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Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

Sketches of life

Today I am sharing with you all some of my Mom’s sketches. She has always inspired and encouraged me through her words and the way she had led her life and now when she has got some time for her self, she sketches. I love her work although she says she is miles away from where she should be and these are just copies of great artists, I think this is a great start and one day she will sketch her own pieces.
just want to tell you mom, I  love you and I am very proud of the work you are doing. 🙂
oh and your work inspired me to write something hope you like it 🙂
How do you draw your sketches dear
what goes in your mind when you draw them
do you take it as a blessing,a gift
or is it a skill that can be learned
do you think it is for lonely minds
or for the social beings and extroverts
do you share jokes when you draw their laugh
shed their tears with each drop
do you think the sketches feel trapped in the canvas
or do they feel cherished and loved
do you look back where the eyes are looking
does your heart dance and sing with them
do you spend sleepless nights for your canvas
or do you dream the dream of the sketch
do you look and feel what they felt
do you think you have painted the soul in the canvas
do you love your work more than the real person
and does real person become a shadow of your work
i have so much more i want to ask you
for whenever i see your work i can’t help but wonder
how is my sketch looking today
why did the artist paint the flaws
have I been kind to the highlights and the shadows
did i bring smile on creators face today
how much work is left on the canvas
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