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Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Religious God

ocean full of religions and not a drop of peace
~ my soul
yes this is how I  feel things are everywhere….
I have not been blogging since dec.2012. I  didn’t know what to write. My restless soul didn’t encourage me to type or write. So I just let it wander aimlessly for some time before it told me to share this piece of my thought with you .
I am not one of those who would watch something bad happen and look somewhere else cos that is not my problem, NO, I am not one of those who would not get up till the they were not going to be directly hurt by something..
I am not a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian, I am neither a believer of caste or class….I do not belong to any tag except for what I was born as…a human.
Please understand I have nothing against religions, but those who misrepresent it, those who choose to read and understand what they wish to and use it to manipulate others. It is sad and scary how violent people get in the name of Religion. 
 If your God was how you behaved here on earth, there would be a  full fledged battle royale going on in the Heaven between Gods of all religions for the best place in Heaven and with  telecast rights to the highest bidder cos that is what you do and well No body loves reality Entertainment like God does or else we would not be here, what say ?
I see people around me shouting and screaming in the name of religion, banning, protesting against books,music,dance,clothes,movies cos they find them against their religion, and I ask them where were you when a girl was gang raped and left on the streets to die and the whole nation was protesting against rise in crime. why don’t you find it against your religion and protest when an infant is raped or a child is killed in the womb or left in the streets to die.I ask where were/are these groups,these so called bodyguards of their Gods and Religions when the common man was/is battling the most serious disease called corruption.I ask everyone around me why this indifference?
I find it funny and sad both when people fight in name of religion and take out their religious texts to quote something
I find it funny when people don’t understand a simple thing That GOD DIDN’T WRITE RELIGION,WE DID.
we insult Gods creation every day, we rape God’s art everyday and then shout how our God is being insulted by a painting or a song!!!
I find it disturbing when a person changes his or her religion cos it was not giving them the peace they wanted. If they had really read and tried to follow the religion they decided to abandon, they would have understood that the only way to serve God and follow religion
is to help others,
is to follow love and peace,
is to keep this earth beautiful,
is to let the earth breathe clean air,
is to let the sky be blue,
is to let the rivers dance,
is to throw away cages and let the birds and animals free
is to break all the shackles and let others be.
There are many who will not agree with me , I don’t care, I don’t care because you talk about centuries old traditions and culture and if we are going back then correct me if i am wrong, but in the beginning our forefathers were following just one religion and doing just one thing…Survive-trying to find food, hunting and wearing tree barks and animal hides, so religion isn’t that old, is it…but we humans are….
I let my soul absorb everything, every happy and disturbing bit and try to do the right, serve others, follow god who is everywhere, in everything, appreciate his art, keep everyone in my prayers and try to make at least one soul laugh each day.
and in this ocean full of religions I  try and find peace.
And when I go to sleep every night I pray for every heart filled with hatred to find some peace,I pray that they see and understand that if you are not human, no religion or no amount of money in the world will ever be able to provide you any peace.I pray the lost souls understand that joy is not found in malls or a brilliantly made structure but is inside everyone and you will only feel it when you give some of it to others.
for humanity is the only religion God wrote and that is the only religion God would ever want us to follow.
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