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Spring is here-The Sunshine Award

What way to welcome spring….I have been nominated for the sunshine award by two of my dear friends
Autumn and Debbie
Autumn weaves and spreads magic and warmth through her words
and Deb paints the world in warm beautiful colours
Oh how wonderful it is to be in there sphere 🙂
but wait
Did you say you don’t know
 Alyssa  oh She is a beautiful brave girl and  she has some stories
you would definitely love to hear 🙂
What you dont know about Cici  ….whoa then what will you do
when i tell you Cassie is in this family too!!
hey go check their stories now 🙂
Thanks Girls for this warm lovely gesture.
This award comes with set of questions which has to be answered before you spread the love and warmth in the blogosphere
Favourite colour– red and black
Favourite Animal– woof and meow
Favourite number– what!! All of them
Favourite non-alcoholic drink– you mean that something we drink to get over the hangovers!!!!…ok fruit juice
Facebook or twitter
My passion– reading writing dancing singing
getting or giving presents-Both 🙂
Favourite Pattern– horizontal….. the pattern of sleep 😆
favourite day of week– monday yah totally love it
favourite flower– rose
Now the nominies…I am going to follow Deb on this one I too can’t just nominate 11 bloggers…there are so many talented warm souls..So I am going to do my best to nominate as many as I can….I just love you all 🙂 ( i had to nominate you guys back….you guys are just awesome) ( i know how it looks but the list would be incomplete with out you)
Congrats to all the fellow bloggers ( you have all the right to not accept it if you do not want..Its just a small gesture to tell you I love your work)
and if some names have been left out of the list please forgive me…I have tried to include as many names as possible…
Love you all 🙂

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  2. An award and I did not know at all till reminded by a not-so-little bird! *shame faced* Arrived very late. Hope you have not hidden it away somewhere behind all those books. May I?
    Thank you Soma!

  3. Hi Soma, thank you for nominating my blog for the award. I am honoured! Congratulations on your award and keep up the wonderful writing. I love reading your blog updates. God bless xox

  4. My dear Soma, congrats! I know you love me so you include my name in every awards. You all are s……o good in this , I feel miserable I can’t write like you all. I would like to award you for wittiest,humorous blog award. You make me laugh,you make me cry, you make me sing and dance with your poems and other posts. Thank you my darling daughter. I love you.

  5. Congrats for the award, Soma! I have started reading you only recently, but believe me it has been an immense pleasure to read you ever since :). And thank you so much for passing the award to me, deeply honoured 🙂

    Hugs and much love 🙂

  6. Congratulations, Soma, you are very deserving and this is a lovely post for upcoming spring! You’ll need to sing for us sometime, though…that is also part of the acceptance! 🙂 ♫ xx

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  8. Raven of Leyla

    Oh my my, thank you she nominated me too! Am I lucky or what? Thanks so much Soma, I am honored. Love and hugs,

  9. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Congrats 🙂 Spring for you, but in Australia we’re about to hit Autumn. Oh, the world turns.

  10. To piękne ,że umiecie docenić pracę jaką inni wkładają w tworzenie bloga—-pozdrowienia

  11. This award was made for you Soma 🙂 Congrats, and keep putting out the bright, the positive, the beautiful and the good-silly. Your blog gives such hope and warmth to all who visit. Have a lovely week.

  12. This is such an honor! Thank you for this and congratulations to you!

  13. YAY !!!! I won I won I won

    Thank tou to tuch Toma. Tou tare the test. Tand Tongratulations to you too. 😀

    Ti tam taking tit the T tay today.

  14. Aw such a wonderful post you have created for this award, Soma!
    The other day when I had created mine, I had listed 10 bloggers…that’s what I was told to do. Then one of my friend came to visit, saw her blog, and of course thanked me. But I remembered she had another blog too, so I added that one and changed my 10 to 11 in the instructions…..something didn’t sit right with me when I did that. So I got to thinking about the rules. I had thought, “this is my blog, I can nominated who and as many as I want….Lol…I put in my whole blogroll! I still followed the rest of the rules, but when it came to the nominating part, I felt I could list all I wanted.

    And for my beautiful friend that loves roses and gifts.

    Have a most wonderful day, my friend!
    Love and Hugs, xx

    • Oh Deb that rose is so beautiful..loved it:)
      afetr I saw what you did it just inspired me so much…you did the right thing and that made me think too each and every blog I follow are so full of sunshine they all deserve ever there were many and i am afraid some got left out 😦
      hugs and love to this awesome friend 🙂

  15. Thanks so much! I’m honored to be on the list. Your nomination is very well deserved

  16. Thanks a lot soma for nominating me….excited for the award 🙂 😀

  17. congrats soma ji and thanks for nominating me ! really this is an honor to me !!

  18. Awww… hugs 🙂 Congrats! You deserve each and every award that is flying around the place 🙂
    And thank you for sharing this 🙂

  19. Thanks so much, Soma 🙂 and Congrats to you, you deserve many Sunshine Awards. Alyssa says thank you, too 😉 HUGS

  20. Warm and bright as Sunshine Soma….congrats and yes it would be an honor fo me to follow all of them in th blogoshpere….love u and love u all…

  21. Good job! Congratulations and thanks for nominating me! Now I have a pile of un-attended awards, I must do something soon. I appreciate you and every wonderful blogger that keeps sharing this love in the blogosphere.

  22. Thank you very much for thinking of me and Congrats Congrats Congrats


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