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October Festivals in India and Wombat day

October has been kind so far, not without the allergies and flu’s, but kind and with many reasons to celebrate. The Bengali‘s  are gearing up for Durga puja ( celebrating goddess Durga‘s victory over the evil demon Mahishasur) others are decorating pandals for RamaNavmi ( the period when Lord Ram ( Ramayana) killed The king of demons Ravana ( lot of cultures celebrate differently and have a slightly different versions).

Durga Idol in Vizag Durga Puja

Both are 10 days of grand celebrations, Festival of colours, food, people of streets, tons of shopping  and laughter..but food comes first.
And If you thought Indian food is all about curries then think again..
Go for Luchi and Kosha mangsho, Macher chop, Mochar ghonto, Devils chop, Patishapta, Rashogulla, Payesh, Shondesh …..oh I can go one and this will be a very big post.
We Bengali’s are known for our passion for Food,Songs,Dance and Books… Next time you want to try Indian food, ask for some Gujarati/ Bengali/South Indian  sweets and savouries, trust me you will forget the curries.
But October this year has given me one more reason to be happy, 22nd of this month is World Wombat day and its a big day not just for my lovely friends the Wombies from  but all of us part Wombies too 🙂
It will be  day of fun, humour, chocolates, marshmallows, spams, double chocolates, triple chocolates, death by chocolates, crazychoco delights and love, in short everything that can make this world a better place.
So while Mrs.Bee stings everybody in town,
Mr.Grr never stops finding fault every adjective,verb and noun
Tom and Brady hallucinate being in star wars
& Peter and Mash dream and fantasize about turbo power flying cars,
Sarah prays day and night for a magical moonstone
And Jason spends whole day perfecting macaroons and scones
Humpty Dumpty enjoy a  fight between werewolves and vampires
and Doomsday Preppers get ready for the alien attacks  on the human empire
while politicians keep making promises trying to win the polls
and everything else is hacked every now and then by the  trolls
let us for this one day forget everything and enjoy the day with chocolates and Wombats.
I made this short promotional teaser for those who want to know more,  its  a 2 minute clip so please do watch it.and do not forget to visit the wombies and book your seat( its free )
I surf around in wombie land even when it is not a cartoon day,there is so much fun. And if you don’t see me there then know that there is something seriously wrong on my side. Being the extremely considerate blogger that I am I  have a wombie absent chart prepared for you.
This will tell you why I may be missing from all the wombania fun.
  1. Didn’t comment on wombie cartoon once- i am sick
  2. Missed the second cartoon too- very very sick
  3. what!!!! not there for the 3rd cartoon 😯 –  kidnapped..send a search party guys!
  4. nope didnt show up for the fourth time in a row- read prayers for my departed soul ( damn she was a great soul, Why god why)
  5. sudden come back after being absent for a long interval- released from jail ( hey i aint no saint )
so now you know every thing about everything, do visit Wombania on 22nd for fun and try a different Indian cuisine next time 🙂
wish you all a lovely weekend 🙂

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. hi Soma,

    Very nice article you posted… Can you please share me the all images of Durga Puja and some information about it.


  2. I want to have an eating contest with myself, and eat all of that food!

  3. I hope you are feeling better, Soma! Healing Hugs ♥ and lots of love

  4. How are you, dear? Thank you for another great post.

  5. Happy Diwali, Ma’am ! 🙂

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  7. Now I’m getting worried!
    As per #4 in Soma’s list in this post, something bad must have happened to her! She hasn’t commented on the last five Wombania cartoons!
    I think we need to form a search party and send out the troops to find her!
    Soma is MIA!

  8. nice idea of sharing Indian festivals..

  9. I had to watch your Wombat Day video again on your site. You did such a great job on it.
    I hope you’re having fun with all your festivities and celebrations, Soma!

  10. world cultures amaze me. the customs and traditions with centuries behind them are amazing.

  11. Hello! Have a nice new week!
    I invite you to look at my new photos.

  12. Durga pooja is celebrated in india. every October. It is a great festival. Durga pooja is celebrated in navratras.

  13. I am just calling by to waqtch your video again,
    it’s so wickedly enjoyable Soma and the music
    is just perfection 🙂 Well done you it’s a Wombie
    success and here have some choco pancakes
    I have just added them to our picnic hamper 🙂

    Andro xxx

  14. What a fangtastic posting too my great friend 🙂

    Andro xxx

  15. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 H A P P Y W O M B A T D A Y S O M A 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Andro xxx

  16. Oh Soma, of all the interesting things you’ve mentioned in the post, why am I only stuck with these “Luchi and Kosha mangsho, Macher chop, Mochar ghonto, Devils chop, Patishapta, Rashogulla, Payesh, Shondesh”

    Gosh! …. and why can’t I take my eyes off that second picture 🙂

  17. That food looks great Soma. I love indian food, my favourite from our local Indian Restaurant is Lamb Saag.. Great video too. I thought Peter had done it when I saw it at Wombania but didn’t realize it was your’s till I read his post properly. Have a great Wombat Day Soma!!!

    • Thank you so much Tony, i have tried lamb saag once,do try Gurraati or Rajasthani cuisine if you ever get chance.
      from one wombie friend to another cheers on Wombie day 🙂

    • I hope most people don’t think that! I added a credit line under the video, so I think it’s clearer now that Soma made the second video.

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  19. I love Indian food. Lived in Singapore where there was a large Indian population and many food vendors with traditional foods. I always tried anything anyone gave me! But I am one who loves curries!

    Your video was very well done.

    • Thank you so much Val know what we have hundreds of varieties of curries,starters, infact each state of India has a different way of cooking things i wish Indians outside promoted our food in a better way

  20. Pamiętam kolor i zapach twojego kraju—–a kuchnia pachniała tak jak nigdzie na świecie-pięknego dnia Soma;-)

  21. Oooooooooooh That table of food looks scrumptious! I hope you have a fabulous celebration. We love Halloween, and the little ones are already decorating.


    • It is and there is more which is not featured..there are 28 states in India and every state has so many different ways of cooking a fish or a cauliflower or any other produce..
      Wish you a happy halloween,there is still time but i hope all of you have loads of pre halloween fun 🙂

  22. I don’t like Curry….so you will have to introduce me to some indian food that I might like

    • Me, too, neither.

    • Bearman and Red i get you..the problem is not the curry but what you are given in name of it and we here dont have curries here, every dish is different comes with a different gravy.
      i still remember this Man from Russia came here and was asking for curry power in shops..and none of the shokeepers had any idea cos we dont have curries..they go by different names and each person cooks it diferently….
      I hope you get to eat them one day…
      i will write about Inidan food one day…it will be a big post cos each of the states of India has so much to offer..

  23. More chocolate! Learning about the festivals was quite interesting, too. Cheers, Soma!

  24. Don’t know them by name, but I do love a lot of Indian food.
    Love, chocolate, too. I eat it when I can.
    The video was really cute; you outdid yourself.

  25. The video you did for Wombat Day is superb, Soma! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to produce it! You’re amazing. And you described all the characters perfectly, too.

    I didn’t know there were so many Indian festivals in October. Ten days of celebrations and eating? That sounds like something fit for a Wombie. Maybe Wombies are part Indian. Or Indians are part Wombie.

    And I hope we’ll never have to use that absent chart you prepared!

    • Binky best time to visit India is mid october to mid november..lovely weather and festivals one after another first Durga puja then Kali puja,then Diwali….its just fun every where..

      as for me taking time Binky you wombies are the best thing that has happened to me….just love Wombania 🙂

      • It’d be great to one day be able to go to India and see all those festivals in person.

        You are much too kind, Soma, but I’m thrilled you like Wombania as much as you do. It means a lot to me.

  26. I love all Indian food that I’ve ever sampled — this looks wonderful and more expansive than what we typically see her in USA Indian restaurants!! I want to attend the festivals and celebrate Wombat Day too!! Lovely post Soma — enjoyed your amazing video creation ~ you are such a bright light always ~ sending love and hug ~R

    • Everyone’s welcome for Wombat Day. All the chocolate and wine gums and pancakes and milkshakes you can eat!

    • Oh Robyn trust me just subscribe to their email and it will fill your life with fun. its such a lovely fun place to be.
      Thanks Sista, hoping to see you there on 22nd or may be today 🙂

  27. I wish I could be there to enjoy the festivity, but I can make it to Wombania for sure on Monday…well, everyday really! 🙂

    • Oh Deb may be one day or hey if and when you do come here come during mid october to november..i will show you India and push you in carts and You and Autumn discussed lol

      • I remember…that’d be so much fun too! 🙂
        I had to come back to look at the video…I saw it posted at Wombania, but I just now saw it there because I was out of internet a few days. You really did a great job on that! 🙂 xxx

  28. Wish I were there for the festivities!

    • Steven if you were here you would love it..festivities are about to start and there are already so many people all around shopping getting ready the fun …next week its going to be crazy fun and then again in November we will have diwali….absolutely loving it 🙂

  29. What a wonderfully colourful, joyful, imaginative, creative, celebratory and educational post! All up to your very high standards.

  30. A very wonderful post…Goodbye dear Orofiorentino

  31. Very interesting post and lovely… 🙂

  32. I live in an area of Miami , Florida with a large population from Trinidad most of Indian ancestry and I have eaten many of these foods shown.

  33. Cheers to another example about your wonderful attitude toward life! Thanks for the Indian dessert suggestions. After all, many Americans are probably like me having such a limit perspective about the wide range of Indian cuisine!

  34. Thanks for such a great post!!! love, Linda

  35. Mad, mad, but so glad you had the urge to join the fad. You are most bonkers Soma, bonkers to the extremerlated fringes! Indian food – YUM! 🙂

  36. I have been in kolkata a couple of times during durga puja and oh yes I have had such a good time .. and offcourse who can forget the sweets . Sandesh – Rosogollas and wow wow wow

    loved the video.. i loved the music behind toooo 🙂

    and i was not laughing .. oh yes my inner voice is always saying chocolate chocolate chocolate ..

    hopefully see you on 22nd if i remember till then 🙂

    • I love your sense of humour..will remind you to be there on will be fun….
      I am a probasi Bengali born in maharashtra and got to know kolkata only in summer vacations ..but food oh yum …

  37. 1- Your header is mind blowing oops ! hair blowing.
    2- Your write up is superb, only one mistake , you forgot ” patishpata”
    3- Video is fantastic, waiting for 22 Oct.
    4- You are a genius .
    5- poem is very good, enjoyed and LaL.


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