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Curio’s Incredible Journey -4 By Stuart Young

A good story will never let you down
in this land of story you will find everything
flying horses,talking frogs,dancing dragons
and if you are a dreamer like me
you will know how some of the characters of stories
will be after your life
and some will be there to help you out
what you learn from each story will be yours
for, a good story will never let you down
 it will teach you something very valuable
may be about you or the choices you will make
some of the stories will give you mantra
and some will be cautionary tales
But a good story will never let you down
will teach you new songs
will weave its  magic through your emotions
stir some ripples in your heart
which will help you connect with fellow humans
will help you understand others better
for a good story will never let you down
you will cry,laugh and travel with them
and dream about them
they will heal your soul
soothe some raw nerves
some may bring back to life things you buried deep inside
© Soma Mukherjee
Stuart Young’s 4th book on the Adventures of Curio the Sloth is out …what joy 🙂
Curio listens to his inner voice and understands his dreams and starts this journey on this path never travelled before and boy does he face danger.
Stuart shocked me with the 4th part,imagine cute little sloth on a raft in mid sea drifting to nowhere cos a storm sent him off his course…oh my heart goes out to the little brave soldier. what happened to cute little Curio?
Will he reach land,wasn’t the sea shark infested..Did Curio survive those treacherous waves and the hungry it out to know more.
But will have to warn you,this isn’t just a sweet story anymore..cos like it or not life will not be sweet all the times…and alone you shall be sometimes and scared and find dark tunnels every where you look, some choices you make will be package deals and you will have to embrace everything and make the best of what you get. Discard the ones which are not working,make new plans again….
every road you see and walk on today,if you think it was this easy since the beginning you can’t be more wrong!
but should you stop and go back..may be, but not forever, comeback with a new plan and continue this journey..This my dear is life
GOd made us, gave us this beautiful place to live in and gave us each a basket full of goodies….some, we will like some, we wont but what we do with them will make us….so are you ready 🙂 
are you ready to start this new day with the goodies you have inside
are you ready to walk run and dance on the beautiful song that is life

Are you ready to travel with Curio  🙂
Click the link below to read the 4th part
Those who wish to contact Stuart please click the link given below.
Wish you all Goodreads 🙂

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  2. My dear daughter has always loved Stuart Young. I always root for Curio no matter what he attempts. Yes, Soma, we must enjoy every moment; for each is a special gift from God@

  3. Excellent! Your words ring true, Mata, as always. Sometimes storms blow us off course and for some there is no way back or out, so we who survive out to make the most of what we have and do our best to thrive. Cheers!

  4. Wonderful intro for Stuart’s book, Soma! You are so kind and generous to promote him and with such wit and charm. I look forward to reading #4! xo

  5. Thank you for this fabulously engaging introduction to Stuart Young…am running off to the closest bookstore to get my copy. Love your style.

  6. just now noticed your header,wow and thanks.

  7. “But a good story will never let you down” very correct,I loved your poem. Very good introduction,would love to read the story.

  8. William Stadler

    i love a good story!

  9. It is so true how books can change the way you look at life. Awesome review! Have a fabulous week Soma!

  10. Beautiful work, my friend!

  11. This is some of the best advice ever: “some choices you make will be package deals and you will have to embrace everything and make the best of what you get. Discard the ones which are not working,make new plans again..” It gets easier the more you live and are open to learning to let go what you can’t change and choose what to stay away from in the future.

  12. Thank you so much for the banner addition. Another $5. If you have a 125×125 banner ad, I would love to add it to my links page.

  13. Piękny wpis Soma……pięknego dnia

  14. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Shaabash puttar! Relished going through this one! How is it that you are wise and humourous all at once? Kya baat hai Somi ji ?! And, I am just blessed with sadistic writings, hain -ji?!!! Lol. The stories you convey are brilliant and totally **fit** ! Love ya.

    • Achha Madam humare muh se apni taareef sunna chahte ho 😆
      Seriously You are so amazingly gifted Shaheen…aur main khurafaat likhti hun 😉
      Big hug to my awesome sista 🙂

  15. Soma,

    Fantastic poem to introduce a writer’s work. You have a talent for natural spontaneity in your writing!
    Thank you for Sagarika’s song! Very beautiful!
    I really love Shaan and Sagarika 🙂
    ~ Aparna

    • Thank you so much Aparna, am so glad you liked the poem 🙂
      you are such a sweetheart 🙂
      I love the brother sister duo too…They are amazing singers 🙂
      Am sure you have heard that beautiful Shaaan song..”Tanha dil”

      • It is great knowing you and I am really enjoying your work here. I am new to this blogging world and I have been here for only a couple of months 🙂

        “Tanha dil.. tanhaa safar….My all time fav song!!!!! Absolutely love it 🙂

  16. Sunshine kissed to YOU sweet Soma. I’m glad you’re not a goddess anymore. All true about stories. 🙂

  17. In order of my favorite things- 1) dancing dragons 2) talking frogs 3) good coffee.

    That is very true. The trouble is there are a lot of stories that are not that good.

  19. Soma, i nominated you for the “Commenter Award: tonight, thanks for your support and reading and leaving comments all the time! You are a real blessing!

    • Oh thank you so much Wendell,but you should know your blog/the way you weave your thoughts into words is absolutely delightful to read and soul soothing 🙂
      Wish you a lovely day 🙂

  20. Good stories allow us to travel in our minds, I reckon. Thank you Soma 🙂

    • Eric you are such a beautiful story teller.every piece is thought provoking and readers delight 🙂
      yes Good stories allow us to travel in our minds…..they have immeasurable power.
      Thanks a ton Eric 🙂

  21. Hi,
    What a fantastic introduction you have written and I agree a good story will not leave you untouched.
    It sounds like a fascinating read, thanks for letting us know about this. 🙂

  22. You do me great honour with your intros Soma, and you have outdone yourself this time. What a beautiful poem to begin with. Honestly, I’m so happy you are airing my little parables on your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

    • Oh Stuart, you are a wonderful generous soul and it reflects in your work…its such a pleasure to be able to showcase your work..Thanks a ton for giving me this opportunity 🙂


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