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Daily Archives: June 27, 2012

A Story Straight from kangaroo’s pouch

Oh so you want to listen to a story
guess what, i have a beautiful story
a story you have never ever heard
and what a lovely story is it
this story i have in my pouch
but before i tell you about this story
let me tell you what this is about
so knock on your ears
and tell them to wake up
and finish that hot chocolate
while i tell you more
so this story is about mmmm
it is about a butterfly who escaped a net
and flew and danced around
it is about that caterpillar in the bottle
who munched on leaves and asked for a sandwich
its is about that zebra who went to get a tattoo
and got stripes and now is suing the jungle tattoo joint
it is about summer sun
and how a cloud changed its scorching heart
it is about the singing moon
and how stars danced all night
it is about flying monkeys
who flew only in the winter nights( why?…ask them )
and how  two little kids danced and giggled
watching a happy free butterfly dance in the garden
how a little piece of sandwich which someone put in the jar
teased a caterpillars taste buds and he decided he wanted more of that
how the jungle court found the tattoo bar guilty
and told them to draw a beautiful pink butterfly on zebras head
( ouch did he want that ! )
how  two big elephants enjoyed the first shower
when a cloud saved them from the summer heat that year
how two kittens and their friends
purred whole night listening to the singing moon
how some fruits traveled miles
along with the flying monkeys in a winter night
it is about everything under the sun
and mischievous waves which imitated his rage behind his back
oh i could go on and on with
what else this story is about
but now that you are yawning so loud
may be i should keep the real story
for some other time
and hey do not forget to call the lions in your dreams
or they will feel left out
( sometimes no matter how hard you try nothing comes to mind and your kids look at you, waiting for a new story..this was one of those and i added a bit to it today…but there are days i just make up stories about what a great story i have 🙂 )
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