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How to write a nonsense poem

How to write a nonsense poem,
why that is very simple
prep time more cooking time less
just sit under an oak tree which gives five mangoes in a year
ask a wolf squirrel  to fly away to the gibberish land
and bring you some air
get some giberdiber ink from a cactus with marigold flowers from nearby
and you are all set to go
here is one i wrote after i followed every thing i just told
and oh don’t forget to sip on a lovely coffee
made specially from banana leafs
up in the mountains floating in the air
lived the fun loving monkey bears
they talked gibberish and sang nonsense
and used ‘ehoy’ in every sentence
how silly their elephant heads and nose like a pea
braving the thunder but scared of the fleas
up in that mountain lived a rabbit lion too
roared like a mosquito and ran like a dondoo
he ruled the monkey bears for thousand years
and then one day he just disappeared
what a relief ehoy- said one monkey bear
 ehoy he now rules the shark toys of black sea-said another loud and clear
 ehoy ehoy all of you -said the third monkey bear named slime,
let us fold the sea while there is still time
and ehoy let the rabbit lion be prisoner of waves and crave for lime
and so they did
Monkey bears now live on clouds of drun
with all the ehoy and fun
Rabbit lion is still trapped in the waves of black sea
and he is the one making the sea water taste so sweet

The Magnificent world of Wombies

All of us have a fun-loving sweet Wombie in us. And the day each and every one of us gets in touch with that wombat inside,world will be a beautiful place.Are you ready for this beautiful change?
How many of you have had a very clear dramatic before and after life know, the one where you meet some one or get/read something and your life changes forever. I have, so i know how it feels. it’s a beautiful chocolate rainbow world ever since I met the very cute funny super intelligent Wombies…
what? you don’t know who Wombies are?? you are kidding right?
Anyways before I proceed let me tell you and this has been scientifically proven that wombies were the first ones to inhabit this planet. Of course back then it was a chocolate planet with chocolate moon and wine gum stars and marshmallow mountains and clouds and white and dark chocolate rivers and oceans, trees gave beautiful chocolate and marshmallow fruits.
In short it was a planet made for wombies and then God took chance with humans and they destroyed everything and then came ice age,every thing around froze, humans died so did dinosaurs and so did politicians but Wombies survived cos chocolates are heart warming.
and also cos before ice age God had made another beautiful chocolate planet for wombies..a chocolate planet within earth to keep them safe from global warming and the mean humans
and that is where they live now.
Wombies have a site where you can go and meet them.
All of us have a little wombie inside us and before you think about knocking on their door, Ask yourself the very important question, are you a wombie enough.
Let me make it very clear you do not choose wombies,they choose you and you get a calling only then you find them..
That you are reading this post means good times are ahead.
Before you visit them let me test your wombie quotient cos you wouldn’t want to go there and make silly comments and have an immensely awkward moment and rest of your life be known as the one who did not have wombat etiquette’s.
Q1) When do you eat chocolate
A) I don’t,weight watcher/calorie counter or whatever the term is
B) special events like birthdays
C) What kind of question is this, there can’t be a fixed time …you eat chocolates whenever you can
Q2) What should you do when you meet a Wombie
A) why will i meet them
B) well say hello
C) Offer them huge baskets of chocolates and wine gums
Q3) What is your favourite day of week
A) weekends when i relax
B) Fridays,when i party hard
C) Any day i meet a wombie is my favourite day
Q4) what is your favourite song
A) abc( your favourite song here)
B) O mama- Renegade Styx
C) I am a wombie friend in the wombie world, i love chocolates and wine gums
Q5) Who are Andro,Deb,Cat and Red?
A ) I dunno …people!
B) bloggers!
C) Great humans with wombat genes
Q6) What is your blood group
A) A,B,AB or O
B) I forgot,should get it tested again
C) It’s C+( chocolate plus)
Those who are C, super squishy hugs to them , kindly proceed to wombat sphere and make sure to leave fun comments
Click the link to go there right now or the wombie image on the side bar.
have a great super-duper marshmallow wine gum chocolate fun week guys
Lets join the Wombies and make world a better place  🙂
Are you a Wombie Fan?
What is your WQ-Wombat quotient

Trigger to Tigger

Not much to say,sometimes all the negativity around just leaves you baffled. you wonder it was the same air you were breathing,same food you ate,same jokes you laughed at and still one got lost all consumed with hatred and animosity towards others who had no idea what was going on in that one mind.
There was a time not long ago
you and i talked about bringing in new waves of change
there was a time not long ago you hated hate
there was a time not long ago you had dreams
there was a time not long ago you loved love
when did you dream this new dream
when did you start working on this nightmare
when did your wrath kill your smiles
when did you stop being human
every day brings in new horror is sad that the string that was supposed to keep us together is covered with so much where in any part of globe is anyone safe anymore. this world has become insensitive and indifferent,it has become selfish, the human skin is now all covered with thorns and people are scared of embraces and hugs.
A new world of trigger happy citizens…human civilization died much before mayan prediction and those who are alive are restless looking for a new ray. The change we are looking for will come from us,we can if we come together,we can if we stand up and do something about it.  we can change this violent course if we want to …… we want to?
Survival of the fittest does not mean
killing others
pulling them down by words or swords
it does not mean fight or war of religion or race
it does not mean hating others so much
that your heart and mind is nothing but rage filled magma
Survival of the fittest means
empowering one self
understanding ones strength and work with it
understanding ones weakness and work on it
if you want to survive this era as the fittest
start with winning hearts
not land
start with spreading smile and peace
and not break humanity in pieces
and if you ever have a grim thought of
playing with guns
run my friend
run for your life
run till you reach a park or a garden
look at the smiling faces
look at the kids playing
and stay there
till you understand
happiness comes in all kinds of packages big and small
in playing ball with a woof that the kids there are enjoying
in holding hand and watching people walk and play around
today maybe your dark hour
but stay there,till the beauty and joy around fills your heart
with twinkling stars of hope and happiness
don’t go, not yet
that darkness may be hiding just around the corner
wait till you have helped someone cross the road
wait till you have spread a smile at least on one face
wait till you have been licked by at least one woof
wait till you have heard a ‘true story’ by a kid who has seen it all
wait till you have heard real stories of how people
with nothing took out time  for others
wait till you have met real life heroes
and you will find a way to be the fittest and happiest
all in one evening
sometimes in just one smile
let those smiles guide your life

Jungle,Bungle,Tungle,Gungle,A Pre-story

I love telling stories,specially when the eager ear is that of a kid and its bedtime.Kids are great story partners with superb imagination powers and what i love the most is how they would take a string or character from your story and ask you hundred things about it and by the time you realise what has happened you are already light-years away from the story you may have somehow build to get them to sleep.
I call them pre-stories which sometimes start developing or taking shape as soon as you say once upon a time….
Pre-Stroies are very interesting and full of fun,but you do need a lot of patience to let them develop.
The one below is one such pre-story, a fun light tussle of imaginations…a kid happy asking questions and a mom trying to stick to the storyline 🙂
hope you enjoy reading it –
Once in a faraway land there was a jungle
oh yes jungle where elephants played bungle
and plants sang tungle
and oh there was a search engine named gungle
animals don’t have computer
oh but they do, they do
All the people who carry their laptops to a forest,when attacked by animals,what do you think they do?
They leave behind all their gadgets and run for their life( that is why when we go out we don’t carry laptops) and then animals play games on them
what games Mommy
jungle mania
and Super hyena laugh
and what do the animals search in these engines
they look for funny human images, Read famous stories by Dr.Octofusse
what stories ?
A human who said aaakchoo too many times
and the upside down people of tumbles
but why humans?
well you read about animals all the time don’t you
yes i do and i love reading about them and how butterflies fight with elephants
what!!! since when, i don’t think they fight, where did you get this story?
in a story book about Caterpillar who ate too may elephants
really ?
yes mommy Teacher told us caterpillar needs a lot of food to grow up and this one ate elephants and it grew big and became a big butterfly, so big that no one ever saw the sun again
oh my , what happened after that!
i haven’t thought of that yet,mommy where should it go?
hmm what if the butterfly was sent to Jupiter
I know Jupiter is biggest planet
yes it is and it has 12 moons
what does it do with 12  moons
it plays hide and seek and ping-pong and
oh do you want to listen to the story of the forest or not!
no i love this one
huh ,fine, 12 moons play and dance around Jupiter
but why  doesn’t earth have 12 moons?
Because earth is small and if it had 12 moons they would constantly bump into each other and get hurt and 12 moons would also mean too much light in the night..
too much light will be bad?
yes, cos then no one will be able to sleep
even with windows closed
then we can play In the night too
no because  it’s too dar…..k
but it wont be dark you said just now
oh man! yes but moon light is for sleeping
yes or moon feels bad if you don’t find is beautiful enough to dream
what dreams?
of fairies and jungle where elephants play Bungle
and plants sing Tungle
and things you can find out in the Gungle
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