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All fool’s Day

Small April sobbed, I’m going to cry
Please give me a cloud to  wipe my eye;
Then April Fool, she laughed instead
And smiled a rainbow  overhead.

All fools day popularly known as April fools day is almost here and as responsible citizens of mad world we owe it to ourselves and every one around us that we celebrate in with all gusto. It’s a day of harmless pranks and fun.

It’s not a national holiday,can you believe it! Government is the biggest prankster,constantly fooling its people if not anything else then to celebrate their year round pranks  this day should be a paid holiday all over the world and declared an international holiday.Anyways lets not go there or else all the fun will evaporate

March said April has lost its cool
Why begin a month making people fool
April said March was evil with taxes and flu
And then send people here all broke and blue

Before you even let your thoughts run into the prank world, ask yourself ..Are you April cool, do you have it in you to be a Cool April prankster..just answer the following 3 questions and know your April 1st status

All the best

Q1) What is the time in hell right now?

1)What???          2)Ha Ha or LOL                3) Burning time

Q2) You become victim of an April 1st prank

1) #$%^&*         2) sheepish grin             3) omg you rock dude i gotta try this on others

3)April fools day

1) Don’t know/Don’t care

2) Ya we used to have so much fun when we were kids

3) I have A.F 7.1(April fool 7.1) installed, it gives me cool trick suggestions 🙂


Mostly 1- OMG!     

 Mostly 2- uh huh OK

Mostly 3-  Winner

Now some cool tricks for April fools day

  • spread the word that you are now forgiving sins make people confess their crimes and then shout april fool
  •  call police tell them you are in danger and then when they come…you know the drill
  • tell your boss you are from now on his master
  • wear weird costumes all day long
  • Tell people you are having premonitions,write a new prophecy
  • no matter what you fellow bloggers posts are about just write- lol its an old trick i got ya
  • act weird in lift,hug other people and cry lord please don’t let it crash today
  • call random people and tell them your EMF Paranormal detector is going nuts around their house and you want to know if something happened in their house
  • No matter what the subject or language of conversation,your reply should be- Me No English
  • And if nothing works you always have the good ol’ shout APRIL FOOL OR GOTTCHA at every one and every one no matter what they do…will leave them confused atleast
I have more but I think this is a good enough list and you can always ask me next year for more ( that is if you are safe n sound)
Hey just kidding why will you not be safe!
I mean it’s not like your doctor is using you as a guinea pig or your spouse is adding something in small dose in that juice you have every day or the neighbour you don’t get along with has planned something evil or that strange mark on your body you discovered recently is something planted by the FBI
or police knows the websites you visit and they are planning to bring that out in public..and…
Listen the list is endless and what I wrote about doctors may be true but lets not get paranoid here.There is a 50% chance all of it is happening to someone else. Just watch your back and food and you will be fine.
anyways, Hey what are you doing still reading this piece!
some cool April fool pics they will definitely inspire you to have fun and do not try any of the pranks  on me I am a very serious kind of person.
Oh and remember timing is everything

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. I’m a bit late, Soma, but this was awesome even on the 12th! Love your humor and sending hugs your way! xo

  2. I somehow managed to play a joke on this day on Hubby!! 🙂 No one else falls for anything nowadays 😀

  3. A mischievous dash of humor! Well done. It made me smile several times throughout!

  4. “Small April sobbed, I’m going to cry
    Please give me a cloud to wipe my eye;
    Then April Fool, she laughed instead
    And smiled a rainbow overhead.”

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This was fantastic 🙂 I totally loved this read – the quiz in the middle, the rhymes, the cartoons. This was so fun to read. You’re the BEST April Fool’s Day post!

  6. silentfingers

    I realized that there is no better place to be than in here, when God himself came down to play Fool’s day on me. Oh my goodness Soma, who ever certified you a lunatic must be one hell of an experienced person.. And again I leave with a smile. Thanks for visiting. Much love 🙂

  7. I have tagged you in the Commenter Award, so for more info. please visit me: hugs, Gabby

  8. Your post made me laugh, :). I love April fools day…

  9. At this I must say, anyone with a little sense of humor, Should laugh or titter
    with visage grim or bitter 🙂

  10. Enjoyed the good humor….:)

  11. Silly! I think I’d answer 3 to almost all of them. Great list. I like the weird outfit and prank phone calls. Great to see this side of you. Or that side of you…whatever that means. Happy Fools Day! 😉

    • 😆 see I knew you would definitely get it..I mean we are the people responsible for grandma getting confused 😉
      Thanks Sam you are a darling and hey do try the prank calls they will make you so famous 🙂

  12. Fabulous post, Soma – once again! 🙂

  13. This was an awesome post for the day of Fools! Amazing Soma, you continually make me laugh and don’t you dare ever stop! 🙂 Hugs

  14. I like too much this post. Is April fool? perhaps but march is changeable.

  15. Your imagination astounds me, Soma!…You always make me laugh with each new post!
    Have a great weekend!

    Love and Hugs, xx

    • Thanks Deb I have to let the insane voices post some blogs or else they wont let me be in peace 😆
      love ya
      oh that birdie is so cute
      Wish you and my dearest cici and cassie a wonderful sunday
      and may the wombies be blessed with a chocolate planet nearby

      • Well we can’t have that. You just let them out in your post. You stay sane, we laugh, your happy, we’re happy….it’s the only way to go.
        Thank you for the wishes….and for the critters too!
        I love ya, xo

  16. Smile,smile this day on the world……masz rację ten dzień nie ma miejsca jest dla każdego kto ma radość w sobie…….very nice weekend

  17. Soma, in May, on Mother’s Day, you really need to start behaving yourself–for it will take that long for all of us out here to stop laughing and wiping the tears of fun from our eyes in order to SEE whether you are behaving or not! Thanks so much for the fun!

  18. As the old song said, “Ah, these foolish things remind me of ewe.”.
    Thanks for brightening the day. 🙂

  19. Cromwellsheart

    Slightly mad, very pretty,

    Soma Mukherjee amazingly witty.

    Makes me smile,

    For a long while.

    Cancels the blues,

    Wears size 4 shoes.

    Slightly mad,

    But never sad 🙂

    With apologies to all proper poets!

    • 😆 see what my insanity can do ….what a lovely fun poem..
      Thanks for the fun..but hey why slightly mad?? i am fully certified 100% original and one of its kind insane 🙂
      Thanks CW you are a sweetheart
      have a great day 🙂

  20. awesome article… u have a superb blog… keep blogging!!!!

  21. A great post on April Fool,as for comments-Me No English.
    Your seven cool tricks are wonderful but-Me No English

  22. Great Entry my friend 🙂

  23. LOL… 😉 😀
    Too good…!
    You are so much fun Soma!

    And, yes I loved the recent the poem on Baansuri…Phir Kabhi…have posted a comment there. 🙂

  24. Oooh those are some real cool tricks…I so am tempted to give them a try on someone! 😆

  25. Yashwant Mathur

    Ha ha ha …Wonderful post. :D:D:D:D


  26. Hi,
    A great fun post for April Fools Day. 😆

  27. You made me laugh. No fooling! God bless you


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