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Curio Begins to remember -2 by Stuart Young

Good reading habits are as important as good food. Good books are soul food, they enrich you and show you right path without taking away the fun and mischief.
I love stories specially the ones written for kids. They have so much knowledge and wisdom woven with fun and magic.And they provide great topics to-day dream on to 🙂
Stuart Young’s first book on sloths has being one of those, where I read about Curio the sloth and with him went on to a great adventure . what a bliss it was when curio understood the power of stories and listened to his inner voice.
In his second book Curio Begins to Remember, Stuart out did himself.
Excellent story on power of dreams,sharing and courage.
It’s such an honour to be able to showcase such good stories in my blog
Thank you so much Stuart for being so kind and generous.
Click the link below to start another adventure of curio the sloth
[those who missed the first part click the link below and start from where it all began- Curio & the Great Ridge-1 By STUART YOUNG ]
Hope you all enjoy the stories as much as I did and remember the joy is in sharing and spreading the word 🙂
And if you wish to communicate with the writer(Stuart Young) you can find him on
Wish you all a Great Weekend(I know it’s a bit early,but not for sloths) 🙂
May you all be blessed with Goodreads 🙂

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  3. I never thought about it till now, but am wondering where we’d all be in our lives if not for the stories we grew up on. I think that many of the stories helped shape and mold my value system…you think?
    Love and Hugs, Soma!

    • I totally agree Deb, most children’s stories revolve around moral actions and as kids we absorb them. It’s why it’s so important to choose the right books for our kids.

    • So true Deb stories have played a very important role in our upbringing, they have so much power ….I have grown up listening to and reading hundreds of them..they really do build and spread more patience,compassion and love….
      Just like your paintings, each of your work is such a lovely story, inspiring and full of warmth

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  5. Wonderful and wise post, Soma, and you are so right about how we, as adults, can still learn from children’s books. I’m afraid, though, that reading for children will become more and more obsolete, with the progression of technology. I saw a Mom give her little boy her cell phone to play on while waiting at Kaiser. My kids, when they were young, always had books and they still love to read. I just hope kids continue…I don’t think I’ll ever own a kindle, as I love the physical books. My husband and I don’t even have Ipods, as we love cds; still have our old albums. I guess we’re getting old! 🙂 Anyway, thanks for your wonderful post and I hope you’re doing well! xo

  6. Oh, I am going to come back to this tomorrow and read it attentively because I just got the, ‘Mama, I am hungry’ call and so gotta go.
    Looking forward to checking out all the links.
    Thanks, Soma!

  7. Children’s stories usually lay the foundations on which we build as we grow. I recall all the enduring truths and wisdoms harvested since days old as a child.

    Peace and luv, Eric 🙂

  8. jesco b. ignatius

    reading is cool indeed. another wonderful post. I find myself reading your posts in the morning, maintaining a great high for the rest. thank you.

    p.s. i write children stories too, only because i’m the child i use naughty words. the themes are all same as folktales and children’s books.

    • Do you have some of them on your blog or links to your stories..I willl check out your blog …naughty and you well then you should read some of mine in the insane zone.

  9. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Somi, another delightful post! Absolutely, so much wisdom in children’s stories – and, you, my dear one, are one stunning writer! I relish how you have such a beautiful mind mingled with humour, wisdom and compassion. Am so proud to have you in my life! Thumbs up, sis! XXXX

    • Shaheen thank you so much. The way people come into my life and enrich me always reinstates my faith in that someone up there who definitely loves me and keeps sending me warm hugs through lovely people/friends like you.
      I am so blessed to have a soul sis like you in my life 🙂
      hugs n love 🙂

  10. Soma nie znam tego pisarza,ale literatura dla dzieci to trudne-poszukam tu w Plsce coś jego…..very nice day….smile
    😉 dziękuję za informację….

  11. Acep Aprilyana

    Reblogged this on Sundanese in Actions.

  12. Acep Aprilyana

    hi.. soma.
    its great post.
    permition to reblog. 😉

  13. I will read second bokk di Curio with sloth. You love the book and stories for kids. Those are a vey good food for the mind.

  14. Soma, these Curio books prove how much we old folks can still learn from so-called “children’s books.” We should approach the seat of learning as little children always, I firmly believe. Thanks so much for these very helpful reminders of the wisdom contained in the best children’s literature!

  15. Link bookmarked and flagged for reading this evening. Thanks for sharing this story with us.

  16. Awe, thanks Soma – now I just need them to order a million copies!! 🙂

  17. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    My workmate loves sloths! She googles them every day & sends me photos off google of them. I know I’m mean, but I one day sent her a google recipe for sloth stew – that was just my sense of humour & she forgave me, after a laugh!! 🙂 Great post. Books are so precious, for the mind.

  18. You are so right Soma, books are soul food and whatever ‘floats our boat’ is good. Yes, I still like children’s stories, and ‘adult’ books which are written simplistically, which are stripped down, so to speak. I don’t know how it is where you are, but it is getting increasingly more difficult to get children to read anything, cover to cover, apart from Harry Potter!

    • You are absolutely right on the reading part David, and one of the reasons here is also the incresing net time kids are having they prefer all those games like road rash and god knows what else to books, plus we don’t have a library in our area. when we were kids there were a lot of libraries and no net and very little television all these combined gave us great play and reading time. infact i don’t think I have seen a kid with any comic for a long long time.
      we used to have a huge collection of the mandrake,tom sawyer,phantom and what not…
      And why just kids I have seen a lot of grown ups scared of long stories,the day is not far when reading will become a lost art.

  19. This post couldnt have come at a better time, Soma, when I have been contemplating on which book to introduce to Namnam next. She has been showing some keen interest in reading by herself lately. Do these books cater to 5 year olds? If so then would love to pick it up for her 🙂

    Thanks for this 🙂

    • Hi Deeps Thanks. Namnam( every time i write or say her name it warms my heart and makes me smile) will mostly like the bubbles story books but you can read this one and tell her the story cos both the first and the second part are really interesting.
      Hope Namnam ( Princess cutie pie) enjoys this story 🙂

    • Hi Deeps, they do indeed cater for 5 year olds – I actually wrote them for my own daughter when she was about that age. Children will engage with the characters and the adventure but the adults will get the deeper meaning. It’s because I got bored reading her the same story each night which didn’t get MY mind going. Glad you enjoyed. Stu 🙂

      • Thant is true Stu we do need new stories for fact i sent a copy of Curio and the great ridge to one of my friends in education board and told them these are the kids of stories we should have now..

      • Thats wonderful, Stu, thank you very much! Let me head straight to your page and dig into the treasure 🙂
        And Soma, Namnam has a big wide grin on her face when I tell her how much you love her name 🙂 🙂


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