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Ready or not here I come…..

One can learn all the valuable life lessons from one game of hide and seek. Like the newest member has limited rights, never giggle when you are hiding, there is no perfect spot but if you have found one never tell it to anyone (especially not your pet) and never hide behind a truck cos you never know when it will start moving and you will be left on the road exposed.

Six little monkeys playing in the park
Trying out every game before it gets too dark
Hide and seek they all decide and so the game began. The oldest one pretty much orders the youngest member of the group to be the spy first. Is that still legal I asked myself?Anyways so the youngest agreed, but not without showing his displeasure, Chose a tree, covered his eyes with his hands and started counting, while all others rushed to hide behind some bush or car or any wall. One of the perks of the counting, no one is near keeping an eye on you, so the spy counted backwards 20,19,18,17.16,14,10,9,7,5,0….And oh sorry I missed 4 he said loud….. (Really just four?)
Ready or not here I come he said
Oh boy that counting, If only his math teacher was near
Six little monkeys playing in the park
Trying out every game before it gets too dark
The Kid, who got caught first, was giggling hard as he found such a perfect spot to hide. Who would think of looking in the garbage pit?
Am sure his mom will give him a hero’s welcome tonight.
Oh he looked sad when he got caught and went crying straight to his elder brother, who was hiding behind a car,I swear his brother would have disowned him right there if that was possible.Now that the two brothers were out, the spy went on to look for the rest, but not before he wore his sunglass, it was almost dark but the game definitely needed some super hero get up and spirit.
Six little monkeys playing in the park
Trying out every game before it gets too dark
Two just got caught and were out
Elder brother will be angry for a very long time, no doubt
The spy kept looking around for next five minutes, but others were not to be caught that easily and Just when it seemed that the spy was about to declare his defeat, One of the kids hiding somewhere was called by his mom,and the moment he said yes mom, he got caught. Hmm the kid will never get over this and has planned a no dinner tonight, I am sure …..But if mom has prepared his favourite snack, he may forgive her this one time
Oh Parents are born all grown up what do they know about a kids life?
And the elder brother mumbled it seems like a traitors in a family day.
Six little monkeys playing in the park
Trying out every game before it gets too dark
3 kids out, one just had to leave in between
Elder brother still fuming, cribbing and whining
Dinner time was near, to cook or not to cook…
Why can’t people be hungry depending on whether we want to cook or not.
It was a spy thriller I didn’t want to miss, for there will be no repeat telecast, I ordered food from the Chinese eatery nearby. God bless the restaurants.So here I was and the situation was tense…Two kids who knew where their forth buddy was, Oh boy it was tough.Right then the younger brother whispered something in his elder brother’s ear, thank god the elder brother laughed.
But what do you know…… spy heard it all and went straight to the dense bush in the park!
Oops four down one left
What will happen now? Will the evil sunglass wearing spy catch the fifth kid, or will he give up?
Six little monkeys playing in the park
Trying out every game before it gets too dark
So three kids caught and one left the game
If the spy can’t find the last it will be a shame

If he gives up he becomes a spy again, nope that’s not fun and he could smell victory, when you are a kid victory smells different some days it’s a chocolate cake some days a cricket match or a no homework day…..right then something moved behind the mango tree and the one behind the tree peeked and got caught

But I was wearing brown how did you know? He asked

Oh But you didn’t have a green crown I said
All of them looked at me startled; they didn’t know I was watching them all this time
Green crown one of them repeated and started laughing and rolling on the grass and then they all went home.
The game was over but I wanted more……
Six little monkeys…….

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. Soma, love that little squirrel giving that boy away, even that boy is “it”. Wonderful lessons, indeed, we can learn from Hide-and-Seek! Sheltering WITH a friend is always better protection that sheltering BEHIND a friend!

  2. Wonderful story … enjoyed reading it.

  3. You are quite the story teller Soma,
    or is that the wickedly fine story teller? 🙂
    Either way you tell a wonderful story
    and I like the graphics too 🙂 Wicked 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  4. WOAH….

    That was awesome.

    Honestly when I saw the length, I wanted to skip reading it. But one line caught the next and then the next and I wanted to know if the spy found them all 🙂

    Great one

  5. Impressive way of depicting story.. nice work.

  6. such a beautiful post! you do have a unique writing style!

  7. Omg that made for such a fabulous read! What a smart li’l spy that was! Love him for not giving up on the hiding monkeys 😆

  8. Happy Easter ! Guess what? You’re also one of my top Commenter’s so here is an award 🙂 hugs, Autumn

  9. The whole post is very enjoyable – fab illustrations too.

  10. Hi Soma, I’m over here from Deb’s blog.
    I really enjoyed this post. Hide and Seek is not a game that many children play anymore. You are very inspiring
    You have a nice day and keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Hi Gorjuss I could only see your gravatar what a cute pic you have chosen 🙂
      you are right not many kids play this game or any other for that matter… is such a fun game i wish more kids would though ….
      Thank you so much for this warm hug
      Have a wonderful day 🙂
      Hugs 🙂

  11. Wow Di.. Loved it.. Poem n prose– kya style hai aap ka!!

  12. took me right back to my childhood playing h&s in the park. and i once did get away with hiding in the back of a pick-up truck. thanks Soma, continue…

    • Ah so you did try that truck one, i hid behind a mini van and it moved and there werent any trees or bushes nearby was the first one out..learned from it big time 🙂
      oh the fun we used to have when we were kids,playing with sand,rainwater,vacant plots
      Thank you so much
      have a wonderful day 🙂

  13. Oops, a typo Soma! I meant Thank You, I imagine you figured that out! 🙂

    • 🙂 I make so many typos that the other day wordpress announced Typo Queen award just to honour my talent ….am happy you made at least one 😆
      taken care of 🙂

  14. This was just wonderful Soma, so much fun and just an awesome read! 🙂 I had so much pleasure reading and laughing, thank you! 🙂 Wishing you and your family a Very Blessed and Happy Easter!! 🙂 Hugs

  15. sweet, good image selection too.

  16. Love the illustrations!

  17. Your post on hide and seek
    into a child’s heart a peek
    the child in me did squeek
    and wished decades back I could sneak.

    How are you Soma and your dear daughter?

    • OMG Govind where have you been all this time, the other day i saw your post after a long gap ..have missed you lovely comments so much
      Hope all is well 🙂
      we are fine Govind …thank you so much for this lovely poem,
      Have a wonderful Sunday

  18. Oh Soma! This story is incredible. You have a completed children’s book right here to get out as soon as you can. I hung on, and enjoyed every word while you had also taken me back more that 45 years when I use to play this game with my friends! What a joy it is each time you post, to be able to come back here, knowing you will make me remember when….thank you for that!
    Love ya muchly!

    Hugs, xx ♥

    • Oh that card is so pretty Deb, you are just awesome.
      you have so much love and warmth for every one,may god bless you
      You fill my heart with warmth and am so glad and thank my angels for blessing me with a friend like you
      love ya 🙂

    • That may be, but your my extra special friend!…You’re God sent to me!
      ♥Love♥ Hugs, and xx

  19. This is beautiful story-znowu poznałam ciekawą i z morałem historię
    Happy Easter to you and your family too,Soma

  20. What an amazing story! I enjoyed it

  21. Hi,
    What a wonderful story, I could picture the kids playing the game and having fun, beautifully written. 🙂

  22. 🙂 SOMA !!!!

    • Aww Cat you are so sweet and lovely and spread love in every thing you do..

      you are so right about adults playing this game remembered a Robert Falgum quote-
      ‘Hide-and-seek, grown-up style. Wanting to hide. Needing to be sought. Confused about being found.’

      I grew up playing this game ,we used to spend considerable amount to time looking for perfect spots. This one time all of us were pretty confident we got the best hiding place and then all of us ended up hiding in same place it was chaos and we got caught within few minutes due to all the whispers and giggling.
      What a wonderful warm word hug..I have the best and the most generous friends 🙂
      love n hugs 🙂

  23. 😀 😀 😀

    You Soma have an amazing way of getting into the minds of kids, I love the way you think up these things.. Love this mix of prose and poetry too..

  24. I loved it 🙂 You are weaving the magic, Soma!! Beautiful story 🙂 Hugs

  25. Am back with my shotgun in place 😀 Hurrah for that!
    I so so so so so sooooo loved this one! You get inside a kid’s head, its heart, and its boots, do you know that? There’s that smear of mud on your face, dirty hands, and those twinkling twinkling eyes, right through this write 🙂 Charming, and and so childlike you are. You always are. Thank you Soma, dearest, for lightening life so much! God Bless you and yours 🙂 Hugs!

    • OMG the shotgun lady is back…..Ok people Usha is great 🙂
      well she really is sweet and lovely 🙂
      I love this game Usha, it was my favourite
      Thanks for all the warmth and love
      hugs 🙂

  26. Childhood games > deep themes > adult lessons, I reckon. Thank you, Soma – you took us on a seemingly fun ride…but peppered us with lessons. What a wonderful teacher you are 🙂

  27. Blood-Ink-Diary

    What a gem of a story! Intricately woven and breathelessly surrenders. Indeed, you have a way with short stories — totally admirable, entertaining and engaging – but, you know I relish your mind, Somi.
    Jeete raho. X

  28. Beautifully woven…!
    As I have always believed, and still do that children are our greatest teachers. Their little games tell thousands of stories, each with a lesson of its own; only if we can spare sometime an watch them!
    You have mingled prose and poetry very well, and that actually made me feel as if I am in the game too, and could feel the excitement rising as the game moved on.
    And yes, totally agree with : “Why can’t people be hungry depending on whether we want to cook or not.” 😀
    I can totally relate to it…:D
    Loved it!!

  29. Memories of my childhood days became fresh. Thanks for such a beautiful childhood games post. LOVELY PAINTING INSERTED IN BETWEEN.
    You know we played this Game in local Court area…lots of offices, trees, tables and a big area. Once a person becomes a Spy, you can say he’s got his Biggest punishment.
    Really wonderful game, esp. When you know the place well.

    • Thanks Rahul specially for sharing your memory….I grew up playing this game..when we were kids we used to play it almost on a daily basis..and were constantly looking for perfect spots for hiding 🙂

  30. Very entertaining story Soma. Your style is very good. Enjoyed. poetry part in- between is very interesting.

  31. Enjoyed the story; got caught up in the hunt. Liked the ending a lot.


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