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A Gem Called Life

” The Most Precious Priceless Gem in this or any other world is life. And more often than not people who have it will abuse it, take it for granted and give it up for a petty little thing.”

A year back I wrote a Poem on how precious our life is….how we take it for granted and some all ready to give it up for something as small as a few numbers in exams or cos they think they failed at love. This post today is an extension of those thoughts I had that day. I hope it makes difference in at least one life.I wrote this with just one hope and prayer in my heart that anyone who thinks they have had it tough,or life has nothing else to offer read what I have to say before they take that step.

Understand that every success and failure comes with new paths,
 new doors of opportunities,
new doors of choices,
lets give every door a chance,
lets give the most precious thing we will ever have ..
OUR LIFE the love and  respect it so deserves
‘Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez
stood up to some local goons
who were harassing the girls in their  group.
they were mercilessly beaten to death
they gave their lives in a fight against eve teasing

Six-year-old Chhampa Kanwar from Rajasthan
lost her life trying to save her sister
when their hut caught fire,
a six-year-old who understood life more than most of us
A mother waved her soldier son good-bye
he died fighting for his country
that mother still stands on the field the exact time
waving at who ever travels on the road
a little girl told her father she wanted a Barbie this birthday
he died saving people from building on fire that day
the girl still waits for some miracle and prays
she doesn’t want a Barbie anymore
just her father coming back will do
In and out of the battle field
brave hearts all around
giving up that precious life
so that we can make our dreams realize
some will make it to the headlines
some will remain anonymous
and there have and will be more
of these angles on this earth
who give up their life
don’t hesitate to look in the eyes of death
when the duty calls

For the brave hearts who gave up their life for others
for that mother, for that little girl
and for all those who have given us more chances at life
lets not let this life go wasted
lets stop the mindless violence in name of religion
lets stand up when it matters
and every time you think of giving up your life
cos you had a bad love life
or your marks didn’t match up
first bring a smile in those grieving hearts
give that little girl and kids like her hope
if you think others have got a better deal
help those who lost a brave heart
look into their hearts and tell me what you see
 tell me that life is cheap
tell me life treated you unfair
tell me your life doesn’t deserve another chance
tell me how you will give a matyr’s life back
and then my dear walk on that path
And call it coincidence or a sign from above when i was writing this post a local radio station played this song…its one of my favourites, about lives of soldiers guarding our borders
hope it stirs same feelings in your heart as it does in mine
hope it makes you think
hope you understand how rich we are to have
a life

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Somi, am catching up on reading your blog – what a treat to find this post! You are such a brilliant writer – always positive, enriching our minds and inspiring our hearts. Sure, life is precious and you are one of my dearest ‘precious’ friend! Stay gold. X

  2. Życie to cud ,ale nie cenimy go dopóki go mamy.Jak jest cenne to doświadczamy dowiadując się o chorobie,gdy nie ma już wyjścia…..

  3. silentfingers

    Such a profound piece of writing, Soma. I salute you for seeping in-between the bones and flesh of “life” and bringing to us the stark truth about the “thin world” that lives in-between them.

    “lets give every door a chance” — indeed!

    I am so glad I came across this post today. You have made my day.
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts. Bless you.

    Be safe. Keep a smile or two alive.

  4. Soma, thank you for spreading such a vital message to your readers. Your post is beautiful and I just commented on your original poem you wrote…as everyone has mentioned before, each day is a gift to be cherished and not taken advantage of..tomorrow is no guarantee, though, cliche, it speaks the truth. Hugs, Blessings and Love to! xx

    • Thanks Lauren it was penned down on one of those days when i heard a student tried to end his life cos he feared he will fail in exams and i thought poor soul he must be under so much pressure….
      we need to spread positivity around to make it a happy place to live in
      hugs n love 🙂

  5. You’ve woven such beautiful reminders to us, Soma. I’m rather a dark viewer of life in my writing, ergo, it makes me appreciate those who are filled with light. We are blessed, indeed, to breathe every moment of every day, especially if we do so freely; without pain; without hunger; without fear. Shanti ~ angela

    • Thanks Angela, there are so many things not going right on so many levels… education,food supplies you name it and people are suffering …and then in those circumstances too they keep clinging on to life with that thread called hope, hope for food,water,home,better future and those who have all these when they give up their life or waste it in petty things it really irritates me i can’t sympathise with one who didnt even give their life anther chance.
      having said that getting angry with them will not stop suicides or violence and hence these reminders.
      thank you so much for that comment 🙂

  6. Thoughtful, beautiful!

  7. I just adore you. I wish you lived next door to me—only the weather sucks here, as you know. Lovely poem. So true. Speaking of coincidences, when I was writing my post on The Illusion of Normal, the one about pharmacy drugs, etc. right in the middle the nurse from my son’s school called (never ever before in all his schooling years has a nurse called) and asked: Is your son on any medication? Then, that night, I was watching The Big Bang Theory (my new obsession show) and it mentioned the big drug companies. I believe in those type of signs. Means we are right where we are supposed to be, riding the highest wave of beneficial love. Hugs my friend ~ Sam 🙂

    • Sam you are so right
      hey i love the Big bang theory and specially Sheldon..he just the cutest and most lovable
      and the way he keeps knocking penny’s door three times and all his histronics
      big beary hug to you 🙂

  8. Cromwellsheart

    Wonderful post Soma. Life is the most precious thing next to love. I love the biblical passage ” greater love hath no man, than he who lays down his life for another”.

    It made me think and ponder, as do all your wonderful writings.



  9. Great post and beautiful song,my favorite too.

  10. Hi Soma,
    what a wonderful posting! Life is precious, for everyone.

  11. Hi,
    Absolutely beautiful poetry, very nicely written and thought out.

    “Life is precious and time is a key element. Let’s make every moment count and help those who have a greater need than our own”. ~ Harmon Killebrew

    Thank You very much for the visit to my blog.

  12. Oh, Soma – you outdid yourself with this post.

    These heart wrenching events need to be told…if it helps save but one life somewhere…

    Soma – bless you.

    Thank you and peace upon you and yours, Eric 🙂

  13. This is a wonderful posting that encourages everyone with a melancholy and pessimistic approach to life to think about others and to reach deeper to find hope in their own lives… The strengths and weaknesses often clash in real life situations, or when negativity and darkness strikes at the heart of optimism, but with a true understanding of life and the will to forge forever onwards, whether struggles and hardships push one to the very limit of existence, there is always a way to break free of those feelings and to push the boundaries of the dark side into a multifaceted light of opportunity and to reclaim one’s fight towards a better and more improved fruitful world of peace and hope. There is always a better way forwards…

    Thank you for adding such a wonderful posting
    Soma and do enjoy the rest of your evening and
    be good too, or else? 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  14. An clear and strong message. The life is a gem, that must preserve and protect.

  15. Awesome post…! very good message…Thank you…:)

  16. Reblogged this on granbee and commented:
    In this post, a very brave new blogging friend expresses from the depths of her heart and soul what it means to give the ultimate, to connect eternally with others. Please check out her blog at! You will be SO richly rewarded. You will also understand the urgency with which I often write my critterly journeying posts!

  17. OH, I have NO trouble at all seeing why Miro gave you his latest 1-in-100 Warrior Award! Totally magnificent post here. I am reblogging it, as that is the most sincere form of affirmation I can think to give this post right now! Hooray for you! Lead us on into every more victory in this war-torn world, Soma!

  18. I do agree with Gabby, she said is so well 🙂 Life is a gem and we have to make kids aware of that. Too much negative is going on in the world today, but we can’t lose hope.

  19. Yes, very uplifting, Soma. You are so right, we too often forget how precious life is, despite the billions of humans that there are. And animal life, too, is equally important – balance is the key. Thank you Soma, wonderful post!

  20. As usual, very meaningful and uplifting. An excellent message for anyone.

  21. Beautiful post, young lady.

  22. Thank you, Soma, for this beautiful reminder.

  23. This was such a wonderful follow up to the poem you wrote almost a year ago Soma. As you can tell, I read the poem first and then this post. Life is a precious gem and not ever to be taken lightly. Of course it was no coincidence this song came on the radio as you were writing this post, since we know there’s no such thing as coincidence. You really were supposed to write this, somebody will read it that needs to. You are such a beautiful soul to write such a wonderful post and I feel very blessed to have you in my life! Love and Hugs Soul Sister!

    • Gabby first I want to really thank you for reading the other poem too….you are real gem for following that link…you know every year near exams and when the results are out many young life end it up all sad that so much pressure has being build on those young minds that for them a small failure becomes an issue of life or death
      now a days I see people giving up life so easily..same life which someone else has given up saving others or providing us security…
      thank you so much for this lovely comment Gabby. I know I can always on the twinnies for all the support…i send these poems to one of the suicide prevention centre here in delhi.

      hugs n love to my sweetest friend 🙂

  24. dil chu liya aapne.. can i call you didi..

  25. very very touchy yesss… is priceless…an absolute blessing frm the Absolute truth…..Soma….thankyou this write up again is such a pep up to value ones life and fall in love with oneself and CELEBRATE LIFE ITSELF…..!!!!!!

    • Thanks Mala havent we seen too many kids giving up life for not being able to clear exams or cos some one got unlucky in love..its sad that we have created such a small circle of life and hope around them..and coached again and again that life is about being first in every thing…that one small trip and they are tagged as “failures”


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