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The Fifth Season

Wrote a summer ha-iku  😉

Summer Vacations

kids everywhere  you look

giggles rule world

There are five seasons Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer and Summer vacations.  Sadly the fifth season which kids love the most is all packed and ready to leave. And this time of year, just before the school re-opens for a new session, you get to see and hear all kinds of funny things all around. It is fun and a bit sad at times to see how parents  and kids deal with their holiday home works and prep for new sessions.

Am sharing some cartoons I made  which will make you laugh and think , hope you enjoy them as much as I had making them .

1) Please let the kids do their own work. As parents our duty is to guide them and teach them how to fly and not fly for them


2) Many schools burden their kids with excessive home work and ruin the holidays. Remember fun, play and rest are as important as studies

 If kids are stuck in school mindset
When will they get to explore
That which is most important – life?

~Stuart Young


3) Make plans and trash them 😉


4) Teachers are you ready .. 😆


wishing every heart a great fun week ahead 🙂

June Mantra-

 If you want change – CONTRIBUTE

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I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. In Canada we never had any summer homework, but here in Korea they have a lot. Add English, math and Chinese camps to that, plus the fact that they have shortened the vacation to only a month, it isn’t much of a break at all. You’re right though: rest is just as important as studying sometimes.

    • oh no homework I should shift to Canada..
      when we were growing up it was at most make a town model or working model of this and draw keep us creatively engaged but now a days it seems they want to turn kids into robots who will do nothing else but mug up the entire book and vomit it on the exams sheets..Horrible.
      As A parent I had a tough time making a holiday schedule so that my daughter gets to enjoy her vacation as much as possible

  2. Really cool cartoon. Think the mother ends up with all the homework.. True message. Congrats on being the blog pick of the month

  3. Excellent as always, Soma!

  4. Gray Dawster

    Never mind akl the homework just enjoy the holidays 🙂 Yaaaaaay
    I know that I always did… Hey how do you mean I must have a good
    memory? How very naughty of you Soma I’m not THAT old 🙂 lmao

    Have a wonderful weekend my great friend 🙂 😉

    Andro xxxx

  5. Down Under the Summer hols is at end of year, NO HOMEWORK only fun, fun, fun.

  6. Lovely, children should never be allowed to actually have a childhood any longer. Why should they be happy? It will only allow them to grow up and be disappointed you know.

  7. Summer homework is preparing kids for real work. haha

  8. can we telepathically spend summer together ok ?
    seriously – soma star …………
    i love your mind – it’s gorgeous and childlike
    it’s absolutely official – i am gonna telepathically spend the summer with you and all your fam xxxxx
    Love you xo 🙂

  9. Summer vacation has just begun here, too, Soma, and will end around the third week of August. Although my daughter doesn’t start her college until end of September. Anyway, loved your humorous and creative cartoons and kids do need a rest during the summer. I can’t believe the amount of hw some kids have during the summer because of certain programs they’re in…I’m not a big advocate of tons of hw. A little for reinforcement is fine, but they need down time, too. Another wonderful post with great messages, Soma! Sending much love and tons of hugs, my friend! xoxo

  10. Summer vacation has just begun for the kids in my neck of the woods, and will last till the last week of August.
    I enjoyed our cartoons, Soma!

  11. “If you want change – contribute”
    – it’s so true… 🙂

    “Teach them how to fly and not fly for them”
    – it’s so true too… 🙂

    Very well written post, dear friend… 😉

  12. Yes I agree ~ summer should be FUN! Your Haiku and cartoons tell it all Soma ~ Giggles need to RULE THE WORLD! It would certainly be a happier planet! So much Love , Robyn

  13. Summer vacation for kids is just starting here, and goes from the end of June to the beginning of September (July and August off, plus maybe a week more).

    I enjoyed your cartoons. Parents often do more of those science fair projects than the kids do. And over-planned vacations are not much fun at all!

  14. superb. It’s an education reading this fab post:)

  15. Wow Somi, great Haiku, likh hi daala. Your cartoon are superb and message is much much more superb. Enjoyed it.

  16. I Love your cartoons!
    I have heard more than one parent admit that they wrote papers for their kids in college! That is ridiculous…. My husband made the point that the kids have been kept from experiencing failure and when it happens as an adult, they will fall hard…

    • Oh Susie I wish more parents were like you, it is so important that we let the kids do their own work, learn to fly their way into the world..It really is ridiculous the way parents do all their kids work and then expect their kids to do well

  17. Great points. I’m with the students for letting summer be summer! … but the first one is my favorite. Well done, Soma!

  18. “Many schools burden their kids with excessive home work and ruin the holidays.”

    Very true – the Singapore education system has lost it way in their single-minded pursuit to be Number One in everything – including Number One in robbing children of their childhood!

    • Same here Eric, sad thing is right now kids have neither parents nor the schools on their side, and then the age old Parent- Teacher fight where both keep blaming each other about who is more responsible for a kids failure …

  19. My response Ha-iku:
    If kids are stuck in school mindset
    When will they get to explore
    That which is most important – life?

    I know that doesn’t follow Ha-iku protocol – but I don’t care! 🙂

  20. I want summer vaca with you ❤

  21. Wonderful humour, wonderful underlying messages.


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