe we really need to find time to be quiet inside ourselves and our busy lives and just be. All this going on around us, too many wanting a good fight. Any reason will do and over such foolish and easily settled things, too. I see it around me and it makes me sad, being a person of peace it’s so unsettling. Thanks for writing such a post Soma and I will be praying lots of people read it! Love and Hugs to you. 🙂

    • Oh Gabby yes and I am quoting you -“I believe we really need to find time to be quiet inside ourselves and our busy lives and just be”…you said it Gabby we all need that space and quiet time to think and relax..
      wow loved your thoughts
      ~hugs and love:)

  13. The war is within the augmentative person. When two or more fight, the war is within each of them striving only to have their own way…selfishness and pride.

    Excellent post, Soma! People need to stop and think what causes them to fight to begin with. If they would only do a self examination they would discover it was in themselves first (not the event). Most events will bring out the true heart of a person. And it is those true hearts of hatred, pride and selfishness that kill.

    Love and Hugs, my friend!

    • what a beautiful comment Deb..yes cant agree with you more on this most people fight cos they have to have the last word…how sad is that..
      very well said Deb
      hugs for sharing such lovely thought 🙂

  14. Thanks Soma. It does seem that people are a lot angrier than they used to be, and any and everything threatens to bring up what is bubbling & make it overflow. I think the world is too loud and too busy, and we ourselves are noisy inside. We need more space and we need more quiet. Then we can listen and sort through, and think and feel. I know people think she’s nuts, but Sinead O’ Connor said that God needs to be rescued from religion. I think in some ways she’s correct. You take care 🙂

    • Am so glad you said that Kathyrn..Yes God needs a large scale rescue from people who think and preach that God wants mindless violence in name of religions, There is and always will be one god and all the religions are just ways/paths to reach him…..but somewhere in this journey the paths have become more important than God….

  15. Zapytam dlaczego dzieci traktuje się przedmiotowo.
    Nie traktujemy małego dziecka jak człowieka przez duże C,tylko mówimy ono jest małe co ono tam rozumie(rozumie wszystko tylko my dorośli nie).Pytasz gdzie zgubliśmy nasze wspomnienia z dzieciństwa.To pogoń za dobrami materialnymi……

    • So tru Krstiana, most people expect kids to behave like well trained robots without opinion, dont give them enough time and keep forgetting more that what you say kids will follow what you do…we expect kids to behave age appropriate but are we adults behaving ours…

  16. This is so well written and so very true 🙂 I love it!

  17. ”what happened to us,when and how did we forget we were kids too?”
    Great line…contemplating post…small yet significant things 🙂 keep writing 🙂


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