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The sloth chronicle-What is your SQ

“Weave some silly fun put it in the world and make it smile as often as you can.”
I am starting this new is going to be about every thing you have ever wanted to know about sloths,for those who just cannot have enough of this brainy species.
I will keep updating about them once in a month or may be once in two or three months, can’t commit( sloths don’t)
Let me kick-start this series with little more about me ( Got a sloth award)
I had several chores to attend to,write a lot of notes,make beds,run to the grocery store nearby
buy vegetables and things my house needs,do this and that and burn some fat.
I smiled at all of them and said no thanks will see ya later.
Made myself a great breakfast and enjoyed it with some good music. watched some re runs,and was about to get up when a cute lil meow decided to drop in for a word. She was a diva but then so am I! So we both gave each other a care two hoots about you diva look for  few seconds before I blinked…damn I lost
she smiled and said she will come back( of course in her language which was …well…meow)
Time to go and make amends with house work but not before some deep breaths absorbing warmth ,gave sun a lazy smile
ah the chores I thought,now I am ready, lets jive
and the day was over in no time………..ya right
Me being me, stopped to look myself in cannot do work unless you have that diva look..even when doing laundry..its like I am always shooting for some commercial…you never know guys!!!!
what if you die go up there and they have made some CD of your life and its being watched by an expert  panel  before judging..I mean the kind of goof ups we all do all the time that too not looking great…whoa…am not taking any Chance. I don’t want to look like my pic in driving licence or passport anymore .. a drug addict  +thief caught in act….in short a kind of person who looks like mug shot of every criminal Interpol is searching for.
Anyways so after giving my self that OMG I am so hot look in the mirror  was just about to attack the laundry when my neighbour rescued me by interfering and  updating me on my neighbour hood events
yup that is more important so half an hour and 200 gossips later I thought laundry here I come (Oh how lucky were the early guys wearing leaves ..wear and dump) and then decided against it again….
Today I just wanted to be a sloth and I asked my self what would a sloth do..and pat came the course I should blog about this hugely important phase of my life
what do you guys do when you encounter such day do you sit and let yourself be a sloth
You : hey boss I ain’t coming for work today , its sloth day
your boss: you lucky you go enjoy
Or do you kill that urge and go to work.
you: sir today was a sloth day but I came to work
your boss:what! are you mad?go home!!!
So there is no story or poem…I am a sloth enjoying my sloth day today
oh by the way if you want to celebrate a sloth day there is a ritual
Sit on the most comfortable couch,legs up on table nearby and chant
Now the great sloth quiz. Check you SQ( sloth quotient)
Q1 How often do you give in to your sloth urges
a)once or twice a  month
b)once or twice every week
c) few hours every day
Q2 You have an important meeting
a) you go to the office and attend meeting half heartedly
b) you go to office but come back after making some excuse
c) you sleep it off
Q3  You look at the laundry basket which is threatening to explode
a) you decide to do it later that day
b) you decide to do it next day
c) you laugh and show your middle finger to the basket
Q4 You have a party to attend
a)you smell all the party wear in the laundry basket and decide to buy one
b) you smell all the clothes in the laundry basket and wash the one you want to wear that night
c) you smell all the clothes and pick up the one which smells the  least and wear it with loads of perfume
Mostly a- darling oh poor darling
Mostly b– Aww you are so sweet, almost there
Mostly c– Yay( applause and drum roll) clear winner hugs bro/sis
I hope you all have immensely enjoyed this post
have a great day all of you while I sit and do nothing till its bed time 🙂

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. Hi Soma, coincidentally I’ve written a series of kids books (similar to Jonathan Livingston Seagull) about sloths. Would you like to post the first one on your blog – they only take 10 mins to read each. 🙂

  2. What a delightful post!
    I have buckets of slothful blood in my veins and most days it is all I can do to get up off the couch. Okay, I am exaggerating. A little. Very little. 😀
    It is not so much the laundry for me as the sweeping and dusting. UGH!

    • OMG poor you most people would think hey all she did was to get up from the couch but never me becasue i so get you..hey people how do you think she reach the god it must have been tough..i say when ever you get up from the couch sit in the chair nearby and rest….
      sweeping oh man..people say i will go to hell and i ask will there be laundry too!!

  3. a wonderful post, so nice to meet your great blog!!! Linda!

  4. Good God what a hilarious post to read the first thing in the morning! Hi5 from a fellow-sloth, Soma..never have I felt so good and totally guilt-free about being one 😉

    With am off to clear my laundry basket which is on the verge of causing a typhoon of clothes in my house..aaarrgh, that can wait till tomrrw, let me go cut some veggies for lunch..nay, dal is what beckons today, with just onion tadka, nothing else…hah, c’mon who am I kidding! Chuck’em all, am off to hop by some more blogs while chanting the ‘sloth-mantra’ 😀
    Have a great Sunday ahead 🙂

    • Oh thank God for a moment i thought what!! she will tadka the dal n all.. ha ha
      yay to slothism the new and only way of life 😆
      thanks Deep its always a pleasure to meet fellow sloths 🙂

  5. Raven of Leyla

    Oh this is great!!!! I was laughing and certainly entertained…you are such fun Soma! Hey I hide from everything/everyone to blog. I am sloth woman…slacker of all trades LOL
    Love and hugs,

  6. All your hard work has really paid off, my friend. Great post!

  7. Mostly C’s for me! Oh dear… 😛

  8. I love this post Soma ,Great work 🙂

  9. I once knew a guy who would buy 5 shirts a month, wear them for the month, dump them and buy 5 shirts the next month. It worked bloody well for him. All his clothes were new, He helped quite a few homeless people and never had to wash a shirt.

    Sadly, my mom vetoed the idea. So here I am in a shirt i bought 2 years ago 😦
    You give me such relief Soma, that I am not the only one. But you also make me break the code with such posts that can not be left without a reply.

    • Who is this guy Tito..this guy should start a new religion..God knows we need more..
      Oh all those homeless people wearing his body odour, for them he is already a God..
      who is he where is he..where are the Sansani people when I need them..
      Oh poor you…getting clothes washed, wearing them again, I think we all are doing the same,we should have a “wearing washed clothes anonymous” or something… sucks 😆

  10. What a truly excellent posting Soma and may I say how wicked your Space looks, I think that you have been extra busy with this but hey it’s a brilliant choice my fine and wickedly good friend 🙂 Well I like it anyway… Keep adding these fun posts Soma 🙂 😉

    I am well behind on your
    Space but I am trying…

    How do you mean,
    you already know? 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  11. I want to be sloth! 😉

  12. OMG Somi you made me laugh a lot. You have very unique style, so majedar. Comment you received are doubly majedar and you replies too. The idea of sloth day itself is hilarious. Being your mother I can’t tell what I got a,b,or c, I have to think about my reputation you see.

  13. OMG….SOMA…SLOTTHHH….remember honey lots of old memories are flooding…keep writing…hahaha and this thing abt basket full of clothes….and I actually washed the one i was to go wear….jst tht… so true to my being….Jai Ho Slothgiri…lollzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Wiesz u mnie w Polsce mówi się spiesz się powoli.
    tak wiele piękna zdnia ucieka nam,a my co pędzimy dalej.
    Jeśli nie umiemy dostrzegać tego małego,pięknego co wokół nas,to jesteśmy ubodzy …..very nice day

  15. Being your daddy ,there cant be any doubt of my standing with C+++
    A slothest daddy of an A+++ daughter in the world .
    A sloth brain can not have such innovative super-fast ideas.

    • Bapu you and sloth..puhleeezee..
      you are the most hardworking sincere and punctual person i have ever seen in my life
      if we can be even close to the amount of work you have will be an accomplishment
      you are the best Dad in the world 🙂

  16. What a wonderful and very entertaining post Soma, I loved it! 🙂 OMG, I thought I would be leaning a bit toward sloth-dom, but I had A’s and B’s. I will get on it trust me, I may turn into a sloth yet…I do have the desire, but that guilt attacks me! I will keep you posted on my progress! 😉 🙂

  17. mommywritervkent

    Reblogged this on TRUnique News & Matters and commented:
    Very funny and I’m sure we have all felt like this.

    • Thank you so much Vina..although I doubt if you have ever reached this stage…But I know you want the sloth award so will not say anymore 😆
      Thanks a ton for being such a good sport 🙂

  18. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Oye hoye! I am totally trapped — 2 A’s & 2 B’s! Not even one single C! Somi !!! Ab mera kya hoga?! I am going to officially designate the entire weekend in C ! lol.
    Somi, my dear Somi – tum suraj ki pehli kiran ho !! (soma is the first ray of sunshine in the morning!! — ah! she bribed me to say this as sisters bribe nonstop!!). love ya girl.

    • What!!!! it took me hours to get over thi trap..not a single C!! om my poor are you feeling now. wait I will send you some sloth vibes,hope they work 😆
      Suraj ki pehli kiran….:lol:
      Ya I bribe Shaheen all the time….
      hugs and love to this cute funny darling 🙂

      • Blood-Ink-Diary

        Yes!!! do send HUGE vibes! i want to be “C” !! lol
        And, no, Soma DOES NOT bribe me — she is one adorable human –still hald human – half ghost !! lol.
        Love ya. Do send the vibes starting abhee !!!

  19. I’m so slothful that I slept after two words. But I write this short hug.
    Congratulations! I like too much this post.
    A smile

  20. I nominated you for the Sunshine award!!! come to my website to see what to do,:) Congrats!!!

  21. I blame my cat. He’s the one that picked the good sunbeam to flop in, which only encouraged me to flop on the couch. Then the rest of the family fell like lazy dominos falling into the chair and couch. Will things get done? Sure, but maybe later.

  22. Well since it’s Sloth Day…c, c, c, and I’m not smelling any cloths. 🙂
    You always make the most fun posts, Soma!
    Have a really fun day!
    Hugs, xx

    • 😆 Deb am so glad you are with me on this hugely divine sloth day
      Thanks Deb love you you are the cutest
      Sorry taking it back Cici is the cutest..none of us can match those cute eyes,oh man i love her.
      you are sweetheart
      hugs to both of you 🙂

  23. “what if you die go up there and they have made some CD of your life and its being watched by an expert panel before judging.”
    I am glad to meet a kindred soul who thinks such thoughts 😀 I am always getting such lovely ‘what ifs’ and the spoilsports to whom I divulge it tell me, “There. there, nothing like that is gonna happen!” Satyanaash! The whole maza is taken out of your enthusiastic imaginations.

    “Oh how lucky were the early guys wearing leaves ..wear and dump” Gorblimey, they were such cool people and we have to wash clothes? Sheesh!

    • Shail never listen to those spoilsports who are these people let us make them watch some ram gopal verma movies….zabardasti. 😆
      just imagine laundry when we could have had those mandakini moments all the time…chhey what boring life
      Thanks shail you are a sweethheart am so glad I met you guys 😉

  24. I’m not that slothful…still enjoyed reading and would surely love to enjoy ”sloth day”…hehe..innovative write 🙂 😀

  25. Lovely, simply lovely, thank you for making me smile in an aste, aste kind of way…….. 🙂

    • Thanks CW you guys are real good sport…somedays( actually most of the times) i just can’t help but let my silly side out and enjoy
      thank you so much for all the lovely comments:)

  26. Hilarious! What a super post, put a smile on my face and made me realise I’m not nearly slothful enough! Thank you.

  27. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh… R.O.F.L.
    Soma, you’re my alter ego, or I am yours 😀
    How did you know you HAD to write this today.
    This sloth has her laundry basket full, papers still left to correct..
    A question paper to finish setting
    Vegetables to prepare and stuff to eat…
    And here she is, enjoying another Sloth’s day out 😀
    I the sloth, the real sloth and sloth like you are.
    I enjoy being sloth 😀

    Loved loved loved this so so so much!

    • Usha while I was trying to come out of the box,cabinet,cupboard where ever I was hiding I was thinking about you too 😆
      he he he I love all my fellow sloths…from one sloth to another yawn
      love you yaar …you are such a sport.( in a sloth kind of way )
      Hugs and love to this super amazing leo sloth 😆

    • Blood-Ink-Diary

      Usha, we simply ought to hang out with Somi for a month !!! Kya khayal hai — game for it? lol.


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