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Beautiful Blog and Very Inspiring Blog Award

Its Spring here !!
ok this is no surprise..but do you know what the spring carries in its purse…..,cool breeze,cough cold,flu,taxes,flowers and oh!! awards( bet you didn’t know all this)
I love awards. ( not a secret) and I believe they are the extension of the warmth and love we feel for each other, more the merrier. Recently I got nominated for some amazing awards, since I am running late in this category I am going to talk about two of them here today.
First is Very Inspiring Blogger Award from My Soul Sisters Autumn and Gabby. They are the best twinnies in the town.
Gabby is expert when in comes to celebrating unusual holidays. and mark my words pretty soon we will be following Gabby Calender( oh that will be so much fun)
And Autumn is a Magic fairy. Now all fairies know magic but Autumn spreads them not through wand but her beautiful poetry’s. check out their blogs for soul soothing poetry and chuckles.
This award would be incomplete if i don’t post a  list of seven things about me
1) i am scared of closed spaces
2) i love all colours but except for the shades found in a box of crayon, i have no knowledge of colours girls talk about( something which makes my gal pals think i may be an alien in a womans body!!!)
3) i have more books than shoes or clothes
4) My life swings between hyperactive and sloth days
5) I love chocolates, in fact they are my second religion,first being humour
6) i have seen all the ghost,thriller,sci-fi movies made so far( yes all of them )
7) more often than not you will find me all lost in my thoughts, something which makes people think i am a snob..but i am not..really really really not
Second award is Beautiful Blogger award by George W Mahn III
George is a kind generous soul and his blog is the place to visit if you like Discography,film scores,lyrics,music, poetry, in short a beautiful serene blog.
Now the nominations, please take note that I am nominating the following blogs for both the awards
if you have already received one of them you can choose to ignore it and go for the other one
Most blog awards come with a rule to nominate 7 fellow bloggers but since i am really bad in maths, may be i will be excused.Also I always end up forgetting some of the  award rules so To know more please click the following links
Wish you all a great day ahead. May what you read inspire you and may you weave more magic and inspiration in what ever you do.

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. congrats on the award!!

  2. You are always deserving of awards. Your endless creativity is inspiring! I am humbled to see myself on this illustrious list!

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  4. Thank you Soma for this award. It is much appreciated. And coming from you is all the best.
    Peace and Light

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  8. Congratulations, Soma, you are deserving as ever for these awards and thank you again, for nominating me! You’ve been a true friend in this wonderful blog land and I appreciate your kindness and support! xx

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  10. Congratulations on your Award Soma
    and do have a very nice rest of evening 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  11. Hi Somi, congrates for these awards, I would like to give you all the awards available, I have nominated you for HUG awards for details please visit-

  12. Congratulations! You deserve them both! Many many cheers!

  13. Hi Soma,
    You definitey deserve both awards. I enjoy following your blog. You’re an amazing Mother and I love your poetry! Thank you for nominating me for both awards. I am extremely grateful and truly honoured! I will certainly take the time to nominate people for these awards on my blog. Thank you once again.
    God bless you always xox

  14. ravenofleyla

    First of all congrats and thank you so much Soma! I am honored to accept these awards, you sweet lady 😀

  15. Congats and many thanks soul sister, with a Swiss bank account 😉 hmmmm, sound lovely!! I really think Gabby said it all, she is faster than me in saying TY, she stays awake later at night, too 😉 OMG, I’ve had too much caffeine and will try and stop talking now 🙂 Give Bonita many hugs from me, she is a daring!! AND a good little fairy in training 🙂 MAGIC !!!! love and hugs

  16. Hi..:) Hearty Congrats..!:)

  17. Soma to piękne ,że macie nagrody za bloga,to wspaniały gest….pozdrawiam

    And you are sooooo NOT a snob!!! I just met you in this blog world and even I can tell that. You are a very sweet person and so very friendly.

  19. Congrats, Soma!…you deserve these! And thank you so much for thinking of me, my friend!
    Love and Hugs, xx

  20. thank you, truly,
    for touching my mind,
    as we were both lost
    in thought…
    this recognition is a beautiful “first”
    in my life.

  21. Thank you so much Soma and congratulations to you! I really appreciate the nomination. You made my day!

  22. Thank you Soma! Although I don’t often ‘pick up’ awards, I really appreciate your kindness. I wonder what I would do if I was ever offered a ‘gong’ from the Queen? 😉

    • I know David its just that you are so inspiring and weave such beautiful magic through your poetry,paintings and of course encouraging comments 🙂
      😆 Gong…i hope you have an acceptance speech ready for that time 😉

  23. jakesprinter

    Thank you Soma for choosing my blog and congratulation to your new award,
    You deserve to have it my friend 🙂

  24. I love that you give as much if not more, than you receive. You are a great promoter of others and I believe that all the good you put into the universe comes back to you miltiplied!

  25. I’ll say it again.. you rock!

  26. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    How wonderful wonderful – you definitely deserve this, Soma 🙂

    Fancy more books than shoes or clothes – omg!

    I love the picture of the woman ironing, by the way, & blogging to escape from ironing. Very cute. Love also how you call comments a “word hug” – that’s great!

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  28. Cromwellshead

    Thank you Miss Soma, you are very kind, wise, pretty, intelligent and lots of other things.

    If money is involved please send in a plain brown envelope.I do not want my family to know 🙂

    • ha ha ha ha CW i will but i too am trying to find out the source of all the awards and plead them to offer us some moolah in as you wrote plain brown envelop in my swiss bank account 😆
      hey i am fine with gold bars too

  29. Yay !!! I won I won I won !!!
    (Run around hugging random people , regains composure)

    Thank you Soma for the beautiful awards.. You spoil me 😀
    (Hugs and kisses Bonita, pick her up and whirl her, Ok regains composure again)

    Thanks again 😀

    • Done on the blog. And you have been awarded with a twist 😀

      • Ha Ha Ha Ha Tito you are just like Bonita..only a little grown up thats it..
        hey did you give acceptance speech..i did when I got mine but then i always give acceptance speech for Oscars,filmfare,noble peace prize, and so on on a daily basis….

        • I was trying the acceptance speech but couldnt control the random bursts of madness. So guess you will have to adjust with my previous comments 😛

  30. Thank you Soma. I am humbled by the nomination.


  31. Soma, Thank you for your very wonderful and kind words about Autumn and me! You are so much our soul sister and we so much appreciate you nominating us! Congratulations to you on receiving these awards, you so truly deserve these two and many more. Your writing makes us think, ponder, smile and laugh…Also much more. You are such a gift to us twinnies as well as so many others who love you, too! You have made the blogging community a much happier place for sure. 🙂 Hugs and Love 🙂

    • So have you and Autumn Gabby..i have got so addicted to your blog every day i check out mail just to see if you guys have written something.
      what a lovely place it is to exchange thoughts with fellow bloggers and find such generous friends..
      love ya guys 🙂

  32. Dear Soma,
    Congratulations on having landed these awards. I always feel that it is an honour to be recognised by one’s peers. In this regards, I thank you deeply and shall get round to posting these when I catch some time.
    All good wishes, Eric 🙂
    P/s Incidentally, some expatriate Indians in Singapore organised a Holi event but I missed it – read about it in the papers a day later. Not to worry, next year…

  33. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Oey hoye! Somi !! I am still trying to figure out the copy paste of awards!! lol. Thank you, sweetheart for nominating my blog of two-pence of thoughts by me! I am humbled coming from you. Then also Lauren sent it too! Am spoiled rotten, methinks!
    Congrats dear Somi for your awards, needless to say, “you deserve it!”. Lotsa’ potsa’ love. X

  34. thank you for your nomination… i truly cherish it. I doubt i will win any award but i hope just a few people stop by my site 🙂


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