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Daily Archives: June 19, 2012

Help I am in a soup and it’s tasty….

Yes i am in a soup
and it really is tasty
i want suggestions to write a blog post
want it soon but avoid being hasty
Today i have completed one year of blogging
what a great feeling hurrah to me
but i have no idea how to celebrate
or share this wonderful news you see
shall i just write it down as a prose
or write a poem about this
or may be paint something
or make a cartoon strip
shall i trust the talking monkeys
or the singing crab
or the parrot who reads the news
or the foxes who make the ads
shall i hack Susie’s profile
and get freshly pressed twice
or like The Byronic Man get freshly pressed
writing a tribute to the unfollowee( that is a real word)
oh how about change my theme
with a bright shining font
or write on my header
 hey look i am the cool one
maybe i should bribe a few
to spread the news
or may be write a scandulous post
to get maximum views
or declare I have psychic powers
and i can now see the dead
and oh my spells truly work and
i can help you improve your grades
how about my adventures in Amazon
that never happened but you don’t know that
or make a story how i saved lives in a remote tribe
or  or or or or damn nothing rhymes
should i share a true story
like i do in most of my Post’s
or may be just listen to what you have to say
and play a perfect host
what do i do, how do i start
i don’t know, i still have no clue
how to celebrate first blogoversay
I want some tips and cues
Oh come on help me will ya
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