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Jungle,Bungle,Tungle,Gungle,A Pre-story

I love telling stories,specially when the eager ear is that of a kid and its bedtime.Kids are great story partners with superb imagination powers and what i love the most is how they would take a string or character from your story and ask you hundred things about it and by the time you realise what has happened you are already light-years away from the story you may have somehow build to get them to sleep.
I call them pre-stories which sometimes start developing or taking shape as soon as you say once upon a time….
Pre-Stroies are very interesting and full of fun,but you do need a lot of patience to let them develop.
The one below is one such pre-story, a fun light tussle of imaginations…a kid happy asking questions and a mom trying to stick to the storyline 🙂
hope you enjoy reading it –
Once in a faraway land there was a jungle
oh yes jungle where elephants played bungle
and plants sang tungle
and oh there was a search engine named gungle
animals don’t have computer
oh but they do, they do
All the people who carry their laptops to a forest,when attacked by animals,what do you think they do?
They leave behind all their gadgets and run for their life( that is why when we go out we don’t carry laptops) and then animals play games on them
what games Mommy
jungle mania
and Super hyena laugh
and what do the animals search in these engines
they look for funny human images, Read famous stories by Dr.Octofusse
what stories ?
A human who said aaakchoo too many times
and the upside down people of tumbles
but why humans?
well you read about animals all the time don’t you
yes i do and i love reading about them and how butterflies fight with elephants
what!!! since when, i don’t think they fight, where did you get this story?
in a story book about Caterpillar who ate too may elephants
really ?
yes mommy Teacher told us caterpillar needs a lot of food to grow up and this one ate elephants and it grew big and became a big butterfly, so big that no one ever saw the sun again
oh my , what happened after that!
i haven’t thought of that yet,mommy where should it go?
hmm what if the butterfly was sent to Jupiter
I know Jupiter is biggest planet
yes it is and it has 12 moons
what does it do with 12  moons
it plays hide and seek and ping-pong and
oh do you want to listen to the story of the forest or not!
no i love this one
huh ,fine, 12 moons play and dance around Jupiter
but why  doesn’t earth have 12 moons?
Because earth is small and if it had 12 moons they would constantly bump into each other and get hurt and 12 moons would also mean too much light in the night..
too much light will be bad?
yes, cos then no one will be able to sleep
even with windows closed
then we can play In the night too
no because  it’s too dar…..k
but it wont be dark you said just now
oh man! yes but moon light is for sleeping
yes or moon feels bad if you don’t find is beautiful enough to dream
what dreams?
of fairies and jungle where elephants play Bungle
and plants sing Tungle
and things you can find out in the Gungle

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. The suggestions on this page is definitely valuable. I have learned numerous tips.

  2. This is just like the stream of stories my children take up. No matter where we start, we venture into all manner of elephant-eating caterpillars and jungle search engines. ❤

  3. Winding back around to where you began sometimes turns out a good thing. Wonderful journey, Soma!

  4. You must be one of the best moms I know, I fade away and feel terrible about having lil patience….bwaaaah! I love the jungle the munle, the bungle and the tungle…you are super fun

  5. silentfingers

    Oh yes, I know how these story telling sessions go way past bedtime. Hmm, now I am wondering if I could change the wish I made to Mata Soma! 😉
    Enjoyed reading this one, as usual. And I liked the fact how the “storyteller” almost became the listener at one point. Maintaining a healthy level of sanity is dangerous, heina? Stay blessed dear.

  6. Very beautiful message from your mind, and your heart…which makes it that much better, because you always love to share and lift up! Have a very blessed day my sister!

  7. This is superb Soma! Absolutely amazing, the way your write 🙂 I wanna go back to being a kid!! (Though I don’t act much like a grown up anyway :P) Muah! You’re wonderful.

  8. The pre-story is a wonderful story all by itself. Wow!! so nice!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. My kids always asked some of the most wonderfully complex questions when they were little. Their mother and I always answered them fully and truthfully; we decided that was what would help them grow up to continue to ask and grow. It has worked. Both have chosen professions which ask many questions and required answers to them.

  10. Enjoyed that reading, great imagination with lots of twists and turns

  11. Soma…the cartoon is fabulous! As usual, you’re are right up there with Seuss, spinning the words into a wacky world we’d all like to visit. (btw, I dig the butterfly growing so large we never see the sun again…what an interesting story that could morph into.) You are a talent ~ a

  12. I would never sleep were I your child. I would stay up all night and so would you! 🙂

    We would be a very terrible mother and child telling stories all night with me asking and you answering and giggles ensuing.

    • ha ha ha that would be so much fun..oh my daughter is just like what you described..we have so much fun every night talking,mock fighting…singing loud
      Thanks Val 🙂

  13. The very nice post……

  14. 😀 How do you get her to sleep ? If I were on the listening end, this would have been a non stop session.

  15. I loved, loved this pre- story so much Soma…What fun you make it all! 🙂 The comic strip is awesome, and your talent knows no bounds! 🙂 Hugs

  16. I think I want you to read me bedtime stories. Especially ones about planets and moons!

  17. You are legend! 🙂 Your stories are fun, and your pre stories are going to go off the chart in popularity and appeal 🙂 🙂 Hugs! You ALWAYS brighten up my day!

  18. Soma, you give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “mixed metaphors”! Love your sense of fun!

  19. The kid in me and the adult, both enjoyed this very much , Soma!

  20. love the cartoon, is that your own? Love the pre story. Love the dialogue, such fun.

    • Thank you so much Steven ,you know i am a big fan of your stories..and it means so much, all the encouragement from you.
      i am new to this cartoon world..there is a site, where one can create their cartoon strips..i am trying to learn the art..and yes that cartoon strip is mine..

  21. What a lucky kids! They are a very good mom, which loves telleng story.

  22. Delightful pre-story and comic strip, Soma! You are the best story teller and you’re right, kids are so fun with their wild imaginations and how one story can turn into another new adventure! You brought smiles to my Monday morning! Luv ya! xoxo

  23. Even at 63 I understood this dialogue perfectly. As a matter of fact it made more sense than the gibberish spewed by the world’s statesmen, politicians and diplomats. (alleged). Seven years olds would do a much better job running the planet. First of all, they have a well defined sense of right and wrong and fairness that adults do not.

    • oh yes agree with you whole heartedly. kids have far better ways of dealing with day to day life , how easily they make friends,how beautiful their thought process
      Thank you so much Carl,loved your word hug 🙂

  24. I love your stories with the humor, you weave it through the story so well. I say you need a book of your stories, Soma 🙂 ♥

  25. Love your children’s stories and the comic is fabulous!

  26. Bed stories and comics, are two of my favorite things. You just made a milkshake of awesomeness.

  27. Soma Star ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    You are an awesome story lady ……
    bed time stories are the bestest
    makes me wanna be a kid ….
    You do xo
    love you

  28. Cartoon stripe is very good Soma.

  29. O Soma what an imaginative person you are. Loved this, wonderful pre-story. Chidren are so imaginative, they ask very funny question as you were in your childhood.

  30. I am thinking either your son or you have A.D.D. AND I LOVE IT!! haha

  31. Soma, you are the best bed-time story teller I’ve ever known! I loved reading this…fun, fun, fun stuff and so much for the little one to dream about. You’re awesome, Soma! Love and big hugs, xx

  32. W-O-W.
    that was a nice turn around of narrative in the story. Loved the way you named it pre-stories. I have noticed this small development where there imagination take things away from the root story and making it something else. Loved the cartoon too… 🙂

  33. It’s true, Soma. If you’re writing a story and you’re stuck, a kid would be the perfect person to brainstorm with. They’d ask you oodles of questions and then–ding ding ding–you’d have it: the next piece 🙂

  34. Just more confirmation that the person behind this blog must be a delightful person to know in person. 🙂 Smiles to you Soma!

  35. So much to learn from the little ones, I sometimes think growing up is so baddddd..

    loved the story , I want to listen to many more of these .. I promise to be quiet listening 🙂

  36. We – who think we are grown up – could learn a lot of our children… 😉

    Great post… 😉

  37. Ahhhhh kid’s and bedtime stories 🙂 lol
    I once wrote a couple of those and in the
    writing of such stories one has to write it
    in a way that a child will instantly enjoy
    the whole idea of it 🙂

    Not easy when one
    mainly writes Horror 😉

    Have a wonderful day today Soma 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Andro you are such a lovely person..i know whenever you will write a story for kids its going to be the best fun story ever…
      wish you a beautiful and super wicked week 🙂

  38. I love your imagination Soma. I can envisage a conversation with you would go off on many tangents. It would be very enjoyable! 🙂


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