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A Story Straight from kangaroo’s pouch

Oh so you want to listen to a story
guess what, i have a beautiful story
a story you have never ever heard
and what a lovely story is it
this story i have in my pouch
but before i tell you about this story
let me tell you what this is about
so knock on your ears
and tell them to wake up
and finish that hot chocolate
while i tell you more
so this story is about mmmm
it is about a butterfly who escaped a net
and flew and danced around
it is about that caterpillar in the bottle
who munched on leaves and asked for a sandwich
its is about that zebra who went to get a tattoo
and got stripes and now is suing the jungle tattoo joint
it is about summer sun
and how a cloud changed its scorching heart
it is about the singing moon
and how stars danced all night
it is about flying monkeys
who flew only in the winter nights( why?…ask them )
and how  two little kids danced and giggled
watching a happy free butterfly dance in the garden
how a little piece of sandwich which someone put in the jar
teased a caterpillars taste buds and he decided he wanted more of that
how the jungle court found the tattoo bar guilty
and told them to draw a beautiful pink butterfly on zebras head
( ouch did he want that ! )
how  two big elephants enjoyed the first shower
when a cloud saved them from the summer heat that year
how two kittens and their friends
purred whole night listening to the singing moon
how some fruits traveled miles
along with the flying monkeys in a winter night
it is about everything under the sun
and mischievous waves which imitated his rage behind his back
oh i could go on and on with
what else this story is about
but now that you are yawning so loud
may be i should keep the real story
for some other time
and hey do not forget to call the lions in your dreams
or they will feel left out
( sometimes no matter how hard you try nothing comes to mind and your kids look at you, waiting for a new story..this was one of those and i added a bit to it today…but there are days i just make up stories about what a great story i have 🙂 )

Thomas Edison,Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville and The Third Person

In a way this post is about the people who invented Phonograph but also not about them at all. If you know me you wont find this revelation strange, in fact you will be kind of expecting one very weird post.

In the beginning there were three people,that is how God had planned it..cos He knew  how fast two people can get bored with each other. So in the beginning it was Adam,Eve and the Third person. Centuries have passed and no one yet knows the name or gender or even religion of the third person. Some say he/she was the person who named the other two Adam and Eve.
You werent thinking one fine morning two people opened their eyes found them(without clothes) on earth are started calling each other Adam and Eve ..were you?
This third person
was it a he
or  she
or a Satan
born as human
or an alien
in human disguise
what was God’s plan
or was this hidden
even from Him
Nah of course He knew
but what was his/her name
and why the mystery
World leaders meet twice every year at the United Nations to solve this mystery( this also solves the puzzle why U.N is never able to prevent any war or crime …cos they have an age-old mystery to solve first) and every year the leaders come back without any answer to their nation and then to get over depression blame neighbouring countries and promote gender and religious divides..which kinda makes sense.
All this is true but you wont believe me. if you are nodding or laughing, let me tell you, this blog is about fact i will rename it the truth blog where only truth exists..only the true stories.
Like in one of my posts i wrote how i jumped from my 6th floor balcony one morning to save a monkey and landed up on quick sand.
You may ask why i thought the monkey needed  help but i would prefer to keep quite at this moment cos animals can’t talk and its our duty to understand their discomfort…anyways no further comment( all will be revealed in Oprah )

So i had monkey in one hand and a lotus on another( no comments) but i didn’t let either die or fall even though i knew the quick sand was gulping all of us fast .But in the end all three of us were safe and on 6th floor enjoying the rains( again no comments)

Getting back to the mystery of the third person,some say he/she was Gay. Now why would those people say so I have no idea. There are people who are god loving and god fearing and also respecting God  and doing everything right who will feel betrayed if this is how things started.
And also if god wanted us to be gay he would have built a … know a ..OK right now i am not able to think of anything but will be back soon on this matter with cure to Gayism, Autism, Womanism and also Oldism all of which are curses and weapons of mass destruction.
A Scientist when promised anonymity,told me in hush-hush tone that the answer lies in the poem “Mary had a little lamb“…
Now i may not have read Shakespeare a lot but i have read Mary had a little lamb and i have no idea what these people were trying to tell me in hush-hush tone it a between the lines thing which i never get ?
Also  why did Edison sing this rhyme when he recorded  his first phonograph. And what is more interesting is The original 1877 recording was not saved and no longer exists.
some say the clue lies in the French folk song “Au Clair de la Lune” sung by  Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville in 1857. But i can confirm there is no information in it.
Anyways listen to the video clip and try to decode it and if you find anything do let me know cos a lot depends on this.
well i hope i have been a great help and the pieces of informations on this blog will one day open portals to new somethings which will be very important to atleast some one.
oh and By the way if i had that chance of recording my voice in the phonogram,
 i would have said-
‘Big Z, little Z, what begins with Z?
I do.
I’m a zizzer zazzer zuzz, as you can plainly see.’
~ ( Dr.Seuss)
What about you ?

Help I am in a soup and it’s tasty….

Yes i am in a soup
and it really is tasty
i want suggestions to write a blog post
want it soon but avoid being hasty
Today i have completed one year of blogging
what a great feeling hurrah to me
but i have no idea how to celebrate
or share this wonderful news you see
shall i just write it down as a prose
or write a poem about this
or may be paint something
or make a cartoon strip
shall i trust the talking monkeys
or the singing crab
or the parrot who reads the news
or the foxes who make the ads
shall i hack Susie’s profile
and get freshly pressed twice
or like The Byronic Man get freshly pressed
writing a tribute to the unfollowee( that is a real word)
oh how about change my theme
with a bright shining font
or write on my header
 hey look i am the cool one
maybe i should bribe a few
to spread the news
or may be write a scandulous post
to get maximum views
or declare I have psychic powers
and i can now see the dead
and oh my spells truly work and
i can help you improve your grades
how about my adventures in Amazon
that never happened but you don’t know that
or make a story how i saved lives in a remote tribe
or  or or or or damn nothing rhymes
should i share a true story
like i do in most of my Post’s
or may be just listen to what you have to say
and play a perfect host
what do i do, how do i start
i don’t know, i still have no clue
how to celebrate first blogoversay
I want some tips and cues
Oh come on help me will ya

The way the words hug…..

 someone in those greens
whispers out my name
throws some words at my feet
tells me to follow the trail
but stuck here
at the crossroads
i don’t know what to do
and then i see a woman
lying in a blood red pool
she looks so familiar
she needs me
this i know
and then a sound stabs me
the voice of a howling crow
i try to run
i try so hard
and i wake up on a bed
is it mine
what time is it
why am i sleeping here
i open the door and meet a sea
waves lapping at my feet
i try to smile but it does not reach my lips
 the sand cuts,i let my feet bleed
it must have hurt i must have cried
but my eyes are so dry
 lost forever 
looking for a symbol of life
in my womb was a soul
a few days from sunlight
and now i don’t feel the rush
he must have seen the world
is he in a cot sleeping
should i go look for him
or shall i first find out
if i am a dead womans dream
some one calls my name
i must follow my dreams…
© somkritya
A few days Back i was reading excerpts of Daniel.J. Davis’s Book, Wind River, and the write up was so inspiring that i could not stop my self from weaving the poem i just shared. This poem has nothing to do with the story line and every thing to do with the aura it creates…
The poet must never touch his inspiration – even if he could – it must reside in it’s exalted realm, just out of reach, like the sacred fingertip. If he does touch it, he is no longer a poet – the inspiration falls to earth and becomes human – seeking only, it’s pleasure and craving….
That’s what i tried to do or at least i am hoping i did some justice to what i read
Wind River is about Sarah,about John,in world of 1854, about battle fields,about an isolated village,about a simple red feather…
This Post Today Is Not a Book Review But My Way Of Paying Tribute to a Wonderful, Generous and Passionate Writer Daniel.J.Davis,
A tribute to someone who inspired me to write in a genre which i have till now enjoyed reading. Something in that story,something in his write up hugged me, gave me a warm embrace and though my poem is dark, the feeling was of happiness which only comes from a good read.
As inspiring as it has been, it was tough naming this post and i thought what should I name this post…
shall i name it Sarah’s touch
or Red feather
shall i call it The way the word hugs
or Much needed refresher
shall i name it Clancy’s desires
or the Wind river fire
shall i name it The wind river pass
or The angels ire
Oh you have to read Sarah’s Notebook  to understand why it inspired me so much. The way it has been woven into the story makes it furthermore interesting.
some nuggets from the Part 1
We set out on dreams built on tales of California, a paradise I could hardly imagine, temperate and warm and beautiful. I don’t know why I expected Oregon country to be the same. I guess we just went too far north for the sun to follow.
And from this frosty window I can see what dreams look like when you find them. They are never what you imagined they would be, but you recognize them just the same.Because you know it’s what you were afraid of.
He places a pen to paper
Come North! Wind River Awaits!
A Trapper’s Dream! Water, Land, and Gold!
The ink slides from the G as he fills in the outline of the letter and he curses Christ for allowing it to happen.
Intrigued,want more….But know this before you click the link below…
This is not an ordinary story ,this is a story of a place which doesn’t follow the rules of this planet.
There are places where Sun will not reach ,some call them Godforsaken and even in these places stories and poetry’s will be born.. very dark very different…the dreams and songs in these places will have a different soil and a diferent base tone…
And reading those words you will not know when you will become a part of their lives, you will be those characters and you will feel every thing they felt. Words of Wind River will touch and caress your senses, but be careful some caresses sting and leave scars
may be you should just leave
or may be its already too late for you to go back….
Please Click the link below or the Image above to go to the page where you will find synopsis and links to this story…
Wind River By Daniel J Davis 

Wish you all a lovely weekend and a goodread 🙂

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