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Trigger to Tigger

Not much to say,sometimes all the negativity around just leaves you baffled. you wonder it was the same air you were breathing,same food you ate,same jokes you laughed at and still one got lost all consumed with hatred and animosity towards others who had no idea what was going on in that one mind.
There was a time not long ago
you and i talked about bringing in new waves of change
there was a time not long ago you hated hate
there was a time not long ago you had dreams
there was a time not long ago you loved love
when did you dream this new dream
when did you start working on this nightmare
when did your wrath kill your smiles
when did you stop being human
every day brings in new horror is sad that the string that was supposed to keep us together is covered with so much where in any part of globe is anyone safe anymore. this world has become insensitive and indifferent,it has become selfish, the human skin is now all covered with thorns and people are scared of embraces and hugs.
A new world of trigger happy citizens…human civilization died much before mayan prediction and those who are alive are restless looking for a new ray. The change we are looking for will come from us,we can if we come together,we can if we stand up and do something about it.  we can change this violent course if we want to …… we want to?
Survival of the fittest does not mean
killing others
pulling them down by words or swords
it does not mean fight or war of religion or race
it does not mean hating others so much
that your heart and mind is nothing but rage filled magma
Survival of the fittest means
empowering one self
understanding ones strength and work with it
understanding ones weakness and work on it
if you want to survive this era as the fittest
start with winning hearts
not land
start with spreading smile and peace
and not break humanity in pieces
and if you ever have a grim thought of
playing with guns
run my friend
run for your life
run till you reach a park or a garden
look at the smiling faces
look at the kids playing
and stay there
till you understand
happiness comes in all kinds of packages big and small
in playing ball with a woof that the kids there are enjoying
in holding hand and watching people walk and play around
today maybe your dark hour
but stay there,till the beauty and joy around fills your heart
with twinkling stars of hope and happiness
don’t go, not yet
that darkness may be hiding just around the corner
wait till you have helped someone cross the road
wait till you have spread a smile at least on one face
wait till you have been licked by at least one woof
wait till you have heard a ‘true story’ by a kid who has seen it all
wait till you have heard real stories of how people
with nothing took out time  for others
wait till you have met real life heroes
and you will find a way to be the fittest and happiest
all in one evening
sometimes in just one smile
let those smiles guide your life

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. You have a wondeful and creative heart, young woman… Well done!

  2. Wisdom in your words, Soma! Now if people would simply follow along then they would lift up humankind with those smiles. 🙂

  3. I adore this poem, Soma. You have touched on so many of our shortcomings. The selfishness necessary to continue on the path we are on has me wondering if maybe I was born in the wrong era. Not sure if I would be better in the past where these attitudes were the minority and did not touch many lives, or if the future holds a place where this is not the way of my race.

    Much love, Soma ❤

  4. Midnighthues

    Lovely thoughts Soma!

  5. Reblogged this on This Used To Be Fun: The Gathering Storm and commented:
    One can’t help but wonder where all this is headed.

  6. I took my time to read and digest this post dear Soma, there is so much in it that all mankind should read , digest and learn from, mankind has not evolved in a humane and spiritual way, we still fight over religion and politics, all around the world man still fires lead at his fellow man, if thats not enough we have invented new means of warfare, biological and chemical warfare. Our ways have evolved into new ways of instilling fear into mankind , Terrorism, we try to find solace in the spirituality of our minds and even that is subjected to Spiritual attack through the diversity of religious propaganda by the many religions.
    Has man evolved ?
    I think not.
    Aussie Emu

    • Such a lovely Word hug Ian..Thank you for lovely reply
      agree with you..we have not only not evolved,we have not learned anything from our past…so much blood shed and yet not a single lesson learned

  7. Very kind and thoughtful posting, Soma! With you, the world is a better place. Hugs xx

  8. Hello! Thank you for the nice comment and wish you a great week!

  9. if only we went from Trigger to TIGGER .. wont life be lovely and EArth a beautiful place to live in …

    I loved the message in there , I have become a fan of your writing , you should write more often..

  10. Very thoughtful words, Soma. If only more could be exposed to such thoughts, there could be much less violence and stupidity in the world.

    • Thank you so much Binky all this violence we see everyday is really nothing but stupidity..fighting for what?? no one gets to take anything with them after death..

      And hey a surprise coming up for all of you( lovely Wombies) on tuesday morning here…

  11. Very profound, heart-felt, and filled with a hope, even through the naked sadness. I so love your spirit, your truth, your ability to be you, and only you. We will create a brighter world; we will. Voices like yours will break through the barriers of ignorance and shattered pain. You are so brilliant in your prose…nothing like you exists…they broke the mold….so we way in USA….much love to you, Soma xoxoxo Sam 🙂

  12. Words of wisdom and a wonderfully beautiful cartoon that brightened my day.

  13. Beautifully written!

  14. A thoughtful piece, Soma. Very well written and so true. A very tough week.

    • It has been every bit this tough since so many years and we have hardly done anything..anything that doesnt harm our country,our state our house doesnt affect us..this has to stop…very depressing the human atitude
      Thanks George ..

  15. in this day and age, peace and happy tidings gets short shift in the news. People do need more hugs. They need to relax and take a breath more frequently. Thanks for championing love and gentleness.

  16. These are wonderful ideas expressed so succinctly. There is no logic in hunting a species to extinction and at the end of the day one word of kindness, as you say, goes much further than millions.

  17. I read what you write. Unfortunately, I usually don’t feel I have anything to say that would add to it. Thank you, anyway.

  18. Soma, this is time sensitive with the Colorado tragedy here in the U.S. And you wrote it so beautifully…I don’t believe guns kill people; it takes the finger to pull the trigger, thus, your line “a new world of trigger happy citizens.” However, I do wish there was more support or more of something to help those who are lost…hearing of these senseless acts of evil just breaks my heart and I can’t even imagine how the families are feeling.

    My son left for a school trip on Thursday and will be home tomorrow. But, one thing he did say was that he’ll be sorry to miss the midnight showing of The Dark Knight…and then I hear the news. You’re right; can we go anywhere nowadays and feel perfectly safe? Probably not…and it’s frightening and sad, all together..thanks for your uplifting words at the end, though. My son also had a Winnie the Pooh crib ensemble when he was a baby, so seeing Tigger evoked many Happy memories. Lets make it a more Tigger Happy world, right? 🙂 Love and hugs to you! xox

    • Lauren sometimes i go back and mourn the loss of care free days we used to have, i remember i used to walk down from school to my house all alone sometimes..and now i cant even let my daughter walk anywhere even with her friends without atleast one parent in the group…
      times have changed ..a rotten society…and only we can change it…it is scary but we can fill it with colours and soothe the boiling air around..
      Thank you so much Lauren..
      big hugs 🙂

      • I remember the days when my kids were little and as the years go by, watching them grow and learning to let go! Whew! It’s not easy, but something we, as parents, must do in order for them to learn they way, too…oh, the woes of parenting…anyway, I wish you a Trigger Happy day and week! Big hugs to you, too! 🙂

  19. I am way to sad and to angry today Soma. This is wonderful and maybe tomorrow it will lift me up, certainly the hope is there but I feel hopeless and helpless in the face of such terrible indifference.

    As always you shine a bright light, today well today I just am not able to follow.

    Much love, many hugs and tomorrow I will try to remember to read again without my terrible despair.

    • I know what are saying Val….it is so unfortunate that all of us no matter which part of globe we stay in rage and violence engulfs human hearts…i was so depressed writing this piece but gave it a positive note cos i still think there is hope and chance, i still think we can reverse this unfortunate ugly times we have created..
      Love and hugs Val 🙂

  20. Reblogged this on angrymanspeaks and commented:
    I was really moved by this piece from a lady who follows this site. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  21. Very passionate appeal Soma! It is the systems set up to protect us that are failing everywhere, rather than the aberrant individual. We do need to change that.
    But “do we want to?” is a very valid question.

  22. This was a very thought-provoking post, Soma. Many thanks to you for posting it because it actually made me stray away from some violent thoughts of possible carnage. 🙂
    I’m pacified now.
    Have a nice Sunday ahead. 😀

  23. The Wonderful thing about Tiggers
    Is Tiggers are wonderful things. Just like your post

  24. Hi Soma. We sure could use some more Tigger in these times. People are either in a mad rush or plain mad about any and everything. A year will go by without someone truly laughing or feeling listened to or even noticed. Thank you for posting this very timely message.

  25. I started reading and it made me sad but you show a ray of hope , there are few bad people whom hundred thousands of good people cannot control. We all have to fight against it . Very thought provoking post Soma, very well written.

  26. Soma, this brought tears to my eyes! Beautiful! Simply beautiful! Thought provoking, honest and sincere. Thank you!

  27. The survival of the fittest is a fad Soma – it’s like that Darwin thing of evolution … monkeys … what else? we are coming from spirit and spirit is empowered as you describe it. It is, by nature, the ‘fittest’ but it doesn’t dominate because it is inbuilt in benevolence. Yet, they have all bought into this belief but it just a ‘scientific’ belief turned into a religious dogma! I had read a story few years back that a schol principal in the States wanted, out of cheer honesty, insert a little note in his pupils’ history books – that Darwin theory was an interesting one but it was what it was: a theory. It was possible that things had happened that way but it was not sure and there were other options. Far enough no? No one has ever sen a specie transmuting into another one anyway. well, he ended up in court! But you’re a million times right – look into the smile of a child, hear real life story and it will make the heart resonate somehow. People play so much like TV stars – they pretend and never really ‘touch’ life. anyway, here you’e got me wound up .. Many thanks for this great call to battle – the battle of common sense and benevolence – those two most precious and rare things – yet, so natural when we shake off conditioned beliefs. Let’s never forget.

    • very true Frederick fittest will survive only when they are fit in true mind,compassion, self awareness…understanding how small we ( body) truly are in this spirit world
      thank you so much for this beautiful reply…loved it 🙂

  28. I love when you create the letters into words and then bring your thoughts in great post… 😉

    You say:”this world has become insensitive and indifferent,it has become selfish, the human skin is now all covered with thorns and people are scared of embraces and hugs” – I say that you’re so right, sadly it’s seen all over the world – it isn’t need to be that way – and we’ll fight against it – we have to, all of us … 😉

  29. -małe szczęście jest czasami piękniejsze od dużego…..very nice weekend for you and for family

  30. Soma, once again have you posted a beautiful text that stir something within me, thank you!

  31. I love this post, Soma 🙂 it’s a very good wake up call to people out there. I just adore your style of writing! It just draws me in and I want to keep reading 🙂 This is a winner 🙂 HUGS


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