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Horn OK Please, cos Honking is fun!

Today is HONK COS YOU ARE COOL DAY. If you are someone who is in love with their car ( or truck or whatever) horns, who loves to keep honking no matter what the situation is, this is the day for you.
Go out honk your town in pain red, get your vehicle fitted with the latest loudest Air horn this world has ever heard of, but don’t just stop there, honk like there is no tomorrow or existence of the entire human race depends on how loud you can be on roads. In short be a –
[Zude = Dude + Cooler + Zappier
Zappier= Happier + yo]
   Of course there are people who will think you are a menace, but what do they know and do we really give a damn what others think ! And to those people who think you are a stupid, biggest jerk ever seen on roads and keep wondering who the hell gave you a drivers license, I will say only this and as I say, know that there  is some air quote happening  around- “whoa”
I have collected some Sayings, News paper headlines and Excerpts from T.V shows which say it loud and clear that ‘I HONK THEREFORE I AM’
cool graph
There is an old saying in Webdings-
All those who honk like maniacs on loose will be dumped in hell and made to eat rotten cabbage four times a day. (Although the connection between rotten cabbage and punishing honking maniacs is not known but the ill effects of eating rotten cabbage most definitely are.)
Now some honk related news that made it to the headlines in all the leading news papers this year
Those who see dead people can also see people who honk like crazy – Times
Those who see only good and positive and meditate to elevate say that the more you honk, closer you get to the awesome seats in heaven.- The Times
(This I believe is true, has to be, why else would someone honk when the signal is red, or on a deserted road or even in a basement car parking! Think about it, who are these people honking at in the basement parking ! unless their car is an alien communicating with its species dressed up as other vehicles, in that case Your highness kindly excuse my ignorance.)
From the food shows, quotes of some celebrity chefs-
.”….And while we are at praising or criticising honking( depending on which side popular people are) there are some cocktails like Honk Honk,Honka doo, Honky Donky etc which are truly incredible and should be banned.. “- Ataa Maajhi Satakli
“….then there is Honk Tikka masala and Honk In Rice which no one should eat till one knows Honk  is a vegetable or meat and in case of later what kind of meat is being used…you %%$##&** shit you  garbage ^%#@ you are a fish piss- Gordon Ramsey
Your City Guide published the following in their April 2013 booklet-
“..and while we are at this topic of honking and related stuff I want to request people who dream, sing and dance honk, not to spit or urinate in open till we are sure how much of information makes it’s way to your brains.”
Well have to admit, never expected so much hooplahoo about honking in News papers and T.V shows but as I always say-
” someone is going to talk about it, much sooner than you expected”  ( this one day will be the most used quote)
what if i told ya
Oh and I wrote this incredibly amazing rocking song on Honking which will make you a proud Honker.
                              I have named  it ‘Flaunt your Honk’
Honk your way to work ( why do you work again?)
Honk your way to home ( no need but hey you gotta sleep)
Honk in a parking lot ( why not cars are people too!)
Honk if you are driving all alone ( like that ever happens …ha)
HonkHonk cos you own this world
HonkHonk cos you are such a Dude
HonkHonk cos there is no one like you
HonkHonk cos you are in the mood
Honk  loud in a traffic jam ( wth)
Honk on a deserted road ( like you are disturbing ghosts now )
Honk to the tune of a song ( cos you have an art)
Honk cos you ain’t a toad ( um hmm)
HonkHonk cos you are rich
HonkHonk cos your dad got  cash
HonkHonk cos you own the law
HonkHonk cos rash is in fash.
You were born with nothing ( what’s it to anyone i ask)
You came in this world alone( yeah so what)
But now you got cash, house and cars ()
HonkHonk and let the world know ( sure wouda)
honk dance
( seriously!!!! you are going to copy this!!!)
As I said earlier some one is going to talk about it sooner, soooner did it happen. Today Stuart from THE STUART TIMES reported the Following,all i have to say to this is  and i air quote it _ “I knew It”
Honking, honking all day long
Why, cos I like this honking song.
Honk in the day time
And night time too
Honk to the pedestrians
And other drivers too.
I used to think that honking was crass
A thing to be done
By a stupid dumbass
But now I know that honking is cool
I’ll ask for it to be taught in school.

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. Oh Soma, you are a scream!!
    Shall have to rip out my bumper sticker that reads “If you are stupid and you know it, honk your horn” now🙂

  2. still honking ………………………. HONK HONK XO love u xo

  3. Thanks for the grins … and your humorous look at the surrounding noise.

  4. I’ll give a honk for the day, a honk for all it’s beauty. I’ll give a honk for each of my friends and loved ones, but I’m laying on my horn for this great post, and you Soma!🙂
    Love ya! xo🙂

  5. Horn, OK, Please! I love it. For 20 years I followed behind TATA trucks on roads all around India and it was comforting to know nothing changed. Loved the road rules too, which if I remember rightly said you travel on any side of the road that’s not blocked and shout along with the rest Budhoo, Ulu or Badmash as you pass while receiving the same friendly greeting in turn. If you think I’m being rude, I’m not. Loved India every minute of my years there! Indians are sociable and have a great sense of humour. I also appreciated the humour from the pranksters who wrote 420 in the thick dust on my car. I have a wealth of stories about Bharat Mata which I delight to share.

    • omg Rude, you are being polite!!
      People are maniacs here on Delhi-Ghaziabad roads…ullo buddhoo is nothing, people use profanities which will make a devil shudder. and don’t just stop there they wiill then stop their vehicle in the middle of the road to fush more cuss words out of their mouth…and then if they have time then go for a good fist fight too…Oh Bharat Mata is just in Books people use their own land as a loo its a sad ugly state ..
      Ian Thank you so much🙂

      • The only difference between India and the West is that Indians are quite up front. What you see is what you get! The West puts on a good face but hidden well is corruption and all the things you find offensive there. I had 20 happy years there, not always easy or comfortable, but always happy. One of the most comforting things as I travelled around in remote places were the loud speaker village Hindi songs that lulled me to sleep every night. They were the same all over India so when far from home it was something familiar. I’ve travelled third class rail gari, village busses and overcrowded taxis with bald tyres not to mention the devil possessed auto rikshaw walahs and Sadaji taxi drivers that seemed to have a death wish. LOL. I’m a fan of Jagjit Singh.

  6. In some nations we honk because we are aggressive, angsty and mean. In some nations we honk to give warning of impending doom on the road. In some nations we honk to say thank you for a kindness done, like allowing us into the road ahead of you.

    Me? I honk for fun.

    Love this Soma, you made me smile and giggle as always.

  7. As I have said before and before, you so make me smile…thanks,

  8. hahah, can’t agree with all this agnst more…. the horns are driving me crazy!!!

  9. This is a honking great posting Soma
    and I hope that your weekend has been
    filled with honky tonk honking times and
    a dash of the wicked for good measure😉

    Hey and be good or else😉 lol xxxx

  10. Honk Honk ? who’s there ?
    soma – soma who
    somasoamazing you have NO IDEA🙂 XX
    C XX

  11. Honking, honking all day long
    Why, cos I like this honking song.
    Honk in the day time
    And night time too
    Honk to the pedestrians
    And other drivers too.
    I used to think that honking was crass
    A thing to be done
    By a stupid dumbass
    But now I know that honking is cool
    I’ll ask for it to be taught in school.🙂

  12. Was feeling a little down… until I saw this! Hilarious Soma, as always… great post.🙂

  13. Hi Soma, you made my stomach ache. LOL. Who else can write such a funny, crazy post on Honking. Song is just too good like entire post. Binky has given a great idea. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

  14. I think cars should have automatic honkers. If they hear a honk, they would honk back. Then the other cars would honk back. Then the other other cars would honk honk back. Soon, every car would be honking and it’d be a honking symphony.

  15. I would honk, but it is unladylike. *waves*❤ xxx

  16. Your posts never fail to give me a chuckle🙂

    Have a great weekend Soma dear,

    • Thanks Eric, there are some honk maniacs here,they honk loud even at 2am may be they honk to drive out the bad spirits ,,,

      • Once, on holiday with my family in Chennai, we are alighting from a taxi at our hotel. As the porters were unloading our bags, a man drove up behind and started honking incessantly. The porters ignored him, security did not say anything – perhaps because it was the norm.

        I went up to that driver, tapped his window and said, “Congratulations! Your horn works.

        He didn’t reply but stopped honking🙂

        • ha ha ha Eric Superb what a witty way to put a person in his place..
          oh god the honk maniacs are killing me, they honk inside the basement parking too..i mean who are you honking at dude..poor security guards run everytime to check if someone is honking for emergency and find thay some dude just honked to clear the already vacant parking space

  17. I’m honkin’ at ya, Soma, and smilin’ too! You silly sista! Love your craziness, my friend! Sending honking hugs your way! lol xoxo

    • lol Lauren, i was so frustrated at the situation here i had to write about it…how can someone honk in the parking when they are the only soul there, they went on and on for good 5 minutes before they came out
      i watched them from my balcony and thought may be they need some help so i called the security to go and take a look..but no mam there was no emergency.they honked to clear the parking space..which by the way was already vacant…maybe they see dead people too who knows

      • That’s really strange and now I can see why you wrote this! Unless there was something going on with “them” that you couldn’t see…sending hugs for a peaceful Saturday!

  18. Soma, I’m honkin’ and I ain’t as cool as I used to be!
    And I think I bring out the coolness of other drivers too, as they honk at me also!😉

  19. hehehehe you silly goose. Honking at you! HOnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkKa HoNkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk HoNNNkkkkkkk🙂❤

  20. vishalbheeroo

    superb writing. It’s hilarious, fun read and crazy. You choose to write in a fun way to spread the message. Love it:)

  21. Soma, you did it again – I love you and your writing…🙂🙂😉



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