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A weird but true story

Stories live in your blood and bones, follow the seasons and light candles on  the darkest night-every storyteller knows she or he is also a teacher… —Patti  Davis

Every now and then someone comes up with some interesting fact or story which creates huge ripples in the world and shakes all the beliefs we have had so far.
This is not one of those I assure you and more over my job is not to create ripples,but to spread awareness or something like that.
This is a real story of some thing that transpired in one of the forestS somewhere in this world, which made lions take that historic decision of staying away from kids.
One  fine spring day little Pinkitootle Too wandered in forest and met a lion near a stream
both were shocked to see each other
kid thought hey I thought lions were only found in Zoo
and the lion thought- oh really news flash we don’t live in zoo and forests are our home
and the kid thought- what really
and the lion thought……
Oh sorry I was so lost in the telepathic conversation between the two that I completely forgot to tell you this is the story of those times when kids and animals could read each others thoughts
Anyways and then all of a sudden the Lion roared–he meant get lost
( how wonderful that every roar sounds same every time but has a different meaning)
Little Pinkitootle Too said whole of the forest can’t be your home
lion said yes it is
Little Pinkitootle Too sighed and said oh how I wish we too had lived by jungle rules..I would have lived in Mrs Hershel’s bakery and call it home
Laughed Lion which of course sounded like a roar
to which little Pinkitootle Too said why do you roar all the time?
don’t you get bored
or have a throat which is always sore
how do other animals understand what you mean
do you roar when you are angry or is it when you are too happy
lion almost fainted for he had never being asked so many question in a day
But being a lion he recovered fast and asked little Pinkitootle Too
do you always have so many questions to ask
do you ask more in day or in the afternoon or night
do you ask cos you want to know or do you ask just cos you are bored
do you start asking when you get up and does it end when you finally fall asleep
Little Pinkitootle Too was shocked, for today he met his match
Lion roared again( of course)
and said I could answer all your questions you know but they are top-secret
Oh boo said Pinkitootle Too,I know every thing about you
Roar said the Lion..this time it meant (really!! OK if you are able to answer some of my questions i will tell you every thing)
So began the quiz which went down in history as The Quiz
Lion: Why do zebras have stripes ?
Pinkitootle Too: cos they went overboard with tattoos and couldn’t wash it off
Lion: but why black and white?
Pinkilittle Too: because rainbow took all other colours
Lion: Why do giraffes have long neck ?
Pinkitootle Too: cos their best friends the monkeys stay on trees
Lion: Why do elephants have a long trunk ?
Pinkitootle Too: cos they love showers
Lion: Why do tortoise walk so slowly
Pinkitootle Too: cos if they run their shell will be left behind
Nope all the answers are wrong roared the Lion but you have some imagination and for that I would give you a royal Roar salute and a ride back home…..but never come back
Pinkitootle Too was tired too,so he agreed and got a free ride back home and a Roar salute.
Lion was so tired after one session with the kid that he gave a Roar salute to Pinkitootle Too’s mom who of course fainted and  so did the people hiding nearby
But by the time he came back Lion was too tired to hunt and had to sleep hungry that day.
There was an emergency meeting in animal kingdom next day where they all decided
its better to stay away from kids,they ask too many questions
and when Squirrel asked what about adults!
Zebra said hey adults are nothing but blown up version of these little curious cats.
To which cats objected and said we are not curious,how dare you and meow
A Monkey swinging on a tree nearby asked why do you cats always Purr, Roar or Meow
Cats didn’t like that joke and  they decided to stay away from monkeys too!
well that’s that.
I hope I have succeeded in creating some kind of awareness and those who are wondering -what awareness?
sit under an apple tree
it helps…
well it helped Newton!!!

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  2. loved the story!!

  3. Are you sure this is all true? 😉

    I love this. I especially like the line about adults being nothing but blown up versions of the little ones. Wonderful work, my friend!

  4. Thanks Soma a good story………..nice day family,sun weekend…….this is my window sun….smile Soma…

  5. How wonderful Soma 🙂
    Hey I hope that you are
    going to be having a very
    nice and pampered time
    this weekend 🙂

    Perhaps a nice box of your favourite
    chocolates and a man slave to feed
    you strawberries and ice cream 🙂 😉

    Well it is a nice thought for you surely 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  6. I loved your story.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Awesome. A good story, thanks for sharing. Kids and questions, there is a natural pairing if ever I’ve come across one.

  8. I love stories that feature animals, somehow we are always able to find our true humanity more effectively through them. 🙂

    I’d like to nominate you for the 1-in-100 Warrior Award for being such a source of hope and inspiration to all:

    Peace & grace,

  9. Very charming and sweet story. You are a magical storyteller! 🙂

  10. a fabulous romp.. a delight to read. You caught me, though, with the quote (most excellent choice) ~

  11. Good Morning Soma,

    Lopa sent me this link and I am so very glad she did. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Your story transported me to another world and what a wonderful start to my day.

    May you write and roar!

  12. I just loved it Soma, you are a wonderful teller of stories! ROAR and I meant it, too! 🙂 Hugs!!

  13. You write always special and wonderful stories. I seem to see Pinkitootle Too and Lion which speak between them.

  14. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Somi, you are so talented at conveying stories so well ! I so enjoy you in my life – am blessed to know you and the smile you bring! Salute to you for incredible expressions on your blog posts, this is another fantastic contribution. Lots of love.

  15. I love this so much 🙂 Soma, you are weaving the magic really well!!! We’ll have to find you a magic award 😉 hugs and love to you and share with Bonita too

  16. Oh my God!!!
    You are “Soma – The Magician” because you weave magic in your stories, and you have succeeded in placing this wonderfully crafted tale tightly intact in my heart!
    This is my favorite among the stories that I have read on Somkritya.

    Children are the loveliest people God created. They are so special. I narrated this story to my little niece, and asked her, “Now do you know how many questions you ask in a day?” She replied, “Roar”, and indeed a loud one!

    Thanks to you for writing this story, which tells many tales in itself. It brought back my childhood memories, and the way I ardently listened to my mother’s narrations! Check this out – a story from my childhood that lives with me till today:
    And, this tale too will live with forever:)


    • Just checked out the link you posted here Lopa and posted my comment there.
      you are one talented writer…i must add..loved the story
      a royal roar salute to you 🙂

      • Thanks a zillion!
        I just saw the link you posted, will surely explore it at length:)
        You are so encouraging….thanks for being there:)

  17. Reminds me of my little nephew when he asks, “how does it work?”, “why does it work?”, “how can I take it apart to see how it works”, “what tools do I need to take it apart?”, “do you have the tools to take it apart?”, “why do you have those tools?”, “when did you need to use those tools?” “can I use those tools?” “why do I have to put them back?’, “why do they go there?”……you get the picture.
    I love reading your story and how it made me think of him.

    Love and Hugs, xx

  18. Awesome! Smiling this a.m…..

  19. enjoyed reading this!

  20. Fabulous, sophisticated, yet entertaining post – as ever. And that picture of the cat, too! 🙂

  21. Cromwellshead

    Lovely, charming, touching and sweet 🙂 Thats the story and the author!

  22. Roar (meaning I loved the story)
    Roar (I dont mind having kids around)
    Roar ( Soma, you are an awesome story teller)
    ROAR ( a roary hug to you and Bonita)

  23. OMG Somi,what a wonderful story, you are a delite to children like me. I love your stories,what an imagination!

  24. ha ha ha…I liked Little Pinkitootle Too 🙂 🙂 🙂


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