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My 40th Very Happy Budday

Disclaimer you have been warned read at your own risk
once you turn 40 there is no going back.
So friends from India and Foreign today is a big day here. Here means My house not India, because India is my country but all Indians are Not my family. now you will say oh see this Indian see how she says like this and how bad but you tell me first one thing. You je  invite your family to your house on every occasion but do you invite everyone in your country in that? Haan no tell na, no na?
 then why finger pointing at me,… jotoshob ?
so it is my forrtieth Budday today, it is a big day and I am glad. no no not glad that I survived but because 40 is a great age . also I am glad I survived.
now I said the same when 30 cos one if I don’t you will say oh poor woman she is 30 she is sad because she is old now. and then some will say oh you are as old as your heart, which is very sad because my heart is older than me. see I explain, I eat all nonsense food then in the behind but now my brain starts working so I eat good food, but it is late so heart work extra so many years and age fast.
when I was kid I get lots of presents but today no present, why this because I also not give present to anyone na, so taking revenge from me, which is not what Gandhi ji told. I not give present because I forgot your birthday and also who send presents to far away friends like this spending so many money but you mostly foreigners friends and rich Indians should send me presents, like big rich ones.
also don’t send flowers and cards only because what I will do with cards and where I put all the flowers, now then I go to market to buy flower vase and spend on my birthday what is the point?
I forgot the second point of why 40 is great age is because my very good one friend tells me forty means you can freely flirt, and I ask him is that why you flirt with me all the time to which he says yes and now you should also.
also one of my friend says 40 means you don’t have to take care of your husband and kids, that is why she roam around freely which I cannot because it is summer here and roaming like her means getting all kala( dark) which is not good for Indians because we are already brown more means very bad.
see how unracist all this is, where as you are all racists thinking oh how she is so fair and all but I not thinking like that at all, I got married bas my work finished now I can look bad because who shall I look good for,. all girls should be fair and lovely till they get married after that what care share.
before after
I feel bad today for not fair girls how they get married? very poor case and all Indian newspaper filled with wanted fair and beautiful girls how they get fair girls like this here. every one should marry white foreigner to get white children no?
India not racist we just worry about skin colour and language and caste and religion that is all
also we discriminate also on money so no racism
my one friend telled me I am forty I should behave like one, how to do so?
I never being 40 before and there are no tuition class also no one write article on women behaving on 40.
also one friend tells me now I can stop blur and Photoshop my picture, which I don’t like because in actual I don’t like my face that is why so much trouble download all free face beautifuler software!!!
now you may think oh how her friend’s are giving advices like that but don’t say that because you should not and why I say about your friend then?
I think I write my budday post very well and now sit in front of computer and refresh page for wishes and confirmation of gifts on their way. pls pay shipping and all extra changes
Thank you
my address’
also I am very proud, also I promise I learn to start exercise which is also very tough and there is no app
                AND OH LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. I don’t even know the way I finished up here, however I assumed this put up was great. I don’t recognise who you’re but definitely you are going to a well-known blogger when you are not already. Cheers!

  2. Thank you for my lovely gift Soma
    I have added it into my awards and
    also posted it on my leading page 🙂

    Thank you very much my sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  3. Read the piece, it was worth the risk!
    Belated budday wishes 🙂

  4. Oh Soma, how did I miss this, your craziest ever? ;lol:
    Belated but very very warm and heartfelt birthday wishes to you. Life does begin at forty, believe me. I turn 15 next month 😀

    • Thank you so much Madhu..yeah I am getting crazier every year, I shudder to think of my next budday post 😆
      hey you are going to be 15 ..tell me when I want party

  5. The great guru says “better to be 40 than 420!” LOL. (You may have to explain that to the bhar ka admi log) Loved this piece it made me homesick for India where they know just how to use English to express yar!

    • ha ha ha You have such an amazing sense of humour Ian, loved your comment 🙂
      sahi hai waat else matters only understanding pupose language

      • Isn’t it, only! I love the Indian jokes which of course have to be told with appropriate accent, head and hands actions in order to get the full pleasure out of them. Love Kushwant Singh and his writings. And my kids delighted in the Detective Morchiwalla comic strips.

  6. Many happy returns of the day Soma. I am sure your birthday is going to be very special – after all Binky and his buddies too have joined in the celebrations 🙂

  7. First of all, my heartfelt apologies for missing your b’day post all because of my University boards which has started on last week. Hope ya had a great-fun filled moments with family and friends over there. Belated birthday wishes via WordPress, Dheedhi. Have a great time ahead. God bless. Cheers.\m/ 🙂


  8. Greetings from sunny Warsaw. Have a look at my new photos.

  9. Seriously, you’re still an young girl… “lol”
    – and a very clever young girl… 😉

    “The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age,
    which mean never losing your enthusiasm” (Aldous Huxley) 😉

    Happy Birthday, Soma… 🙂 😉

  10. What a ‘0’ can do to a girl who is as naught, funny and witty as she was when she was 4. Love u.

  11. I’ll be 64 next month. Wanna exchange ages? Naw, I didn’t think so.

  12. OK, as no one else is about to break it to you, here goes …. it is all downhill from here. There, I said it. Now, have a wonderful day 🙂

  13. Saxonbeserker

    Happy belated birthday old girl, you look no more than I feel. Which is very old. However, you are still a head turner who could wow the wow off so called super models. With the added bonus of having a brain and wit.
    Enjoy forty. It is the new thirty 🙂
    Love from the old englishman xx

  14. You are brilliant, young and beautiful. Happy personal new year and birthday. May the next year bring you bright blessings.

  15. I’m glad you survived as well!
    Personally, i think you’re better than ever!

  16. Happy Birthday! Outside of aches and ailments, aging is a good thing. When someone asks if I would want to be “_” age again, I like answering, “To be that stupid again? No.” Meanwhile, Please pass the mint chutney!

    PS: Great post Wombies.

  17. Ahhahh so it is your fortieth is it and you know what that means? 🙂
    Well to start with it equates to being frisky as a cat on weed but also
    there is potential for being wicked, indeed naughty springs to mind
    for you, as you have a wonderfully sweet and delightful nature, almost
    as nutty as moi and are just full of beans with every day that arises 🙂
    How do you mean what does it all really mean? Well in essence being
    forty will be like being the tender age of twenty one for you Soma as
    you are such a young hearted, quick witted, delicious human being 🙂

    Oh and be good today Soma or
    I will send the Zombies round 😉 lmao

    Andro xxxx

  18. Forty? You’re only forty? You are very very young, I am thinking 🙂

    Now, where are my reading glasses – ah, on my nose. Good good. Now where is the light switch?

    “HONEY! The lights are ON!”

    That is wife. She is also over the forty – now she shouts only. No more singing around and dancing around the trees. But at least she is calling me honey 😆


    Luv, hugz and blessings,
    P/s See the effect you have on me 🙂

    • ha ha ha Eric you are so wonderfully funny..Thank you so much for this lovely fun comment , made my day
      Thank you so much..Hey you called me Somi..oh I loved it 🙂

  19. You know what they say, Soma Di.. that 40 is the new 20.
    If anyone has a doubt abt that, just write down their names and bring it to the gunnery tomorrow. We shall sit down and decide whom all have to be popped off ! 😛 😀 😛 😀 😛 😀

  20. यशवन्त माथुर

    Very Interesting to read this Mam!
    i have 11 years to complete 40 🙂

    I wish you a very very Happy Birthday.
    God bless you Mam!

    • Yashwant thank you so much for the Video Card
      have a great day and hey in 11 years you will reach heights we have only imagined
      Bless you 🙂

    • Thank you so much Yashwant what a beautiful video card, loved it 🙂
      have a great day ahead
      and hey you are so immensely gifted in 11 years you will reach heights we have only dreamt of, Bless you 🙂

  21. My god , though I crossed forty long back , all these information and valuable suggestion never occurred in my thoughts . May be I am a late learner and realize things at 80th birth day if I survive . RIDICULOUSLY WONDERFUL . ENJOY YOUR FORTIETH B’ DAY .— LOVE AND HUGS -BAPI

  22. Happy Budday Dear Soma – You are hysterical — And 40 is a wonderful age– And you are boooottttiiiifullll!
    Enjoy – Health, Joy and Love, Robyn

  23. Happy Birthday Dear Soma! I hope you had the most fabulous of days and the sun shone brightly! You are an amazing woman and hey, I am much older than you so enjoy your youth!!!!

  24. Happy Birthday, Soma!
    First, quit downing yourself. Your husband is lucky he has such a wonderful beautiful woman as you.
    Your mother says you love ghost story. I have one that I don’t know if you have read yet.
    Go to , then go to “fiction” section…I am down near bottom of page.
    “The Way Things Are” or “The Way It is” (I don’t remember which). Enjoy.

  25. Happy, happy, happy birthday! xxx ❤

  26. Happy birthday Soma.
    Very funny post, but very poignant at places.
    I liked what you tried to convey behind the veil of naughty!
    Wise and carefree – a good blend indeed, coming of age in style I’d say 🙂
    Have a beautiful year ahead.

  27. Happy birthday, and beauty from within defies years. 40 is the new 20!

  28. Happy birthday, Soma! The gang made a little something for you:

    And I really like that before/after drawing you did!

  29. Happy, Happy Birthday, Soma!
    I wouldn’t mind being 40 again! I haven’t seen that in over 10 years!
    Stay strong, and stay happy! “)
    Sending you much love and hugs xoxo

    • Ha ha haven’t seen 40 in ten years lol very interesting way of putting it..loved it
      Deb Thanks a ton am so blessed to have you in my life…
      life sure becomes rich when one has great friends like you 🙂
      love ya 🙂

  30. Oh, Dear Soma, you have awesome 40th Budday humor! Me, love it! 🙂 Honestly, I forgot about 40 once 50 arrived! lol However, I wish you all the happiness, humor, love n hugs you deserve, my friend, and that’s really an endless number! Have a happy, happy 40th! Sending lots of love n budday hugs your way! xoxo

  31. aha! attitude beautiful girl. Happy wala budday to u. My dearest u 40 n u turning oh not so old.Meanie meanie ladyyy and forever young coz 40 just in ur mind u see i love d style of writing writing and feeling happy happy and do flirt and feel free:)

  32. Happy Birthday, Soma. Being forty’s not so bad… although I haven’t aged a year since I was 24.

  33. wordpress123

    They say life begins at forty but that’s nonsense. Although, since turning 40 nearly 8 years ago my life has got immeasurably better, more fulfilling, more lucrative and enjoyable. I hope yours does too. HAPPY BUDDAY SOMA xxx

  34. I just heard this for the first time – and SOMA STAR CAME TO HEART 🙂 = YOU XO 🙂 love you xoxoxoxoxoxo C

  35. Happy Birthday – I love you so much 🙂 Brave beautiful woman xxxx i wish that this year be your brightest ever ever ever = WORD HUGS FOREVER XO C XOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    • Cat I am so supremely blessed to have known YOU in my life you are such a beautiful rare combination of beauty,Grace and talent..Love ya Cat 🙂

      • It’s still ur birthday 🙂
        are we partying or what ? xxxx
        I am the blessed one xxxx to Know You 🙂
        You remind US – of what’s important and to protect what we love – and To Laugh –
        You are a star xxx
        Love you xo
        C xx

  36. Naughty at Forty dear Soma, Very Very Happy Birthday. Cartoons are super. New header is also very good, all your drawing no? Tomorrow at 5 you will get your Birthday gift.
    This post is very funny, lol. Only you can write like this.

  37. Happy Birthday 🙂

  38. Aaaaahahahahahahaha!
    Velly happy budday my dearest not at all forty year old. You right, you know. Why forty so nice, and not so nice.Chey whatever. you pl do the enjoy enjoy and cake cutting and all ok? And pliss to send one cake piece to the south of india also. To me 😀

    Haaappyyy Budday.. beautiful gurl 🙂


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