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Today, Now, This very moment this World needs You

We‘re all water from different rivers That’s why it’s so easy to meet, We‘re all water in this vast, vast ocean, Someday well evaporate together.~ John Lennon

I see people, people all around me, not dead, alive, walking, talking, dancing like normal human beings would. But they are not humans, just human like, they see and hear what they want to and filter out things that would disrupt their normal happy earning lives. Filter out cries of help, signs of destruction all around. Till one day the inevitable knocks on their door.

Inevitable, because when you do not stop the dark from entering your planet it reaches your skies, when you do nothing to stop it there it reaches your soil, when you continue ignoring, it attacks the air and water around you and then with force and power of hell it knocks on your door and doesn’t even wait for you to respond, it invites itself and leaves it’s footprints on every fiber of your being.

And you wonder what happened, It wasn’t supposed to touch you, Your life, You did nothing wrong, then why you?  You Ate, Worked, Slept, even Prayed on time, then why you? You start blaming questioning God and everything around You.

You wonder why none of your neighbours/passersby came to help you, why the others who were there, so near could not hear your pleas for help..why?

A gazillion dollars worth reality television is based on the human nature to snoop and poke nose into others matters. They/we love to know who is doing what, when and where.which actor did whom or dumped which sorry ass for whom.

What the girl and the boy do after the lights were turned off, oh the lying scheming  bitch in that T.V series, oh that two timing ass%%$# in the next.

The  secretly taking a peek at others fb profiles and their friends profiles, the hush hush discussions why Mrs. X left her home, why Mr. D’s daughter comes home so late from work..

Endless topics floating all around in the wind for you to catch them up and start your own entertainment program.

Yet when Mr. Z’S daughter was screaming for help on the road, no one came out to help, no one heard or saw anything when there still was time and of course all of a sudden everyone around realized their boundaries, limits and oh should we poke our nose in others matters?

She died three days later with severe burn injuries, there goes your weekend!

All the shouts and muffled cries from the door across the hallway  goes ignored till one day you get to know the things you imagined did take place and you come out of your house get together with others and start the I knew it discussions

Trudi Canavan – “It is said, in Imardin, that the wind has a soul, and that it wails through the narrow streets because it is grieved by what it finds there.”

Wonder why no one came to your help when the Dark knocked on your door?


I see people busy 24/7, willfully staying ignorant, deaf and blind to everything around, whatever helps them to enter others lives just enough to enjoy but not so much that they would have to help. JUST THE WINDOW NOT THE DOOR

You wonder
You wonder why
No one came to
Your help
Because this
Sphere you live in
The sphere called
Doers are hard to find
few have
The conscience
Needed to act like a human
And that is why
No one came to
Your aid that day
That is why
No one ever will
Oh I feel for you
I feel sorry
That’s all I can do
Cos I have a job
Have a home to go to
Have got no time for you
Hush hush now
Muffle your screams
Don’t knock on my soul
Don’t make me feel guilty
You were there
You were there once
Where I am now today
You should understand
How annoying it is stop
And help when you are this busy
And this is why
No one came for your help that day
And no one ever will…..

I see people whowon’t ever helpwill expect helphate those who will tell them that they should get up and do something too….I KNOW YOU.

You tell the doers to mind their own business, You don’t understand they are!

You hate the doers because they don’t give up on you and keep knocking on your soul doors to open up, to learn to be human again, You hate them because they keep dusting, drawing attention to things You would rather forget or pretend never existed.

Hate them as much as you want to but stop throwing your duties in the garbage bin, stop assaulting your soul and others lives in name of rights, hate them with all you have got but join them, stand up with them when it comes to saving another life, keeping our soil clean.

Our area, Our country, Our world is/should be Our business. So you can threaten them, give them nasty looks, but doers won’t give up, cos believe it or not one day you will need people like THEM who will knock on your door or stay with you extra minutes just to make sure you are ok

and I am hoping that day doesn’t come, I am hoping you join us before that. ..

There are good people out there, YOU are one of them too , But you need to wake up to see how good you are. You And only you have the power to change this scary reality.

Please wake up.



About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. Tragic isn’t it? Thank you for a sobering and powerful wake up call Soma! The world needs more sensitive and caring souls like you.

  2. I liked the stark reminder at the end of your thoughts, Wake Up and Live!. There is very little living going on in the world today. My take on existence is we were put here to inter-relate and support each other during our brief sojourn on earth. If we are not doing that we are not living. Living implies we are not in a cacoon but enjoying fulfilment in that inter-relationship. That’s why I have questions about sitting in an Ashram at the latter stage of our life and doing nothing but look within. To me that would not be fulfilment.

  3. Very strong, Soma. My hope is that others will listen and act.

  4. My dear sister, your messages always snatch my breath away with the reality that you bring into this world from within! You recognize the need for change and you fight for it with every breath in your being! Your light will never dim, and will be embraced by many whom you never know because an unknown number to you reads your words always, because it is a treasure of spiritual wisdom! Soma, hugs and blessings always to you and your family, and I thank God for the gift he provided to our world in…you! Much spiritual love to you always!

  5. I used to ask God each day to bless me. Now I think it is more important to ask Him to help me to be a blessing. Sometimes I forget to ask. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Wonderful, strong, and applicable to all across the globe. No matter where – if we only embraced our bright for life.

  7. A great reminder for the whole citizens including me! The thing is everything should start from me as a person, irrespective of what others will do. You said it, Soma. *Hugs* 🙂


  8. Well said! {{{HUGS}}}

  9. Mostly, I don’t like people. They just run away when I grin at them. I think it is my fangs…

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  11. Soma, Header is looking very beautiful and very attractive.

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  13. Excellent written dear Soma,
    we human have so much to learn and we go the wrong way… ;-/

  14. What you have written is so true!! Hopefully humanity will awake (me included!) because for now I can only feel sorry and use the same excuses above!

  15. In Miami, Florida, USA it is a very polarized place in my opinion. But when the hurricane comes everyone is family.

    • Oh how I wish people here were united even if only during calamities, it pains to see people looting homes and shops during floods or earthquakes even pick pocketing accident victims
      people don’t even stop for a second to see if someone needs help

  16. You always cut right to the heart of the matter, Soma. What you say is so true, unfortunately, and probably true just about everywhere these days. It seems the more connected we are, the less connected with reality we are. We seem to see everything as a spectator sport, even reality. I’m not sure we even know what reality is any more.

  17. Yes, many rather remain spectators than participators.

    Recently, in my neighbourhood, I came across a young Singaporean Indian man abusing and slapping his girlfriend – in broad daylight, in public! I intervened and almost came to blows with that man. I called the police and they arrived long after that man left – and the girl followed him! Yes, the police came loooong after – because even though the station was 10 minutes drive away, they remain permanently busy.

    I felt sorry for that girl – so young and already in an abusive relationship.

    Interestingly and happily two other men – both Singaporean Chinese neighbours intervened to help me.

    • and what is worse is that not only the system fails us time and again, but in most cases like you described here even the victim won’t help herself, she is so used to abuse…
      horrible to be brought up in a family and/ or society which teaches you no matter how bad it gets a woman must adjust and compromise

  18. Hi Soma, so agree with you about peeping into others’ lives for entertainment, but not lifting a finger to help them in need. And the quote by Trudi Canavan..amazing..

  19. Soma, I’m speechless! Your words and message gave me the goosebumps! So well written and conveyed that apathy does not make us a winner. Thank you for this profound wake up call and reminder! Many hugs!

    • I wish people would care, even a little would help someone in need
      a hug, a smile, little help doesn’t cost anything but people won’t even lend that
      Thank you so much Lauren 🙂

  20. thespearking379

    “Embrace your inner hypocrite, it will make you feel a hole lot better. Then release the bad juju, and stop getting your knickers in a twist, then do something useful that actually benefits some-one other than yourself”. That’s my motto. (I might use that)
    I am not a particularly tolerant person, but for you dear Soma and your cause within a cause just because, I have much time to spare. Keep it up you inspiring woman!


  21. Its an awesome wake up call for sleeping souls.. The already awake and indifferent ones are zombies.. Nothing can make them humans again. Brilliant write up, Soma. Love and hugs. I also loved your last post. Forgot to mention that last time

  22. Inspiring and motivating, Soma. The laughs are there, but more serious, is when one stops then one realizes. Beautiful wake up call!

  23. Somi, tum kitna achchha likhati ho shayad tum bhi nahi janti. Love you.

  24. A bold and beautiful wake up call Somi. It should reach everyone. Not that people don’t know . Few awaken people are needed then they will not let others sleep. Very thoughtfully written article.

  25. Apparently, we are not supposed to exist in groups of more than 150 – I wonder if being crammed together in our millions has anything to do with it?

  26. Great post, an important message.

  27. ps- your post is the opposite of Apathy ……

  28. Soma Star ………………
    INCREDIBLE ………………………..
    Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up xxxx
    this make my heart So activated ……
    I love you xxx
    amazing amazing amazing xxxx
    so easy to be kIND
    so hard to NOT BE

    love you !!!!!!!

  29. so beautifully put, Somkritya. We have become so accustomed to apathy yet we are the first one to jump the gun when something happen. We indulge in sadistic pleasure in pointing fingers at other or comment on other people’s lives. Yet, we are the last one to help. We need to listen to our inner voice as a nation. Wake up, my countrymen. Jag Utha Insaan but when….

    • Thank you so much Vishal, its terrible that people have all the time in the world to poke their nose into others lives , where they shouldn’t be roaming but not a single soul stops to help
      kahan khul rahi aankhen
      kaha rahe insaan
      yeh dhadkan bas naam ki hai
      kahan khoon mein hai ab woh ubaal


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