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Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

Beck and Call by Eric Alagan

Today is world environment day and the best thing we can do today or another day to protect environment is to read thrillers.
you know,it will start with a gripping tale,eyes will bulge,pretty soon you will be biting nails,your mouth will turn dry,you will start sweating profusely and by the time you finish reading you will run out for some peace but you wont find any cos either you have cut all the greens and polluted the blues or didn’t stop others from doing so…and that, there my friend, will be an aha moment and all those reading thrillers will do something to revive the greens. isn’t it Great 🙂
And reading thrillers is always fun-
read it under a shade
or out soaking the sun
read it during meals
or polishing your gun
read it sitting on a tree
or standing upside down
read it with a big smile
or with a smirk or a frown
read it sipping hot chocolate
or  wine in one hand
read it waiting for a rescue boat
or when buried deep in sand
But do not read a thriller
which starts with a B
more so if the writer’s name
starts with an E
something about those alphabets
reader gets sucked in the book
and no matter how much one pleads
story doesn’t let them go of the hook
according to one survey 98% times it has happened  
I have been following ERIC (Written Words Never Die) for some time now, not only is he a fun friend and a lovely warm heart but also a brilliant writer. A generous writer  who loves and takes care of his readers and that love reflects in his writing.
Two of his series which I just can’t do without, in fact they have become sort of addictions are
Life of Mechanic Leigh        &
excerpts from his book beck and call.
where Mechanic Leigh series is humour and human emotions ( ghost writer is my favourite)
Beck and Call is a business thriller and one look at the excerpts and the free read available at amazon and you will be hooked like a bee on honey or is it bear???
One common mistake we all make( me included ) is that whenever we read excerpts of a book and if we like it,we comment but forget that it is a part of a book,if we love this tiny piece on the post so much just imagine what an explosion of emotions and action the book will be…and I must thank my stars that i clicked the link and read the free read part of this amazing thriller..
It is crisp and fast paced, kicks and caresses at just the right time and has  a superb gripping narrative which makes it a brilliant thriller
This book is definitely on my June read list.
And I would recommend this book to anyone and every one who likes chilli chocolates and if you do not like them I would suggest, kindly return back to your planet
Now lets read a brief synopsis available at all leading book sites-
Beck And Call – A Business Thriller Set in Singapore:-
Edwin taps venture capitalist funds and launches a chain of coffee shops. Seetoh, his childhood nemesis, now an underworld boss, defrauds him. Edwin seeks help from India and Thailand to save his business. He races against the deadline unaware that the sources of his funds are dubious at best.
The novel hints of syndicates that use Singapore to launder money and how and why sovereign funds step in with investments. It reveals the practices of Asian business families and provides an insight beyond the squeaky-clean image of Singapore.
The storyline also touches on interracial relationships in a multi-racial society. The racial tensions in the formative years of post-independence Singapore as much as family values forge the characters of Edwin, a Singaporean-Indian and Seetoh, a Singaporean-Chinese.
Filled with intrigue, adult themes and the threat of latent violence, the novel is also about the higher-callings of love, loyalty and family that tug all people, regardless of creed.
what people who love chilli chocolates wrote about this beautiful book—
“The plot moves fast…an outstanding effort” – Ramachandran, Executive Director, Singapore National Book Council
“A great read…by turns gritty, sweaty, violent, mysterious, sexy and intriguing” – Jeremy Nash, Business Consultant, New York
“Whether you are a casual reader, a romantic, an experienced professional, a seasoned entrepreneur or a politician accustomed to deals and double crosses…(Beck and Call) will not disappoint you…would appeal to readers of family epics; mystery writing; general fiction and political thrillers” – Brian Cook, literary agent, manuscript assessor, Australia
what more do you want people!!!!!
How to go about it…do not worry cos i am going to help you out 🙂
Click the link below to go straight to the excerpts of the book available on Eric’s blog-
Click this link to go to amazon for more free read, Just click the arrow on top of book which says read inside and enjoy the prologue and chapters available for free read-
Click here for EBook e-retailer links-
Click this image to go to Page which will give you information on how to order and get your copy
I hope all of you who read this post today will click the links and read the excerpts,trust me when i say in “Ericland” there is no dull moment and you will never be dissapointed.
Wish you all a great June read 🙂
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