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The Lambretta Girl

This is a story
Story of the Lambretta Girl
But tell her that and she would tell you to change the title to story of a girl whose Father had a lambretta.
Ok,Fine whatever the title,this story has two heroes,the Girl and The Lambretta.
This girl was born on 16th of may on summer of 73 to Parents who knew just one way to live life-to be alive and aware at all times.
she grew up in a house where giving,sharing and caring for others was as normal and as easily done as breathing.
They used to travel a lot,short or long trips,meeting relatives, trekking,morning walks,going to shopping in the nearby city,you name it..
They would just get up,take whatever needed and go out to celebrate life.
That was where and this was how she learned to live life.
And although trekking and morning walks were fun,nothing could ever come close to when she would stand in the front space of lambretta or share the front seat with her Dad.
Oh the joy when you zoom past all that is on either side of the road
the air greets you first,the rush
you see the scenery and the people first,the pride
and you fight demons and creatures from the other world clearing the road for your father,the victory.
It was something else,had everything, great stories are made of.
And in those rides sometimes her parents would take a pause in a mango garden which was en-route to the city,where under the trees were Dragons to be killed,fairies to be freed and people waiting to be rescued, A warriors work is never done she would often say.
And when finally her royal carriage-The Lambretta, would land in the city, they would be greeted by all the earthlings,given royal salutes and grand welcome.
And while her parents would get busy shopping,she would help as many people as she could with one hand cos her mom or dad would never let her out of sight and hold her hand the entire time.
Things would get difficult ,try sword fight with one hand while one of your parents is holding your other arm.But she would never give up,after all it was her kingdom.
And one day and she wont be able to tell you the exact date,but when events are this unfortunate and heart wrenching who remembers the date,right?
This day she was asked to start sitting on the back seat( do I hear gasps and cries?)
Her father told her she had grown tall and now she would have to vacate that dream seat for her little brother.
Oh imagine the shock
Did I hear someone saying what’s the big deal,it’s not a big problem?
hey problems cannot and should not be compared ever,Had she heard you she would tell you that and hundreds of stories about how each problem is big in its own way and how she could never ever tell which one hurt more,a thorn or math.
Argue with that?
Oh how she wanted to tell her parents,what a big mistake they were making in giving the prestigious and most dangerous seat to her little brother,who not only couldn’t fight like her but also had no idea what a great thing day dreaming was!
who would save the world now,and if the news gets to the underworld and it would she knew that,those creatures would rise again and this time with renewed strength.
Finally the day came when she had to sit in the carrier of the scooter,which was the last seat and mostly used by people to carry inane things.Oh the shame,she hid her face with her mom’s Saree and didn’t/couldn’t enjoy the ride at all.
All the demons were laughing and the earthlings were looking at her with pity.
No,this can’t be happening she thought,she had to take control,she had a  world to save.
so she thought why not save the world from here,the last seat and make the three people sitting before her,her  bodyguards,after all she was a warrior princess,she could afford some of them,couldn’t she?
and soon law and order was restored in her kingdom and people were told princess was back and this time with bodyguards.
You may think of this as a silly story…
No problem, The Lambretta Girl would not take offence,simply cos super heroes cannot/do not explain how they saved zillions of life and not ever,even for once blow their own trumpet.
so think what you want to and say what you want to,for  only the Girl with Lambretta knows how many times she flew across continents to save you life
For she is
Oh she is
Wow she is
The Lambretta girl
And she would stand in the front
Or sit in the back
And fight the demons
And save the world
For she is
Oh she is
Wow she is a
The Lambretta girl
She would look ordinary
And dress up like a commoner
And her weapons would be invisible
But her strikes would be powerful
For she is
Oh she is
Wow she is
The Lambretta Girl
Under the dining table lies her kingdom
And Lambretta is her royal ride
And whenever you need her help
Just shout help me oh Lambretta girl
For she is
Oh she is
Wow she is
The Lambretta girl
And she will reach you fast
And fight for you
And stand by you
Till you hug her good-bye
For she is 
Oh she is
Wow she is
The Lambretta girl
So this is a story of a Lambretta and a girl
The girl not so girl like
A tomboy
Climbing up trees
And playing with sand and mud
A misfit
Bad in studies
Good in dreaming
Would choose to be a warrior than be a princess
And oh Yes that’s me.

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. Oh I love this with a passion! My daughters used to ride in that same front position like Kali ready for blood should anyone intrude on our majestic rides. I used to take my girls, the littlest in front and oldest on the back flying over the hill bullock tracks and shouting our joy while villagers ran to find out what the ruckus was. For you see I was the child with them hiding in an adult body and escaping from my adult tasks like administration and teaching and all that stuff that puts money in the pocket and food on the table. The Vespa girls send Lambretta girl their greetings.

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  3. SOMA ……….
    LOVE YOU …………

  4. Oh, Soma! What a delightful post! Have you considered writing childrens books? That would make you insanely rich……and not just for a few days 🙂

  5. Soma, it took a whole week to get to the bottom to comment. You are too famous. Are you too rich too? This is my favorite post, I think. 🙂

    • On my way back up for air, I met myself. I see that I loved it. That’s good since I do love it and I thought I forgot to comment. Pay no attention to me. I’m daffy, you know.

    • OH my god, George you didnt know 😯
      I bribe some of them but most comment here to save their lives
      oh man if only i was rich..i do pray everyday to god to make me this obscenely rich person for a few days ..that is the only thing i pray for,dunno why he is taking so much time..there is so much is swiss banks cant he just give me some from there ?

      Thank you so much for liking this weirdo that i have always being 🙂

      • Soma, if you’re weird, what does that make ME? 🙂 Not to concern yourself, people always told me that I was weird. Even Boy says it now. His mom upped the ante to “insane” last year. I kind of like that I’ve graduated to insane. Don’t you? Ha Ha. What you know is that life is mostly a joke…and it’s on us! 😉

  6. What a delighted read, Lambretta Girl..errr…Soma 😀 !
    The Lambretta Girls is a rockstar, her zest and spirit is so infectious!

    Wish we’d all have a little lambretta girl in us! Do we? 🙂

  7. Loved this post, Soma! 🙂 Completely full of wonderful things, inspirations, and fun.

    I love your writing! Cheers to your spirit… loved the photo though. Made me smile even more big! 😀 😀

  8. I am sorry to be so late to add something
    on this one Soma, or should I say Princess 🙂
    I have enjoyed the adventure, and I will be
    calling back again soon, hopefully well before
    a hundred comments are added this time…

    you do look very cute on that photograph
    but then again you have not changed one
    bit so Miss. Cuteness and Princess of the
    Kingdom of wickedness, do have a most
    exquisite rest of evening and be good 🙂 😉

    Climbing Trees Indeed 😉 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Oh I totally missed your comment here..Thank you so much Andro…I am still that day dreamer cant tell you how may times i have saved the world 😆
      Thanks a ton Andro 🙂

  9. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Totally relished this post, what a superb writer you are, Somi. The post mingles so well with nostalgia and beautifully articulated — you ought to consider writing plays — most of your writings are remarkably visual, such a talent you are. Hugs.

  10. I love the story and the poem and the picture. Just nice. Very nice. Made me smile.

  11. 😀 Lambretta Girl.. This made my day..

  12. Such a wonderfilled story, Soma! You brought back some fond memories too…I never had a cool ride as you, but I did erect my kingdom under a couple of chairs and a bed sheet. Your picture brought a needed smile…luv it, ~ hugs ~ angela

  13. Hi Somkritya, a thought came as I was blending a water melon in the kitchen – do you think that children who fight demons, dragons and dark witches are sensitive to things that do exist all around us and that when we – or should I say ‘they’ – engage our attention and life in more ‘serious’ matters, we become unaware of those millions of forces that seem intent on binding us and manipulating our energy and freedom?

    • I always knew Watermelon is good for a healthy thought 😆
      you are so right we are more sensitive to things going around us..
      I feel kids who fight demons do have a benifit,they see the world with no glares on,in exactly the shade world was to be seen ..some people would disagree but that is true
      and in the process they lose track of the strong dark forces gathering around them..
      it is both binding and liberating at the same time
      to be unaware of the politics going around and also not being prepared for a lot of things that the storm brings in .aah well cant have every thing

      • Thank you for replying Soma. Thanks also for visiting and leaving a note on my blog. It replied to another thought I had whilst drinking the water melon and that I hesitated to share as I was afraid you would think of me as an intellectual who thinks too much … yes, I think children se reality and I like your comment of it being both binding and liberating. But what the water melon juice brought to my mind was that your story also reflects another think that is, to me, innate to our disappearing humaneness: the will to help, support, liberate and bring justice, fairness and freedom. If it was cultivated, our world would be something else. DO I understand that you work as an educator?

        • Heya Frederic,i used to teach , kids with learning challanges when i was in Mumbai
          but now i have taken a break for some time,my daughter is in teens and she needs me 🙂

  14. Not sure if I want to say ‘love your post’ or ‘ love you’. Probably the second as you wrote it after all! It is always so comforting and empowering to meet fellow world saviors, dream world warriors and kings and queens of the inner realm! I am 50 and still standing on the front seat! We will make It in the end! THey will never reappear again the demons of the underworld although there are so many of them! I read a great quote today; can I share? It goes like ‘Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, its not the end.’

    • Oh thank you so much..i am glad you liked it 🙂
      oh yes you are right we will make it in the end cos we the dreamers and believers do not give up
      and hurdles and demons will be there
      and stones and thorns will join them
      but we have one thing they dont
      Faith in goodness of human heart
      and so agree with you on the quote 🙂
      thanks 🙂

  15. What a blast I had reading your post! Loved the imagination…and this girl should be in a children’s book! Terri 🙂 🙂 Or in a book for adults I would read it… 🙂

    • Terri i grew up on a very high dose of phantom,mandrake,spiderman,hardy boys and what not…and was fighting dragons and pirates even in classrooms.. 😆
      Thank you so much 🙂

  16. silentfingers

    “And she will reach you fast
    And fight for you
    And stand by you
    Till you hug her good-bye
    For she is
    Oh she is
    Wow she is
    The Lambretta girl.”

    This says it all, Soma! Really enjoyed reading through it.
    Stay smiling, Mata Soma 🙂

  17. That is a really neat story, wonderfully told. Really well told. You can just see that little girl, vividly saving the world. And that picture is really cute. It reminds me of someone I knew.

  18. Best regards from Warsaw!

  19. What a fun post—I loved it! Loved, loved, loved the pics at the end!!!

  20. As you can tell by these comments, you’re a dominating force. Ha it took longer to scroll down to the bottom and comment than to read your piece. Great job! One of my favorite lines is “Under the dining table lies her kingdom “, That encaptures childhood in one sentence. And of course, forts are awesome. Oh and fighting demons is cool too.

    • Oh it was a lot of work,planning, fighting and taking care of a kingdom from under the dining table…that was my favourite place,and i would cover it with big sheets so that the “normal people” would not peek into my kingdom without permisssion
      Thanks Andrew:)

  21. St. Joan of Arc mounted on a Lambretta! Wonderful, wonderful story of the Soma that was! (and still is, as we, her blogging friends, know!)

  22. A long story but it’s very nice. I like too much

  23. Loved this, Soma! What a wonderful story filled with love, courage, fun and magic! I’ve been on motorcycles, but not scooters, but yours looks like you could save the world on it! 🙂 Adorable photo of you and loving family memories! Thanks for entertaining! Love and hugs! xo

  24. Wow, so completely Cool, Fun and Excellent! I really do hope that this is one of those based on your real life experience stories, because that would be super-sweet. What a terrific imagination to go out and protect your family on the scooter. What is even more interesting is that a world away, I was doing similar things (though in the back of a station wagon, so less cool factor.) I’m telling you, you ought to compile these into a book!

    • Steven this is 100% about me in real life…it really was like that and i used to day dream and fight with monsters all the time 🙂
      hey you were the SW Boy!! wow that is cool to save world from station wagon..the intention counts..we saved world yay :lol
      Oh I dont know Steven if anyone would be interested in publishing my work so i am not even thinking in that direction( kinda self preservation)

  25. Oh Yeah, I can feel the little girl’s pain to let go the front seat. My father bought a side car, to get around that, however we only had it for a while. My father found it challenging to maneuver the wide three wheeler through busy street, so I had to settle for the rear seat, not for long though, he bought a fiat for family, however his scooter gave him company for solo rides. This was a fun read 🙂

    • Yatin,so you do know how i felt..
      Oh how exciting you sat in a side car….i have seen side cars only in movies and i so wanted to sit in one
      Thank you so much for sharing your story…

  26. By now, it should go without saying that the post was wonderful. While I did not ride in a Lambretta, I did use my super powers from wherever I was to right wrongs and put evil to rest (usually, saved the girl, too).
    The stroke took some of that away, but I still manage.
    Wizards101 has, certainly, helped as I still get to fight minions and evil fairies and, when teamed properly, save the girl (when she isn’t beating them all by herself!).

  27. You are such a wonderful person…since a child. You are a wonderful gift to all of us that know you. You’re stories never disappoint and are just so awesome to read.
    Have a great day shining star! Love ya! Hugs xx

  28. Piękna opowieść……very nice day
    zostawiam ci sonatę Chopina-Polaka,którego znasz

  29. Always enjoy your stories Soma…very well done!!! And the picture is huber adorable

  30. My dad had a Lambretta very many years ago., when I was very small. I used to think it was the heaviest automobile in the world!

    This brought back sweet memories.

  31. :-), that pic is too cute!

  32. Soma…what a mixture of beautiful writing and the opening photo set up reminds me of some of the rousing children’s books I read to my class….This is wonderful:)))

  33. Hello there..

    I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Please check it out and nominate a few others from your part..



  34. Soma, I loved this story. I can’t remember ever seeing a Lambretta in Sweden, but I still recognized myself in your story, :).Old, forgotten memories about saving the world, good memories that makes me smile. Thank you! 🙂

  35. Let me go to my nostalgic memories on reading the first part of the artilce the lamberreta.. My best friends dad had one, the two seats and then in the end they had the extra type which also was seat .. So 5 of us would be on it YES 5 and vroooooooommmmmmmmmmm

    and the poem Beautiful, loved reading it ..

    and look at you , hands on hips .. bring it onnnnnnnnn 🙂

    • Ha ha ha Haan bhai Hum bhi baithe hai paanch paanch log kabhi….Jaan leli Lambretta ki..oh such lovely memories Bikram..woh last seat we used to call it carrier,some people would keep stepney which would serve as an extra seat or steel seat to keep something heavy…
      Thank you so much Bikram 🙂
      what a lovely word hug
      and about that Pic..well you said it 😆

      • yeah stepney we called it .. it was fun .. when i was in hostel in school , some lovely days were the days i spent out with my friend Anup in his house ..

        He had a Vijay super and that too had a stepney and Me-anup-ajay and Vinnie had so much fun in the streets of patiala.. WOWOWOWWO beautiful nostalgic moments ..

        No thank you for taking me on that journey to the beautiful days ..

  36. You put such energy and creativity into your poems, prose and memories and pictures, they are a virtual kaleidoscope!… and this is no different. And hey, I like Lambrettas too!

  37. That is great Soma. Thank you for saving the world! I can see from the photo you were brave and bold (and still are). Have you got a cape now or do you travel incognito. Oh the imagination, I too was saving the world, a few years ahead of you, maybe I was paving the way for the new superheroes? Running down the alleys where we lived dispatching pirates and monsters with my trusty blade. What fun you have reminded me of this morning. Thank you thank you thank you. 🙂

    • Oh my God of course you paved way for us…
      you were famous and all of us wanted to be like you chansing monsters down the allies like that 😆
      you are such a lovely sport Stuart 🙂
      Thank you so much for this fun comment 🙂

  38. I loved this. Your poetry is like prose, your prose like poetry, you give us the best of everything, and capture what it’s like to be human, and alive.

  39. Amazing Lambretta Girl… have to sing this as a song…. 🙂

  40. Dear ” Lambretta girl’ I would like to confer awards and Knighthood for your bravery,of which , we ,your poor parents, were ignorant. we plead guilty my princess and warrior. What a marvelous remembrance , only you can write like this.
    ‘ your humble bodyguard’

  41. Oh Soma, I Loved, Loved, Loved this story so much! What an adorable little girl you were, and the scooter looks awesome and so magical, too. You had such a lovely and a wonderful childhood, I always knew it but loved hearing this story, Yay for the best of parents! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing the magic! 🙂 Hugs

    • Oh yes Gabby both you Twinnies and I have had so much fun when we were kids,every time i read your stories they take me back to my childhood days, fun lovely days
      yay for the best parents 🙂
      Thanks Gabby
      love ya 🙂

  42. Dear soma I never knew you had so many admiration followed by a complain further to a narrative consolatory description associated with our behavioral pattern in seating reservation .I wish I could post a copy to our most obedient , trust worthy, ‘always at your service ‘ first carrier the Lambretta .
    I on behalf of all other associate members of your journey from childhood to adolescence including Lambretta, SALUTE you for this marvelous piece of sweet remembrance .
    A brilliant creation by my BRILLIANT DAUGHTER.

  43. OMG, you are just the most beautiful little girl who grew up into a beautiful grown up (sorts) 😉 girl. I love this and it sounds like you have the best growing up years ever. The scooter sounds very fun. I’m been on motorcycles and those are fun, but a scooter sounds way safer as one saves the world! This is another winner, I love it!!!! You must get published, and I mean it, your work is just the best. love and hugs 🙂

    • 😆 Autumn look at me hands on hips and come if your dare
      one odd girl i was and still am 🙂
      oh we have had so much fun with our parents 🙂
      such lovely memories
      Thanks Sista 🙂

  44. Very sweet your Highness, Soma! Adorable story of the Lamberetta girl! That rekindled my childhood memories of scooter rides with my parents but I was the youngest of the two and I took the space in the front until I got too tall ! Thank you for sharing and the poem is sweet and spontaneous 🙂

  45. Hi,
    I have never ridden on a scooter, but I can so relate with the story, a fantastic story, I think we all had a magic when we were kids, I loved it. 😀

  46. That all little girls would rule the world, fight demons and monsters, save the helpless from a Lambretta and a kingdom under the table. Marvelous.

  47. Clever, clever, clever. Oh, is that you, that little adorable girl!!!! Thank you for the super hero story! Love this part so much: “she grew up in a house where giving,sharing and caring for others was as normal and as easily done as breathing.” Dreamy and lovely. xoxoox Sam 🙂

  48. What a lovely story – so refreshing to view life’s journey from a child’s perspective. Your post reminded me of my daughter.

    When she was about six she would take the front seat of the car. As I drove, she would imitate my movements with an imaginary steering wheel on her side. I wonder how many demons she slayed and earthlings she saved – or perhaps she was merely driving her old man around, keeping him safe.

    I adore your posts Soma dear – very much, Eric 🙂

    • Eric you are one of the most generous and thoughtful blogger,not just in your posts but in your comments too..the lovely soul that you are reflects 🙂
      Oh I so agree, your daughter not just kept the world safe but also helped you drive with that wheel..oh man i do that even now not the wheel thing but putting imaginary brakes when my hubby drives. 😆
      your daughter speaks my language ,hugs to the beautiful dreamer,may she be blessed with beautiful dreams and stories 🙂

  49. I love it. ❤

  50. This is such a cute story! I love that she rules from under the table. I had a kingdom like that once!


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